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AAS Arbitrage 2.0: Now More Profitable With Increased ROI

AAS Arbitrage has proven to be the first platform to show absolute transparency and resilience ever since its launch on 1st January 2023. Afriq Arbitrage System is set to change the narratives of crypto trading using artificial intelligence.

It made a name for itself after taking the crypto trading marketplace by storm using artificial intelligence to carry out cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

With its upgraded robotic system called “Mother of All Wizards 2.0” investors are guaranteed a smooth trading experience with daily higher profits due to the increased ROI feature.

Hence, in this post, we will explain what the investment platform is all about and how you can get started with easy steps.

What Is AAS Arbitrage?

AAS Arbitrage is a synonym for Afriq Arbitrage System. AAS Arbitrage is a cryptocurrency investment platform that fuses AI and robotics to execute buying and selling orders of cryptocurrency assets on crypto exchange platforms like Binance.

How Does AAS Arbitrage Work?

AAS Arbitrage integrates its robotic system that’s made up of three major components namely; HFT, Micro-Servers, and ASI to 21 top centralized cryptocurrency exchanges via the API programming.

AAS Arbitrage robotic system buys crypto assets from one exchange at a lower price and sells them higher in another with a hyperspeed measured in milliseconds.

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That means this process of buying and selling is extremely fast and it performs over 21,000 trades per minute. This is the first of its kind ever developed globally speaking!

AAS Arbitrage
Make Extra Money on the Side

With this level of speed, it spots differences in price change between crypto assets and executes trades instantly. And this happens without human interference – completely hands-free!

Things To Know About AAS Arbitrage

  • It’s not a Ponzi scheme or scam
  • It’s an investment platform with the cheapest starting capital of $22
  • AAS has only one package
  • Withdrawal speed is second to none [milliseconds]
  • It is very transparent and clear about its objectives
  • It’s not a rob Peter-to-pay-Paul scheme
  • Any common man in society can make money and pay bills comfortably
  • It has a team of tech experts who are very sensitive to glitches and fixes it immediately
  • It has a large community on telegram where the CEO communes with investors

How To Get Started

  • Locate the registration LINK HERE and create an account instantly
  • Invest a minimum of $22
  • Relax and watch your ROI drop daily which can be withdrawn instantly
  • Invite others if you wish [optional]

Affiliate Program

AAS Arbitrage has graciously given investors the opportunity to refer others who wish to leverage the system to earn passive income.

How its affiliate program works is as follows:

  • You will earn 5% on the profits of your downlines daily
  • There’s no deposit bonus
  • There are no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations as obtainable on other platforms
  • There is no PV or point value you see in the MLM structure
  • No balancing of legs
  • No upgrade to a higher package or level for more earnings [simply increase your capital]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AAS Scam?

No! AAS is 100% legit!

Who Is CEO Afriq Arbitrage System?

Jesam Michael is the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System

Is the Afriq Arbitrage System Regulated?

Yes, AAS has been under the watch of the FBI, EFCC, Interpol, etc.

When Was Afriq Arbitrage System Launched?

It was launched on the 1st of January 2023 and has been in operation since then.

Is Afriq Arbitrage System Registered In Nigeria?

Yes, with relevant authorities in the Federal Government.


Wrapping Up

AAS Arbitrage is legitimately operating under the watch of security agencies in Nigeria. And for that fact, the CEO Jesam Michael has reiterated his stand on the company lasting for a minimum of 10 years.

However, not to take our word for it. No investment platform online is worthy of making such a statement — we have seen a lot of them crash in the end after making balloon promises.

Moreso, does it actually validate the fact that nothing of this nature can be sustainable? Well, let’s watch and see what becomes of the Afriq Arbitrage System in 6 months’ time!

Invest wisely!


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