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How To Make ₦500k With Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria Now

If you have noticed, affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria have been overhyped recently on almost all the social media platforms; WhatsApp status, Instagram, YouTube Channels, Facebook Feeds, Twitter, name it!

But one question I would ask is, “is affiliate marketing in Nigeria actually saturated, at the moment?” Well, any business you wish to start online nowadays could be saturated as the case may be, but that is not a rule of thumb as to venture into it.

affiliate marketing program
Affiliate Marketing

For as long as I can remember, success in online business has more to do with strategy than its overcrowdedness. Your approach to affiliate market marketing as a Nigerian living in Nigeria is key to whether or not you will succeed.

And as such, if you are seeking to know what affiliate programs you could take advantage of and make money in Nigeria, then go ahead and read through…

What’s More On Affiliate Marketing Programs?

The affiliate marketing sector is booming and a host of new affiliate programs have been created to cater to this change. While some are legitimate and others are scams, there are some that won’t undervalue your time, effort, or money.

Affiliate marketing programs are very popular in the industry today (even though they were originally invented in 1997). Affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn money by promoting other websites, blogs, or products.

These programs can be set up in various ways and are extremely flexible – allowing you to earn a passive income for your website. Moreover, this is a part of how to make money online method!

There are many affiliate marketing programs out there. Most affiliate marketing programs have similar terms of service that you should be aware of when signing up for one.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to sell products and make money. When did you consider that there are literally thousands of different affiliate programs, and which ones are best? To figure this out, I decided to try all of them out in the hopes that one becomes my favorite.

Through this process, I discovered affiliate marketing programs differ significantly based on the features and services they offer. There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs available today but only a few are worth your time and effort.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting a product to earn a commission as compensation for a sale made. Simply put, it’s a business strategy where an affiliate is paid a certain amount of money whenever he promotes a product successfully.

The affiliate commission is paid on a percentage basis. That means if Mr. A links or refers Mr. B to a product that would solve his problem, and Mr. B purchases the product, Mr. A will be given a percentage of the sale being made.

Hope that is clear? However, the percentage rate at which affiliate programs allocate their affiliates differs because these programs operate independently and competitively – in the sense that every affiliate marketing company out there tries to lure affiliates with mouthwatering percentages for every sale.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing programs are marketplaces where affiliate marketers register to promote the products of vendors. Now, to be sure, these programs operate as a platform for both product creators (vendors) and product promoters (affiliates) to interact and benefit from each other.

For instance, when you sign up on, you will see countless products listed in the Marketplace tab for affiliates to promote and earn commissions. Those that listed the products for sale are vendors or product creators, and those that promote these products to get paid are affiliate marketers.

However, in this article, we are only looking at making money with affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria – Strickly Nigeria! And this means of making money is one of the most popular online businesses in Nigeria currently.

List Of Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

  • Learnoflix Affiliate Program – LAP
  • Expertnaire
  • DealDey Affiliate Program
  • TravelStart Affiliate Program
  • Bet9ja Affiliate Program
  • WhoGoHost Affiliate Program
  • QServers Affiliate Program
  • Wakanow Affiliate Program
  • Web4Africa Affiliate Program
  • PayPorte Affiliate Program
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • Bluehost Affiliate Program
  • SEMRush Affiliate Program

All of the above-listed affiliate programs and more are lucrative. But a few of them are very profitable more than the rest.

#1 Learnoflix Affiliate Program

Learnoflix is one of the top 3 most profitable affiliate programs in Nigeria. In fact, it’s the only home-based affiliate marketing program that accepts affiliates all over the world.

LAP is pioneered by Sam Harvard (a Nigerian) who lives in Dubai. Learnoflix pays its affiliates in about five currencies including Bitcoin, and they pay weekly – every Friday precisely. See the full Article Here!

The unique thing about LAP is when you register and activate your account with ₦50,000 ($100), you will be given access to learning a wide range of courses worth $5,000 for free permanently! The few benefits of LAP are:

  • Sell high-converting courses and earn commissions
  • Refer an affiliate and earn 40% of the person’s activation amount
  • Create your own product and sell
  • Build a sales funnel for your business
  • Refer product creators or vendors to sell their products and you earn around 3 – 5% every month from their total sales

#2 Expertnaire

Expertnaire is undoubtedly one of the top-notch affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria doing massively well. It has a very solid payment structure that has been consistent for over 4 years!

The founder is the renowned Toyin Omotosho; a foremost internet entrepreneur who is so excellent at what he does. His journey to making over ₦50 million monthly is such that every young aspiring internet entrepreneur would like to come to terms with.

However, to the best of my knowledge, Expertnaire only accommodates Nigerian affiliates (I stand to be corrected if it’s otherwise), and anyone can purchase a product utilizing either Naira or Dollar payment method.

Expertnaire pays its affiliates every Friday, and to become a member will cost you ₦62,500 at the time of writing this article. As such, the price is not guaranteed to remain the same for a long time!

#3 DealDey Affiliate Program

DealDey is an e-commerce store in Nigeria responsible for product advertisement at awesome discount rates. As such, a throng of individuals patronizes them for their immense effort in giving discounts for every product listed on the site for sale.

DealDey’s affiliate program is great to pull in some cash as a Nigerian. All you have to do is display their banner ad with your unique affiliate link on your website, then whenever someone clicks through it and purchases an item, you will earn up to ₦500.

#4 Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart is a travel booking site in Africa where individuals are assisted in making bookings for flights, vacations, hotels, tourism, car rentals, and travel administrations.

Travelstart has branches or outlets across the continent of Africa, for that reason, becoming its affiliate would be a big deal as to spinning in some cash rewards as commissions.

How to go about becoming their affiliate is simply, just head over to its official website and register for their affiliate program, refer people to book through them, and get paid.

#5 Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is the largest online sports betting site in Nigeria. The gaming giant offers a whooping up to ₦100,000 welcome bonus to new registrants who make their first deposit.

The platform incorporates a virtual gaming experience that includes Bet9ja League. Bet9ja gives its users the opportunity to earn a 50% affiliate commission in their first month of becoming a member.


Moreso, for you to earn as an affiliate in their affiliate program, you need to register as one. When that is in view, you will be given a link that contains your referral ID which you can use to recruit people.

Then, the juicy part is you will earn up to 20% when the people you refer to lose or wins a game. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

#6 WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

WhoGoHost happens to be one of the oldest web hosting service providers in Nigeria that has been consistent since 2007. It has built its capacity over the years that it’s now servicing in and out of Nigeria.

WhoGoHost pays its affiliates as high as 15% for every successful purchase your referral makes on the online web solution platform. The simple thing to do is refer people who are interested in buying a domain name and hosting, and then get paid.

However, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is ₦3,000. Also, if refer someone who signs up via your referral link, you will be given ₦500 for just registration.

#7 QSevers Affiliate Program

QServers Affiliate Program operates just like WhoGoHost web solutions. QServers is also a web hosting company that is headquartered in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Information on its official site states that the chairman of KC Gaming in the person of Kunle Soname (Bet9ja CEO) is hosting his gaming company with them. And top names like the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Embassy, NTA, EbonyLife TV and more are hosting with them.

QServers pays its affiliate up to 20% for every person they refer to buy hosting plans with them. You also receive ₦500 for every sign-up you get via your unique link, and there is a withdrawal threshold of ₦3,000.

#8 Wakanow Affiliate Program member network is important for Limited, one of Africa’s driving internet-based travel organizations.

This is a program intended to empower travel services and people who take part in offering travel items to sell profoundly discounted Wakanow travel items (flight, lodgings, air terminal pick-ups, tour packages, and so forth) to their clients and create a tremendous gain.

Wakanow affiliate program offers remarkable commissions on:

  • In excess of 508,000 domestic and International lodgings (Up to 40% rebate on Hotel Rack Rates)
  • Domestic and International Airlines (Discounts on each Airline)
  • Visa handling administrations (Discounts up to 20% on rates)
  • Air terminal pickup administrations 45,000 areas and beyond (Up to 5% discount on rates)
  • Holiday Packages (Up to 10% Discount on rates)

Notwithstanding these incredible Commissions, the Wakanow affiliate program empowers you to control pricing. You can change your pricing on the different travel items in view of your dealings with your clients.

#9 Web4Africa Affiliate Program

Web4Africa is an expert reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and Windows platforms, with its headquarters in Ghana. It services the webmasters of Ghana, Nigeria, and individuals around the world.

The web hosting platform also has an affiliate program that pays its affiliate 10% for every successful sale triggered.

#10 PayPorte Affiliate Program

PayPorte is one more e-commerce store and is viewed as Nigeria’s favored web-based retail location with regard to the nature of items.

PayPorte has, since, its launch, flourished to guarantee it takes care of wide demography that reaches from the young people to the young metropolitan experts, giving a wide assortment of items including design and accessories, textures, furniture, home machines, tech gadgets, from there, the sky is the limit.

PayPorte pays its affiliates ₦1,000 for every successful sign-up, and you will receive 5 to 10% for every sale you make.

#11 Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is an online marketplace in Nigeria where all kinds of products like household items, gadgets, appliances, electronics, and what have you are listed for sale.

Moreso, Konga is reportedly one of the high-ranking sites in Nigeria with over 100,000 products that you can pick up and sell to earn commissions.

To be sure, you will earn up to a 9% commission on every product you sell. So, all you need to do is locate your affiliate link on your dashboard, promote, and get paid. If you have a website, it would be an added advantage.

#12 Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is the #1 online shopping mall in Nigeria that is the most trusted by millions of Nigerians. Jumia is a hotspot for whatever product search for in Nigeria.

It has a high trustworthy score because almost every Nigerian believes any product gotten from Jumia is top-notch. That is why its affiliate program could be one of the most lucrative for Nigerians.

To become Jumia’s affiliate, you need to register HERE and fill in all the required details, add your bank account details, proceed to get your referral link, promote, and get paid.

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Before your commission is approved for every sale you make, Jumia will go through a verification procedure to be sure the sale came in via your unique affiliate link.

Jumia pays its affiliates at the end of the month (precisely on the 30th), and the withdrawal threshold is ₦10,000. If you have a website, it will be a very great avenue to place their banners with your unique link attached.

#13 AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress is an international online shopping platform with over 2 million products displayed or listed in their varieties. The company is owned by China’s richest man Zack Ma.

AliExpress happens to have one of the cheapest products on the planet where you can buy at a lower rate and sell them higher. And discounts on the e-commerce platform are extreme that you can see a product with over 68% discount.

As of 2016 Ali paid over $100,000 to its affiliates, and one of the top earners earned as high as $20,000 in just one month. That means as an affiliate with Ali, you have the opportunity to make that much if you take advantage today!

To get started with Ali, go to their official website and register, verify your email and phone number, get the app and proceed with your affiliate program.

#14 Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is an international web hosting company that is one of the most trusted across the globe. About 75% of website owners or bloggers around the world recommend Bluehost as the best when it comes to web hosting services.

The reason for this recommendation is simple; website load speed, security, malware exterminating, and other powerful features that webmasters require to keep a healthy site.

Moreover, its affiliate program is top-notch in that it pays its affiliates a commission as high as $65 per sale. For instance, if you refer someone to buy a hosting package from them, you will earn $65 instantly for every successful deal.

All you have to do is enroll as an affiliate, grab your unique link and start promoting. One thing that may be a barrier to getting paid for Nigerians is that they only pay via PayPal. But that is not a problem, check YouTube and learn how to create a functional PayPal account that can receive and send money in Nigeria.

#15 SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMRush is a keyword research tool that is highly used by website owners or bloggers around the world. It offers an in-depth analysis when comes to keyword research.

As a matter of fact, the company is ranked as one of the top 5 keyword research tools in the world because of it’s accuracy in giving detailed metrics on SEO matters, and also a mouthwatering affiliate payout per sale.

SEMRush pays its affiliates $200 for every sale made, $10 for free trial, and $0.01 for sign ups recorded in your dashboard. It’s a legit system to make crazy money if you know how to do proper promotion.

Final Thought

There you have it! To make in affiliate marketing as a Nigerian is very possible and easy too. All you have to do right away is to pick from the above-listed affiliate programs and create or generate a fortune for yourself and family.

If you got some value in this post, kindly share with it your companions and on your social media handles. Also, don’t forget to utilize the comment box below if you have any concern. Thank you for reading!


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