14 Facebook Ad Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make That Kills Conversions

14 Facebook Ad Mistakes

Facebook ad mistakes can hinder conversions! Have you ever been hit so hard by Facebook immediately you click the “Publish” Ad campaign button, you get a notification that your ad account has been suspended?

That had been the dreadful path I treaded on Facebook! I lost a lot of ad accounts, if I create a new one, deposit, and try to run another ad campaign, I get slammed again and again!

Quit playing games with time and cash on failing-to-meet-expectations advertisements and read this article to compose better promotions and further develop your conversion rates.

One moment, you’re doing great. In any case, only two hours subsequent to hitting that button, you’re asking why you at any point thought your ad was great.

Each time you believe you will compose the best one ever, but you really need to look at yourself now. You question whether you should simply close Facebook Ads Manager and step back.

Indeed, don’t feel pressured — for reasons unknown, it’s a generally expected issue. And as such, even individuals you respect and follow have battled and will keep on battling with FB advertisements somewhat.

Yet, see, consider this: since it’s a generally expected issue, it doesn’t mean it’s anything significant. Over the long haul, inadequately set up Facebook advertisement campaigns destroy your ad financial plan.

It’s particularly risky assuming you’re not knowledgeable in the fundamentals, best practices, and unfortunate quirks of making Facebook promotion campaigns.

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Obviously, you need to get your advertisements live first, and a few slip-ups can get you and your promotions banished from Facebook — maybe for good.

A few difficulties influence each advertiser on Facebook. Others fall more forcefully on affiliate marketers, especially assuming that you’re attempting to run ads on a product or service in Facebook’s classification of “Restricted Content,” which has various guidelines for a wide range of niches.

So, in this article we will look at the 14 Facebook Ad Mistakes affiliate marketers make when initiating a Facebook promotion campaign, and how to stay away from them.

Violating Facebook Ad Policy

Facebook has a considerable rundown of compliance policies, yet as a general rule, it isn’t quite as muddled or complex as it seems. By and large, there are 14 things to abstain from doing. If you can observe them carefully and implement them when running your next ad campaign, you are good to go.

 14 Facebook Ad Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Must Avoid

#1 Unclear Ad Strategy

One of the first Facebook Ad Mistakes affiliate marketers make during ad campaigns is having a vague strategy.

Anybody can run Facebook advertisements, and it doesn’t cost a lot to attempt. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult to run a viable Facebook advertisement.

You have to understand who you’re focusing on, why you’re focusing on them (what issue do they have that your affiliate product settles), where they live, what they desire or need, and how you will address those necessities and needs.

Seeing this large number of factors will likewise help you adjust your ad copy and images, enhance your landing pages, and pick which sorts of advertisements to run and the amount to spend. Thoroughly considering your technique prior to making a Facebook promotion campaign can save you a huge load of time and cash over time.

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There is no such thing as ideal advertisements, and neither does the ideal affiliate marketer. Yet, the best affiliate marketers will pursue little upgrades in their conversion rates at every possible opportunity, and try constantly to further develop their ad campaign execution.

#2 Neglecting Your CTAs

You need individuals to make a move to buy your product, right? You can’t anticipate that they should know what to do when they see your promotion. You need to direct them toward purchasing with clear and convincing invitations to take action (CTAs).

On Facebook, your CTAs are regularly beneath the pictures and can incorporate the CTA link address, a headline, and a subheading, just as a little CTA button. On your landing page, CTAs can be any place and seem as though anything you like, sensibly speaking.

Your CTA is ordinarily your last, absolute best at changing a lead over to a purchaser, so give them a lot of consideration and A/B test them intensely.

#3 Running Only One Ad

Advertising is both craftsmanship and science — essentially until you begin running advertisements and gathering information on your performance. Skilled advertisers consistently run numerous varieties of Facebook promotions, with various ad copies, various pictures, and surprisingly unique advertisement types.

A/B testing permits you to perceive how two comparative (or totally unique) advertisements perform against one another. You can utilize the outcomes to enhance high-performing promotions, dispose of the poor ones, or even change your focus on the parameters.

In any case, remember, don’t place every one of your advertisements in a single crate. Test minor variations of your promotions early and regularly.

#4 Substandard Targeting (Too Broad Or Too Narrow)

Advertisers love Facebook on account of the accuracy it offers over ad targeting. You can find pretty much any kind of audience under the sun on the Social media platform, there’s a wide reach — your ideal interest group included. However, most affiliate offers should engage to some degree a more extensive audience.

Facebook Ads Manager shows you the size of your possible audience as you set your factors. Utilize this feedback to observe the perfect balance between the excessively wide and excessively explicit audience.

#5 Too Many Texts On Your Images

Facebook gives a lot of room to make your contribution in the advertisement copy over your pictures, so don’t place any text in your images that aren’t totally essential.

The platform regularly doesn’t have the visual space for advertisements with pictures containing over 20% text, so keep it lean. It’s still a lot of space for error, so it shouldn’t be an issue by any stretch of the imagination.

#6 Mentioning Facebook In Your Ad Copy

Try not to mention Facebook in your ad copy — befuddling, sure, however sensible. The general purpose of your promotion is to offer something outside of Facebook, so there’s not any justification to make reference to it in your ad copy. It’s very basic and effectively avoidable.

#7 Using Obscenity Or Wrong Grammar/Punctuation

Facebook is an online media space, sure, but on the other hand, it’s one of the top publicizing platforms you could use, outside of Google Ads. That implies things like terrible language structure, obscenity, or special characters are off-limits. Keep your advertisements clean, and you’ll be all set.

#8 Exploiting Disputation

Circumstances are really difficult nowadays, anyplace on earth, yet the last thing you ought to do is exploit it or just… remind individuals. A great deal of the time, individuals get on Facebook to disregard things like the news, so besieging them with a promotion that identifies with the rest of the world simply doesn’t exactly measure up for the Facebook advertising system.

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Take a stab at keeping your advertisement less dramatic as you can.

#9 Using Disorderly Content On Your Landing Page Or Your Ad

Facebook cherishes promotion innovativeness and copies that is smooth, current or modern, and particularly pertinent to the now. This implies your promotion, picture, video, and landing page should be in every way kept up to date consistently.

Anything that looks too old-fashioned will not get endorsed, on the grounds that they’ll assume it isn’t as expected kept up with. Sounds pretty legitimate.

#10 Promoting Products/Services Against Facebook’s Policies

Facebook realizes that individuals need to reference a type of data set or rundown when composing promotions. It assists with knowing what to keep away from, and what to accomplish a greater amount of, all things considered.

That is the reason you ought to be cross-referring to your offers against Facebook’s advertisement policies. It’ll assist you with abstaining from wasting money and time on stuff that won’t make it onto Facebook in any case.

#11 Making Misleading Or False Claims

This is an addition to the last misstep, however, there’s something else entirely to it. You can’t make guarantees you know you can’t keep. For example, you presumably shouldn’t guarantee individuals they’ll shed 100 pounds when they purchase diet pills through your affiliate link.

Any cases that aren’t established, demonstrated, or practical, don’t make it to live Facebook promotions. If they some way or another do, your ad account will probably be restricted or suspended sooner than later.

#12 Linking To Your Affiliate Network Page Directly

Facebook doesn’t dislike affiliate marketing, however, it rejects advertisements or boycotts clients for directing people to affiliate products. That is the reason setting up your own landing page, ideally under your own domain name, will make your offer look unmistakable and proficient.

As part of the Facebook Ad Mistakes, linking directly to the affiliate company site from your Facebook ad will attract instant suspension, and you may not be able to run any other ads again.

A solid landing page is one of the most amazing tools for sales or conversions of affiliate offers in your affiliate marketing munitions stockpile, so begin figuring out how to design landing pages, or look for somebody who can dependably create landing pages for you.

#13 Using a Landing Page That Does Not Correspond With The Ad

What would be your reaction assuming you tapped on an advertisement for savagery let loose jeans and twisted on a site selling taxidermied marmots? You’d most likely be vexed. Facebook won’t consider giving you that access to distort the comfort of its users. Ensure your advertisement promotes what your landing page really offers.

#14 Linking To a Broken Page Accidentally

This is one of the Facebook Ad Mistakes you need to stay away from. A broken landing page brings about the rejection of your advertisement or being dismissed, and conversions or sales being cut short from different channels.

Fortunately for you, you should simply guarantee your landing page loads extremely fast, runs appropriately, and is responsive on both mobile devices and PCs.


Suffering as a result of these Facebook ad mistakes can be really frustrating as an affiliate marketer. Most times we get everything right and going smoothly, but somehow somewhere a glitch is brought forth, and that leads to complete destruction of your ad campaign that was already live!

And it surprises me at times that Facebook even allows some of these ads to start running before you know what’s happening, your ad account is suspended, which results in the loss of funds budgeted for the Facebook ad campaign.

Be that as it may, from my observation over the years, I have had my own fair share of Facebook suspending my ad accounts for reasons best known to them. And from my study, I realized I made a few of the 14 Facebook ad mistakes every time my ad account gets flagged.

Ideally, you’ve gained enough from this article to commit fewer errors when launching and scaling your Facebook Ads — best of luck!



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