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ALAT is a digital banking technology developed by Wema Bank, one of Nigeria’s oldest financial institutions. ALAT for Business is intended for individuals and small company owners that wish to effortlessly and comfortably manage their finances.

It offers a variety of services, such as savings accounts, bill payments, virtual debit cards, loans, and potential investments.

ALAT for Business

ALAT has grown in popularity among small company owners in the past few years because of its user-friendly design, minimal transaction costs, and diverse financial instruments. In this post, we will look at how ALAT may help your company and why it is worth considering.

ALAT for Business Features

#1 Easy Account Opening and Management

ALAT provides a simple account opening process, which is one of its key advantages. Proprietors may open a savings account in a few minutes and start utilizing all of the platform’s capabilities straight away.

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ALAT also provides a variety of account types, including current and savings accounts, to meet the needs of various businesses. It is a flexible banking choice since business owners may manage their accounts from anywhere and at any time.

#2 Transaction Management

ALAT provides a number of transaction management services, such as bill payments, fund transfers, and direct debit transactions. Business owners may use their ALAT accounts to pay payments such as utility bills and taxes, saving time and effort.

ALAT also supports quick money transfers to other ALAT accounts as well as accounts at other banks. Direct debit transactions allow business owners to make regular payments to vendors or workers, which makes cash flow management easier.

#3 Virtual Debit Card

ALAT also offers a virtual debit card that may be used to make online purchases. This card is connected to the ALAT account of the company owner and may be used to make payments on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Alibaba, as well as to acquire products and services from overseas suppliers.

This functionality is very handy for internet firms who wish to make worldwide payments easily.

#4 Loans and Investment Options

ALAT provides several lending options for company owners, including overdraft facilities and term loans. These loans are perfect for small enterprises since they provide reasonable interest rates and flexible payback arrangements.

ALAT also offers a variety of investment choices, including term deposits, mutual funds, and equities, enabling company owners to build wealth and generate passive income.

#5 Security and Fraud Prevention

ALAT is built with security in mind, and the platform’s sophisticated security measures safeguard the safety and confidentiality of your company’s financial information.

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ALAT employs cutting-edge security technology such as two-factor authentication and biometric login to ensure that only authorized users have access to your account.

In addition, the platform analyzes transactions for unusual activity, lowering the chance of fraud.

ALAT for Business Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using ALAT for Business:

Convenient & Affordable

ALAT for Business is a quick and reasonably priced alternative for SMEs to manage their money. There are no monthly or transaction charges, and companies may access their accounts and execute transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Real-time Account Alerts and Notifications

ALAT for Business offers enterprises real-time account alerts and notifications, allowing them to keep on top of their financial activities at all times. This can assist organizations in identifying and addressing financial difficulties as they arise.

A Variety of Payment Options

ALAT for Business accepts a range of payment methods, including Internet, card, and bank transfers. This provides companies the freedom to select the payment method that best meets their demands.

A Built-in Invoicing System

ALAT for Business has an invoicing system that allows you to easily create and send invoices to clients. This can assist firms in receiving payments more quickly and improving their cash flow.

A Comprehensive Reporting Suite

ALAT for Business offers a complete reporting package that gives insights into a company’s financial status. This data can be utilized to make profitable business choices.

Access to a Team of Business Experts

ALAT for Business allows access to a team of business professionals that may give assistance and advice. This might be beneficial for organizations that are new to financial management or want assistance with a particular financial difficulty.


ALAT is an amazing banking service for Nigerian small business entrepreneurs. It has a number of functions that can assist company owners in effortlessly and efficiently managing their accounts.

ALAT has been a popular alternative among Nigerian enterprises because of its user-friendly interface, minimal transaction fees, and solid security measures.

ALAT can assist you reach your financial objectives, whether you want to save, invest, or manage your cash flow. This is a great financial product by Wema Bank.


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