Alpo Martinez Net Worth: Illegal Business Career

Alpo Martinez Net Worth is really a controversial topic as to how much he is worth financially. Martinez didn’t leave a good legacy as it were but however turned a new leaf, and his net worth is said to be $2 million.

Let’s dive into more detailed information about Alpo Martinez Net Worth and how he rose to fame in the drug business.

Early Life

Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was born in Harlem, New York City, on June 8, 1966. As a child, he was exposed to drug dealing in a low-income housing project.

Martinez got involved in the drug trade in Harlem in the 1980s, rising quickly to become a prominent figure in the city’s drug scene.

Alpo Martinez Net Worth -

He became associated with the “Supreme Team,” a local gang that was in charge of a lot of the drug trade.

Murder Case & Jail Sentence

Martinez and another drug dealer, Rich Porter, killed Darryl “Pops” Baum in 1983, making them well-known. Martinez was given a 35-year prison sentence after he admitted to the murder.

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However, due to his cooperation with authorities, he only served about half of his sentence before being released in 1994.

After his delivery from jail, Martinez moved to Washington D.C., and proceeded with his medication tasks there.

In the end, he moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he became a major drug dealer and joined forces with other gangs involved in the drug trade.

However, his illegal activities eventually caught up with him, and in 1991, he was taken into custody on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Working For Law Enforcement

Martinez made the decision to become an informant for law enforcement in order to avoid a lengthy prison term and began providing information about his former associates.

A number of prominent drug dealers, including his former partner, Wayne “Silk” Perry, were convicted as a result of his cooperation.

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Martinez received a reduced sentence and enrollment in the federal witness protection program in exchange for his cooperation.

Released From Prison And a New Phase

Martinez moved to Alaska and took on a new identity shortly after his release from prison at the beginning of the 2000s.

However, a reporter from The Washington Post who had been looking into his whereabouts came across him in 2003.

Martinez was the subject of numerous documentaries and books as his story gained national attention.

Martinez’s biography was additionally portrayed in the 2002 film “Paid In Full,” in which he was depicted by rapper and entertainer Cam’ron.

Martinez remained a controversial figure despite his cooperation with law enforcement. Some people criticized him for his previous criminal activities, while others admired him for his ability to turn his life around.

Alpo Martinez Girlfriend

Karen Hall was one of Alpo Martinez’s most well-known girlfriends during his time as a drug dealer. Hall was a beauty queen and model who had been crowned Miss Black Virginia USA in 1991.

After Martinez was released from prison, she began a romantic relationship with him. She first met Martinez while he was in prison.

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Martinez and Hall were often seen together in public, and it was common for them to throw extravagant parties. Violence and infidelity were also part of their relationship.

Martinez and Hall frequently got into arguments and physical fights because he was known to be a womanizer and had several mistresses.

Martinez was involved in a 1992 drive-by shooting that resulted in the death of a young girl. Although Hall was not directly involved in the shooting, she was charged with conspiracy and given a five-year sentence despite being in the car with Martinez at the time.

Hall went on to become an author and motivational speaker after she finished her sentence. She has also spoken out publicly about her interactions with Martinez and the dangers of working with drug dealers.

Alpo Martinez Net Worth

Due to the fact that much of Alpo Martinez’s wealth was earned through illegal activities and was never officially documented, it is difficult to determine his exact net worth.

It was estimated that Martinez earned millions of dollars annually from his drug trafficking activities in the 1980s and early 1990s.

However, Martinez ended up in prison for a number of years as a result of his criminal activities. He entered the federal witness protection program and assumed a new identity after his release, likely limiting his ability to illegally acquire additional wealth.

Furthermore, it is unknown how much money he earned from these projects. As a result, Alpo Martinez net worth is thought to be $2 million when he died in 2021.

Alpo Martinez Kids

Alpo Martinez has a few kids, albeit the specific number isn’t openly known. During his time as a drug dealer, Martinez was known to be a womanizer and had relationships with multiple women.

One of Martinez’s kids is named Popperazzi Po., who was brought into the world in 1992 by a lady named Diane. Martinez didn’t meet his son until after he was released from prison when he was still in prison at the time of his son’s birth.

Tiara Martinez, Martinez’s daughter, was born in 2001 to a woman named Keisha. She is one of Martinez’s other children.

One of Martinez’s mistresses was Tiara’s mother, and she has spoken out about her relationship with Martinez and the difficulties of raising their daughter without him.

Martinez’s crimes and collaboration with policing made him a dubious figure, and his youngsters have generally stayed out of the public eye.

It is unknown whether he has any additional children or whether he has communicated with his current children in recent years.

Alpo Martinez Movie Career

Alpo Martinez has not made a name for himself in the film industry. However, rapper Cam’ron played him in the 2002 crime drama film “Paid in Full,” which told the story of his life.

The rise and fall of a group of drug dealers in Harlem in the 1980s and 1990s, including Martinez, as well as the consequences of their actions, serve as the basis for the film.

The film’s gritty and realistic depiction of the drug trade in New York City was praised despite receiving mixed reviews.

It is unknown how Martinez felt about the film’s depiction of his life because he was not involved in its making.

However, the film contributed to establishing him as a well-known figure in American drug dealing history.


Martinez was shot and killed while sitting in his 2017 Dodge Ram in Harlem, New York, at 3:30 am on October 31, 2021.

This incident was reported by various media outlets such as The Source magazine, Hot 97, AllHipHop, and The New York Times. The victim was shot five times, and his death was confirmed by these sources.

However, there is no additional information available beyond what has been reported by these sources.

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