11 Killer Tips For a Profitable African Restaurant Business

African restaurants are known to make most of the tasty delicacies in the world as far as food is concerned. And as an African, you may want to know what it entails to run an African fast food restaurant that can retain customers perpetually.

A lot of people have intentions of starting a “big scale” business such as fast-food restaurant. In a place like Africa, we’ve seen big food companies thriving hard and playing their cards well in the food industry.

In as much as this is a reality, there are tips to which success can also be achieved in your already established restaurant (that’s not successful) or would-be food firm.


Many of the successful firms in the food industry you see in Africa and the world at large have mastered the art of these 11 killer tips which you’ll need if you desire to have a great fast food business running.

What Fast Food Restaurant Entails

A fast-food restaurant consists of a business model that serves food typically prepared in an exceedingly specific approach, like hamburgers and cold sandwiches, fried and roasted chicken, fried rice, beef, and chicken burgers, fiesta, meat pie, chicken pie, hot dogs, jollof rice, soups, swallows, etc.

Notwithstanding whether or not you get a franchise, to maximize profit, there are sure things to think about before opening a fast-food restaurant. However, if you are already running one, you can as well apply the tips you will learn in this post.

11 Killer Tips To Blow Up An African Restaurant

#1 Have a Great Customer Service

This is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by giving provisions for high-quality and helpful services. It is pertinent to know that no fast food restaurant business thrives without customer care service.

Don’t just leave your patronizers wandering in a state of confusion and dissatisfaction. When this aspect is in place, customers can trust your firm and they will have a sense of security and care.

#2 Your Reception Is Paramount

The first “post” people see when they walk into a firm or company is the reception. In a fast-food term, it is known as the “front office.”

This is where customers line up to order their victuals; either with takeaway packs or served indoors. What I mean by reception being paramount is that your Fast Food Restaurant Business must have a wonderful pattern of welcoming patronizers.

Of course, every and any company know about this rule that every customer that comes to your firm must be made to feel good by the first impression called reception. If you employ rude and hot-tempered workers, your reception will be questionable, and you won’t run a successful fast-food restaurant business.

What this entail is that the people working at the front office must;

  • Be friendly
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Be respectful
  • Speak well
  • Look presentable
  • Work very smart
  • Not associated with errors
  • Be appreciative

#3 Serve Fresh Foods and Avoid Stale Foods At All Cost

A Fast Food Restaurant Business that desires to succeed must serve “new” foods every day, that’s why it’s called fast food. Before a customer walks into your restaurant to eat, he/she already has it at the back of his/her mind to be served something fresh and sumptuous. But if a customer buys food only to discover he bought “garbage,” then there is a problem.

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Endeavor at all costs to provide fresh new and palatable dishes every single day. Avoid putting out “leftovers,” which means you don’t care about their taste. Know that it’s not just all about making a profit, you should aim at delivering nothing but the best to keep them coming for more, thereby growing your business.

#4 Make Your Designs Appealing

One of the most important factors of attraction is design. My friend, a business strategist Emmanuel Udo, will always say that “design is everything.” The eye is attracted to beautiful things.

Nobody would love to be identified in an environment that is poorly structured or not attractive. So that is to say that making your fast food restaurant look good is a great step toward getting more customers.

Remember, your design will determine the caliber of people that will patronize your firm. In a nutshell, make your restaurant look great with the latest designs, and let the interior and exterior speak loud with beauty and fascination. Let those eye-catchy “accessories” be found in your restaurant.

#5 Have a Takeaway Package

When we talk about success in the fast-food business, this strategy happens to be one of the tips for making a great and long-lasting impression on your customers. Package gift items and place them at the front office where they can be given whenever they make a purchase.

These can be sweets, gums, cakes, fruits, or souvenirs, and can even be a free extra bottle of Coke just to spice up your “selling point.” This is a great strategy that many restaurants deploy to drive a whole lot of crowds who come to patronize.

#6 Do Advertisement

Averts remain an integral part of any business that wants to grow and be exposed to a larger audience. Advertising your company is a sure way to get people to patronize you, and because the awareness is done, people will get to know what your business is all about.

The advertisement can be carried out through any of these platforms; radio/television, online (that’s ads campaign on blogs or websites), flyers, open-air outings, and so on.

#7 Consult Frequently

You know there are experts and seasoned strategists in the business field. Meet them from time to time, pay for their services, and be advised on what to do when it seems you’ve lost track in the food industry.

The fast-food restaurant business is highly competitive, especially in a location like Nigeria. So for you to actually succeed, get the advice of a business consultant, this can be a powerful strategy to make you come up with ideas that will enhance your food business.

#8 Be Updated To The Current Trends

Another way of running a successful fast food restaurant business is to be current. Put your ears to the ground to know what’s going on, especially in the food industry. Do research online and read books; daily or weekly food journals are great materials to go with.


When you are outdated on current trends, you miss out on the latest idea opportunities to increase sales in your company. Being updated is ideal to allow your customers to enjoy the newest dishes and flavors. This also looks at rebranding or refurbishing your industry in order to present to your customers the latest designs and structures.

#9 Be Humble Enough To Adjust Your Strategies

If the strategy you deployed resulted in little or no success, it’s pertinent that adjustment is employed. Adjusting your strategy is having a way of running your fast food in a new style that your customers will really appreciate.

Your strategies may be to augment the taste of the food, reorganize the sitting settings in the restaurant hall, make the reception more welcoming, and perhaps the designs of the place.

Just think of what to do. Also, if the food is very expensive when compared to the restaurant’s standard it’s not worth it, then you may need to look into it.

#10 Employ Good Workers

Good workers make up a great and successful industry. Without having good workers around you will run at a loss. Like a Chinese Proverb would say, “a man without a smiling face must not open a shop,” this is applicable to the kind of workers you should employ in your food industry.

Don’t just pick anybody you see to represent your brand at the “front office” when he or she is not qualified or the right person, because your patronizers won’t communicate with food when they come, but with the workers lining up to receive them. So it’s compulsory to employ good workers.

#11 Involve The Company of Auditors

Auditors are those who carry out thorough accounting procedures on companies’ financial reports or profits. They determine the income, profit, and loss. They are a professional body to reckon with when it comes to auditing.

This will help you to know your monetary level and expenditures, thereby measuring your progress as to how your fast food business is faring; is it going forward or running in circles. So bringing in auditors to checkmate or balance sales records is very key to effective optimization of your food industry.

Final Thought

In this article, we have made an attempt to show you a few tips that should push your restaurant business to the next level. It doesn’t just stop at gathering capital to start, you can actually begin without knowing the nitty-gritty to run a successful African restaurant.

If you have got some value at least, kindly share and drop a comment if you have any contribution or an observation. Thank you!


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