5 Billion Sales – $250k Made In 2 Months Browsing Google

How To Make $250k Monthly In 5 Billion Sales Validating Browsing Data

5 Billion Sales have come to rattle the internet space, giving rise to an innovation that is one of a kind! I thought I saw it all in Google and other advertising agencies, but until 5 Billion Sales came up with a sophisticated system that is set to bring a lot of sales to companies, and at the same time make its members millionaires.

5 Billion Sales is a British Company with a revolutionary web monetization technique where users will earn while using its browser extension to surf the internet, hence selling data and getting paid in return.

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British holding company for 25 advertising platforms across the web that ply their trade in digital advertising. It is also an effective affiliate marketing program that aims to use that channel to deploy its services among the global community of 5 billion internet users. It has launched three services so far (Sell Data, Guaranteed Sales, and Refer and Earn) but five more services are upcoming.


However, the frontiers of the platform said that there is a lot of money on the internet that people need to harness appropriately. That the data spent or burned on the internet daily is enough to change the world’s economy, and users can be paid while using the internet, too.

Be that as it may, 5BillionSales has proven this to be true since its official launch on 28 February 2022, after the long wait since August 2021.

What Are The Company’s Services?

Sell Data, Guaranteed Sales, and Refer and Earn

How Does The Services Work?

#1 Sell Data:

This is a browser extension that 5billionsales affiliates can download from their Sell Data back office which they shall be adding to the Kiwi Browser for browsing the Web on Android devices.

Adding to the Safari Browser for surfing the internet on iOS devices and Mac OS, and adding to the Chrome or Firefox Browser for browsing the Web on a desktop or laptop computer in order to give the company access to their browsing data towards selling to advertisers and earning a profit share of $1.10-$1.60 each day they use to browse the Web.

5billionsales affiliates use these browsers installed with the Sell Data Browser Extension to search Google.com or Bing.com for at least 20 minutes daily on their internet-enabled device.

They click through their search results to generate browsing data which the company collects towards targeting them with two adverts in their Sell Data back office.

They click on these two adverts to validate them as being generated through their searching activity and not by a robot towards earning a Sell Data income of $1.10-$1.60 daily which translates to $401.50-$584 in a year.

Earning $1.10-$1.60 daily for your browsing data and $401.50-$584 yearly is for life. Any day they don’t browse the Web they don’t earn.

#2 Guaranteed Sales:

This is a service that online store vendors, affiliate programs, and products and services-based websites can leverage towards getting unprecedented Web traffic that increases their patronage and hence their profits and earning at least $155000 net profit up to thrice yearly. They pay 34% commission to the company out of their net profit for using Guaranteed Sales to get increased patronage.

#3 Refer and Earn

This is the network marketing or affiliate marketing program where millions and billions would be made. 5billionsàles affiliates refer people to Sell Data or Guaranteed Sales to earn commissions and overrides that can generate mind-blowing wealth for them!

How Do I Earn On 5billionsales?

You can earn as a user of Sell Data or Guaranteed Sales without referrals or you earn as a Refer and Earn whereas as an affiliate you refer people to Sell Data or Guaranteed Sales to build a team of users of either service for mind-blowing wealth generation from commissions and overrides.

When Do I Start Cashing Out Sell Data, Commission, and Override Earnings On 5billionsales?

There Are Two Payment Schedules:

#1 10x Faster:

Sell Data affiliates activate 10x Faster to start cashing out their Sell Data income, commissions, and overrides 60 days after activating on Sell Data and subsequently monthly for life. You will have to sell 100 Guaranteed Sales in order to activate 10x Faster cashouts.

#2, After a Year:

Your Sell Data earnings, commissions, and overrides are programmed to be paid to you as a lump sum year after your activation on Sell Data and subsequently monthly for life unless you leverage 10x Faster.

The waiting period is justifiable as the company will have to leverage your browsing data for some time to sell to advertisers to make money in order to be able to start paying you your earnings monthly for life.

5billionsales at the moment leverages the browsing data of the global community of internet users that use Sell Data; sells it to advertisers to make money before giving Sell Data users their profit share.

#3 August 25, 2022:

From this date the Sell Data and vBonus income of all Sell Data affiliates will be paid in arrears starting from March 2, 2022, to count, and subsequently, a monthly payment of $48 shall obtain for life if they browse the Web and validate their browsing data daily.

How Do I Earn Sell Data Income, Commissions, and Overrides?

You earn Sell Data income as you activate Sell Data and browse the Web with a browser compatible to be used with the Sell Data Browser Extension for browsing the Web on your internet-enabled device. You earn Sell Data commissions and overrides as your team activates Sell Data and browses the Web daily accordingly as well.

What Are The Payment Gateways?

Bankwire, PayPal, Western Union, BUSD, USDC, USDT.

What Is The Cost Registration on 5billionsales Services?

Registration on any 5billionsales service shall be free forever!

Your Data Privacy On 5billionsales

5billionsales privacy policy states that it doesn’t sell, use, rent, share or distribute your personal data like name, email, or address. It also pledges that your browsing data is never shared, sold, rented, or seen by a 3rd party — Advertisers only see an AI-generated profile without reference to your personal data.

Note that there is no cause for concern regarding your leveraging the use of the Sell Data browser extension for browsing the Web to generate data because your engagement on it models your use of Google, the different Web search engines, and the different social media platforms.

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These entities have tons and tons of data about you due to the copious data you have generated on them for years, and as such knows you more than your own mother but we entrust them with our data

5billionsales: The Revolutionary Compensation Plan

Sell Data

Each Sell Data user gets paid a minimum passive income of $401.50-$584 yearly to use for browsing the Web without referrals

Each Sell Data user you directly recruit earns you a $100 referral commission for an unlimited number of referrals which will be repeatedly paid to you after every 12 months of your life

Each of your Sell Data direct and indirect referrals earns you a $5 override 16 levels deep which will be repeatedly paid to you after every 12 months of your life

Guaranteed Sales

  • Each Guaranteed Sales user you directly recruit earns you a $20 one-off referral commission
  • Each of your Guaranteed Sales direct and indirect referral earns you a $1 one-off override 16 levels deep
  • Each of your Guaranteed Sales direct referrals earns you a recurring $1000 profit share commission
  • Each of your Guaranteed Sales direct and indirect referrals earns you a recurring $50 profit share override 16 levels deep

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by either CLICKING HERE TO REGISTER and then proceed with the detailed guide below. Understand that you are not paying a dime for this, it’s absolutely FREE!

After registration, you will need to fill in every information required of you, in order to be able to browse, validate data and earn. To activate your account, follow the steps below:

After you have registered your account for FREE, the next step is to follow the STEP BY STEP PROCESS to update your profile, Download the kiwi Extension Browser, install the browser and start earning your Sale Data IncomeSDI


The first thing to do after registration is to go to the play store of your device and download the Kiwi Browser. Kiwi browser is an English-owned browser Engine with a logo of a bird.

Kiwi Browser - 5Billionsales | 9jabusinesshub


Moreover, If your device is IOS Operating System, that is Apple devices – iPhone, Mac PC, the Extension for them is different. Now I will be explaining the process for the Android devices.


After you have registered your account, go to the play store and download Kiwi Browser and after that, go back to your $5billionsales dashboard for the step-by-step process for Account Update. On your Dashboard, select MONEYMAKER, Click on it to the next page.

This is the page that will open after you have selected and clicked on Money Maker. On this page Click the first box. Note: It may not appear like the one shown here because I have already done mine, but for a new account, just click on this page for the next page.

If you get everything correct, the system will notify you that you have completed Step 1, then you proceed to Step 2 which is to UPDATE YOUR BROWSER.

You will continue on that page filling all the compulsory boxes and skipping the ones that are not compulsory and keep clicking Save and Continue until you get to the last page where you now click Finish or Completed.

Note: All the information marked * is compulsory. You can skip the details that are not compulsory

The next page will bring you here, while here, click on number 1. MY DATA PROFILE. Take some time and carefully fill the boxes as required. Note that All the boxes with * on them are compulsory to fill.

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There are many sections that are not compulsory to fill, so you can skip them. Here, there are 4 pages to fill and after each page, you click Finish and continue. If you filled it correctly, you will be taken to the next page but if not, the system will show you where you did not fill it correctly and it’s mostly the boxes with an * that are compulsory to fill.

Note: When you click Step 2 which is Update Browser, this page where you will choose your device will open Then select your device. In this case, we select Android.

Once you click here, the top of the page will show a video, the video explains exactly what am explaining here now.

As you select Android, the next that will come up is a video and below the video is a link Then click the link to download the extension Remember to change the name of the file that is if your device permits you to change the file name but if not, continue with the download.

It takes a few seconds for it to download and your device will tell u that your file has been downloaded. No need to open it. Just continue to the next process.

Scroll down a little and do the following. If you did not download Kiwi Browser as I said earlier, then click on the circled section and get Kiwi. But if you already downloaded it, then go a bit down and copy the next circled section, Copy the circled area.

Paste the link you copied on the browser bar and search. A page like this will open. It will be empty, mine is like this because I have already installed the extension.

Click the circled section to install the browser. If the circle section didn’t show, make sure to put on the Developer mode As you click on the circle box, you will be taken to the file or downloads on your device where you will look for the $5billionsales browser extension that you have downloaded, then click on it and it will appear on this page just like the ones you are seeing. Mine is many here because I am controlling 8 accounts with one device.

After you have done all these if your dashboard still says complete Step 3, don’t worry about it, it only means that the system has not refreshed to update your profile.

What u can do is Logout, then open your Google or Bing and browse on any subject at all. You can ask Google when the ASUU strike will be called off. Then when the page of your search comes up, click on any of the info and just scan through. You are not required to read everything. Just spend like 60 seconds.

Then log in again and check for the validation prompt. 2 adverts will open, click on each one by one to validate. You are not required to act on any of the adverts. Just click, it opens u go back, click d second, Then click view. That’s it!

You probably have already downloaded Kiwi. So just move on to the Next Step. Copy it and go to your Kiwi browser. Open your kiwi and paste it on the search bar and send.

You can watch the video to see to go about it, it’s quite simple.

When you have uploaded the extension, turn off the “Developer Mode,” return to your account, refresh your dashboard and start browsing, ads will start popping up or showing.

If you need help after registration with my link, don’t hesitate to drop a chat on WhatsApp I will respond promptly.

Final Thought

5 Billion Sales could be a great platform to make some legit money, and the sweetest part is it is totally free to join! I won’t force you to join either, but if you wish to participate, you would still be making a good decision. REGISTER HERE and start earning, because you got nothing to lose!


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  1. Do 5billionsales really exist in UK London? This is what I really want to knwo. The information of owner is missing too.

    1. Yes, I think they originated from the UK. But you can check their website’s “About Us” page and get some insight. Hope this helped!

    2. Could you publish information about the owners of this company, it’s offices in the United Kingdom as well as it’s legibility. This would give affiliates more assurance even to recruit more affiliates. Very little has been said about its physical Offices.

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