Amateur Blogging: Generate $55k In 6 Months Even As a Dummy

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Amateur Blogging…Blogging has been around forever, but it’s been taken to a whole new level with the age of social media and high-speed internet. Figuring out what to blog about, finding the best words and images for your posts, and figuring out how in the world to make any money from blogging was once a difficult process.

But in today’s day and age, we have so many incredible tools at our disposal that we can use in order to monetize our blogs for more than just bragging rights.

Blogging is one of the most lucrative digital income streams online, and many people who have been in the game over the years today are celebrity bloggers (which we are going to mention in the latter part of this post).

From the estimation of some bloggers’ monthly income reports, Linda Ikeji earns a minimum of $65,000 on a monthly basis! Perez Hilton makes $450,000 every single month from his blog! And the richest of them all, Arianna Huffington churns in $2.3 million monthly only from her blog!

However, blogging without AdSense was once a disturbing factor in the lives of many bloggers, especially when they had huge traffic without income, because they probably may not have known what to do at the time, or perhaps were passion-driven.

But today the game plan has changed drastically, which you can see in many blogs such as,, and owned by top Digital Influencer Neil Patel.

He doesn’t run or display AdSense on his blogs, but he spins in hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. What does that tell you? It means you can make so much from your blog without AdSense!

You see, over the years, we have been imbibed with this mental disposition that AdSense is “King,” though I heard Content is King… hmmmmm 🤔

So, it got on us that if Google Ads or banners don’t appear on our sites/blogs we are losers 😁

Hold it right there! Before you think it’s not worth it… bloggers are raking in over $50,000 every month with Google AdSense!

The reason for this article is to educate you on how to still make money comfortably and happily without feeling inferior and sad because Google suspended your AdSense account or never accepted your blog into her program.

Be that as it may, when it comes to blogging and being successful at it, to the point of cashing out, it will demand a whole lot of work, to putting up content consistently over a long period of time. It’s more like saying building authority on Google and securing a large loyal audience who appreciate visiting your blog.

According to Sam Dogen of the Financial Samurai, he said he has been making posts on his blog three times a week for 10 solid years now! That is definitely the price to pay if you want to make money from blogging, and without Ads!

Juxtapositioning Facts:

As a blogger, making money from AdSense and the other super cool alternatives we are going to show you is very rewarding! That’s because the other methods we want to show you may not yield as frequently as they should.

So, instead of wasting your precious traffic, you can leverage AdSense to supplement your blog income. As such, just the fact that I said you can make money from your blog without ads does not neglect the place of income from ads.

What Is a Blog?

A blog is a digital platform akin to a website, where information is updated. And as such, it’s more likely a journal or diary online mostly managed by a person called Blogger. Moreso, blogs are updated with content frequently; probably on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the kind you desire to operate.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the art of writing and publishing media content online. Contributing to a blog began as a chance for people to compose journal-style passages, yet it has since been fused into sites for some organizations.

The signs of writing for a blog incorporate successive updates, casual language, and openings for users to connect with and start a discussion.

Types Of Blogs/Blogging (Niches)

See what are the most well-known kinds of blogs to find out what class or category is the right one for you. When we talk of types of blogs, we are actually referring to niches.

A niche refers to a specialized section designated for a particular kind of service or product. In this case, it’s a topic you wish to focus on in your blog while blogging.

For example, if you want to be publishing content on food (recipes) or clothing (fashion), you decide your niche. So, below I will list the types of blogs you can choose from and get started with;

1. News Blog

This type is updated on a daily basis, and its frequency can be hourly or every 30 minutes, as the case may be. News blogs disseminate information basically on politics, the economy, business, and viral news on entertainment; it’s usually on the latest happenings. Examples of such blogs are Huffington Post, and, Linda Ikeji’s Blog, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanguard, Punchng, and so on.

2. Affiliate Review Blog

This is connected with affiliate marketing. And as such, this type of blog focuses on product and service reviews or assessments from companies on a specific niche or market. For example health products, software, gadgets, and services.

The owners of this kind of blog strategically develop articles around these products to point out their pros and cons, then state the price and as well make recommendations for people to purchase these products by deploying their copywriting expertise.

This is the strategy affiliate marketers utilize to churn in over 60% commissions on product sales. Examples of blogs; are The Wirecutter, Shoutmeloud, Neil Patel, and so on.

3. Food Blogs

As the name implies, this is a type of blog that publishes recipes. Owners of this blog also show people how to prepare a dish with special kinds of ingredients with measurements needed for each preparation. Examples of blogs; are Serious Eats, Food54, and so on.

4. Travel Blogs

This type of blog publishes articles on bookings, destinations for holidays, travel tips, cultures of countries, relocations, making itineraries, and making best prices recommendations of hotels, resorts, and what have you. Such blogs are; Travel Start, Fox Nomad, Follow The Boat, and many others.

5. Lifestyle Blogs

This blog engages its readers on celebrity news or gist as you would call it. In this type of blog, the owner updates post surrounding the life of popular figures in the world like musicians, actors, footballers, business tycoons, and luxuries.

Also, this blog focuses more on the extravagant lifestyles of celebrities from their personal lives to the public. This blog captures the readers because most of the updates are viral in nature. Examples of this type of blog are;, Perez Hilton, and others.

6. Fashion Blogs

Owners of this type of blog post about clothing designs and outfits. So if you want to learn how to make combinations on your wear, a fashion blog is the hub for this. Examples of this type of blog; are Sveltemag, BellaNaija, Onobellow, and others.

7. Personal Brands/Professional Blogs

This type of blog is aimed at promoting a business or service as well as selling personal skills such as web development, app designs, SEO, and others. Bloggers in the blog operate as influencers. Examples of such blogs are; Semrush, Ahrefs, SemScoop, Bluehost, and others.

8. Business/Corporate Blogs

This blog belongs to big companies that showcase and promote their products and services so as to have an online presence and update the latest information on current developments. such companies are MTN, ExxonMobil, Pepsi, Coca-cola, and others.

9. Personal Blog

This type of blog is not profit-oriented. The owner of this blog publishes personal life experience articles on it, perhaps to encourage the readers or just for the purpose of expressing their passion for writing.

They basically talk about their lives in general and love giving details of their latest experiences. Examples of such blogs are; John Haydon, Pamela Grow, and others.

Things You Need To Put In Place Before Running a Successful Blog That Pays

1.  Choose a Niche

For you to successfully run a blog you can actually make money or a full-time income, you need to choose a profitable niche. Now, from the above-listed niches, you can decide which one to pick and begin the journey.

There are over 150+ blog niches you can leverage to make money online, and a few of the most profitable ones are;

  • Tech blog
  • Personal Finance
  • Education
  • Food
  • Business & Marketing
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Health & wellness
  • Relationship & marriage
  • Finance
  • Law Firm
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

You can do more research to settle on the one you really want.

2. Domain Name & Hosting

You cannot run a blog online if it’s not hosted on a server. That is to say, it will require you to purchase a domain name and hosting from a trusted company.

When we say “domain name” we mean the URL people will input in the Google search bar; for example,, that is your domain name. Then the hosting is the server will be hosted or powered to function on the internet.

Also, very importantly, in choosing a hosting server, it has to be a very trusted and secure company that will deliver uninterrupted services for your blog to run smoothly without glitches, and the best of them all is Bluehost. Check YouTube to learn how to make a purchase on Bluehost after registering via this LINK HERE.

3. Build Your Blog Or Hire An Expert On Fiverr

It does not just stop at buying a domain name and hosting, you will build your blog on a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress (highly recommended).

If you are a newbie, I will highly recommend experts to build a site for you in less than 3 days on Fiverr; the largest gig hub in the world, where you will find world-class experts in all niches to deliver the best job on website design and development. If you don’t mind, click HERE TO ACCESS.

4. Keyword Research

For you to run a blog that churns in thousands of dollars every single month without fail, you need to understand keyword research and its application in developing your blog content.

However, there is an easy way out to filter profitable and easy-to-rank keywords using one of the best keyword tools, Mangools. Register on Mangools for a 10-day free trial via this LINK.

9 Ways To Make Money In Amateur Blogging Without AdSense

Having gone through the preambles; of the blogging process, we are now going to look at the proven ways you can make money in blogging without necessarily monetizing your blog with Google AdSense, AdThrive, Ezoic, and other profitable ad networks.

Moreover, this is the crux of this post (the matter). Be that as it may, you MUST pass through the process explained above before the make money part. You cannot skip the process. We took pains to explain the nitty-gritty of blogging so that you will be furnished with the knowledge before venturing into it.

1 Affiliate Marketing;

The first major way to make money on your blog is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing is a gold mine, as bloggers make a fortune out of this market space.

We have come across several bloggers online who have their affiliate links scattered around their blog posts and are making thousands of dollars every single month! 

What’s Affiliate Marketing?:

Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting or advertising a product of a particular company to earn commissions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?:

You connect someone who is interested in a product offered by a buyer, he/she buys it and you (the referer) earn a percentage (commission or bonus).

From the brief explanation, you can deduce that affiliate marketing is simply you standing as a bridge or middleman between the seller and the buyer; connecting both of them together for a transaction.

Now, your responsibility is to introduce potential buyers to a product offered by a company, then when the buyer pays for the product or service, you earn a commission.

Amateur Blogging - 9ja Business Hub
Affiliate Marketing In Blogging

For instance, you discover people who are desperately in need of a weight loss supplement or flat tummy tea, then you are an affiliate on Clickbank, you simply generate an hoplink (with your tracking id) on a product that burns fat, promote it and target the people who need it.

Let’s make some calculations. You see, as I said before, this section will show you in detail how you can really make money on your blog without ads. So, I want to make it more practical by showing you everything you need to know.

If the health supplement product you are promoting is $250 for instance, then you are allotted 50% per sale, which means for each sale you make successfully, you will be earning $125 as commission!

How Much Can You Make Daily In Affiliate Marketing?

Making money via affiliate marketing from your blog is dependent on the strategies you deploy. First, have a target for the number of sales you wish to make daily and monthly.

Second, choose a viable product that’s proven to make insane sales.

Third, choose a product with a good Return On Investment (ROI); that’s to say, an expensive product that one sale can cover your cost of labor ($250 to make $125 [50%], $500 to earn $250 [50%] and so on).

Fourth, you need to attract your audience from countries with a higher purchasing power, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Networks

For you to make money in affiliate marketing via your blog, you need to sign up for any of the recommended affiliate networks, programs, or companies listed below;

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction (CJ)
  • JVZoo
  • Digistore24
  • ShareASale
  • Fiverr
  • Bluehost
  • WarriorPlus
  • FlexOffers
  • Amazon Associates

The Best In Nigeria (Highly Recommended)

These two are inarguably the best in Nigeria that pays their affiliates round the clock, Expertnaire (See Full Review) pays every Friday, and Learnoflix pays anytime you make a withdrawal request.

In case you are finding it difficult to cope with the foreign ones, you can always fall back on the listed two affiliate networks below.

Of the above-listed affiliate networks, some of them are instantly approved and some go through thorough checks before acceptance. I will suggest you go for the ones that won’t stress you for a start so that you can promote them ASAP.

Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Below are most of the recommended ways or methods to promote affiliate products/offers directly on your blog and make sales;

  • Write a review
  • Set up pop-ups and Sticky Menus
  • Build email list
  • Social Media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Place affiliate banners on your blog homepage and post page (sidebars preferably)
  • Share your blog post link to your YouTube channel

N/B: I have taken pains to publish a detailed article on proven ways you can promote your affiliate products and make insane sales from day 1; HERE IS THE POST.

2 Sell Ad Space

Another method or way you can churn in cool cash from your blog without ads on a monthly basis is to provide your blog as a hub for advertisers to place their products and pay you for a space.

What’s Ad Space?

Ad space is a portion or part of your blog around the header and sidebar regions dedicated to rentals. This is where you place banner ads of advertisers who come in partnership with you and pay you to promote their products and brands. It is also an area of a web page apportioned for advertisements online.

Ad Space Pricing

Ad space pricing is conventionally dependent on these factors basically; Ad Format, Web Traffic, and Placement. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like;

Requirements For Selling Ad Space

Before you begin to anticipate partnerships on your blog in order to make money, you need to put the following in place;

  • Audience: What audience are you targeting or driving to your blog? Are you focusing on fashion lovers, students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and people who want to make money online? When you have an audience showing absolute loyalty to your content and following your niche, that means you are eligible. So, you must make sure you have trustworthy readers who believe so much in your content.
  • Quality Content: Have you heard of the cliche, “content is king” when it comes to SEO? Content is the reason for your blog, so you don’t have a blog if there is no content on it. You must provide quality and original content in order to build a loyal reader base.
  • Design, Functionality, and Speed: Your blog must be inviting or attractive as in aesthetics. It must also, very importantly, be easy for users to navigate through your site’s pages and have access to content without any complexity. The hallmark of it all is that your web must be very fast in loading, which alone gives readers more interest to spend more time on your blog.
  • Traffic: Blogs with the highest number of visits attract quality advertisers who will be willing to spend more in placing banners on your site. Traffic is the crux of this matter because, without it, you can’t guarantee to make money. Traffic is inarguably the number one reason bloggers work so hard every day to make their blogs visible on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) on Google. When you drive good traffic to your blog, you can present your analytics and bill advertisers.

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3 Monetize Link Juice

What’s Link Juice?

I know you may be wondering what this is. Link Juice is a term in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that validates another website for ranking and promotion on Google SERPs through hyperlinks.

This means that if your website or pages has higher authority and relevance on Google and your site is considered very valuable, you can pass that value to another website that’s trying to come up on SERPs.

How It Works

By so doing, you can insert a hyperlink of a post from the website of the person who wants link juice in your blog content and charge him or her as much as $70 to $150 per link; depending on your domain authority.

4 Sell Digital Products

This is one of the best methods to make money on your blog without displaying any ads. Top bloggers know this cash-spinning strategy to constantly churn in cash every single month.

Selling digital products is one of the easiest methods to earn recurring income, whether you are asleep or awake.

What Are Digital Products?

Digital products are electronics-related items developed to solve the problems of individuals. These kinds of products are not physical or touchable because their transactions/operations are carried out online, hence the word “digital.”

For instance, you create a guide or blueprint that shows ladies how to grow beautiful black long hair and promote it in a beauty niche.

Amateur Blogging - 9ja Business Hub
Amateur Blogging
18 Recommended Digital Products To Consider
  1. Online Coaching
  2. Graphic Arts
  3. Handcrafts (Patterns)
  4. Swipe Files
  5. Documents
  6. Podcasts
  7. Apps
  8. Recipes (Cook Book)
  9. Software Programs
  10. Tutorials and Guides
  11. Research and Data
  12. Web Elements (Premium Web Design Templates)
  13. Music
  14. Photography
  15. E-Books
  16. Online Courses
  17. Beauty
  18. Health and Fitness

SEE POST>> How Bloggers Make Money

5 Sell Professional Services

As a blogger, your blog is a huge marketplace where a lot of things can be done and achieved by taking advantage of the ways to make money online.

And another one is selling professional services. Apart from being a blogger, if you are also good at web design and development, you can set up a page or profile for that on your blog, attract clients and increase your income. Below are some of the top professional services you can offer;

  • Web Development/Designs
  • Graphic Designing
  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Legal Professionalism
  • Realtor

6 Sell Physical Products/Dropshipping

So, dropshipping is a type of online business request satisfaction that permits you to sell items on your site that you are not straightforwardly answerable for warehousing or transportation.

All things being equal, you buy items at discounts (wholesale price) from makers or manufacturers, or outsourcing providers, which supervise delivery for you.

That being said, you can promote a product on your blog without handling any of the inventory. Watch this video to learn more about dropshipping.

7 Endorsements Deals

Making money from endorsement deals as a blogger will require you to be on top of the game of blogging. Getting to this point means you have been recognized as a celebrity blogger. The likes of Arianna Huffington, Perez Hilton, Linda Ikeji, and the rest.

These people get endorsements from companies/brands because of their large following. Linda Ikeji is reported to have once been a model.

8 Email Marketing

This is undoubtedly one of the best methods or ways of making money on your blog. Email marketing is collecting users’ emails via setting up a subscription tab and opt-ins (pop-ups).

You can configure it to show up 5 seconds after users land on your blog and when they are leaving to capture their emails. Below is a screenshot of what I’m trying to explain.

Also, set up a widget by either the left or the right corner of your blog that pops up whiles users are navigating your site.

After collecting these emails, you utilize an autoresponder software such as in automating the email marketing; where users or readers will be receiving updates from your blog, and probably driving them to your products/offers. This means the larger your email base is, the more money you would likely make.

9 Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is another means to augment your blog income. This is also known as promoted post; in which companies or brands pay website owners to publish a post in order to drive a large audience and to make awareness of whatever they want to promote. One sponsored post can earn you up to $150.

Amateur Blogging - 9ja Business Hub
Amateur Blogging

The Real Deal: Our Submission On Making More Money From Your Blog

Having taken you through how to make money on blogging without ads, I want to balance this post right away! You see, don’t be too excited when you see a post like this.

Displaying ads on your blog is a very lucrative means of making money even while sleeping, in as much as there is huge traffic. The real deal is you must, in all seriousness, combine both 9 ways and ads to really make up to at least $50,000 every month.

Don’t focus on just running a blog without ads except you have all it takes to scale through. Even the richest blogger Arianna Huffington of (one of the largest blogs in America) still runs ads on her blog, and she makes $2.3 million monthly.

Amateur Blogging - 9ja Business Hub
Amateur Blogging

Don’t allow your blog traffic to be wasted just because you saw a post like this, exhaust every opportunity to monetize your blog with AdSense or any other profitable ad network.

And as such, the next subtopic below will help you make do with any of the AdSense alternatives, in case you are not accepted into the Google AdSense monetization program.

But one major secret is you can maximize your overall monthly income if you combine AdSense and Affiliate Marketing in the course of monetizing your blog.

AdSense Alternatives

These alternatives are the best recommended for blogs that AdSense has either rejected or suspended. Or if you are just starting out and you don’t want to go through the stress of battling with AdSense’s stringent policies, in order not to have your account suspended after working so hard, you can monetize your blog with the best AdSense alternatives listed below;

  1. Ezoic (AdSense best alternative – You earn up to $30 per 1000 impressions on ads)
  2. Adsterra
  4. Mediavine
  5. AdNow
  6. RevenueHits
  7. Bitvertiser
  8. Carbon Ads
  9. Revcontent Native Advertising
  10. Propeller Ads
  11. Infolinks
  12. Adcash
  13. PopAds
  14. Taboola Native Advertising
  15. Adversal
  16. Google Ad Exchange (ADX)
  17. Criteo
  18. Exponential
  19. Inskin
  20. Vidoomy
  21. Adblade

9 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Now

There are a lot of benefits to blogging. After going through this post, you should be motivated enough to know why blogging can actually become a full-time income stream for you and can pay your bills.

1 Freedom Of Time: Blogging will afford you the time to run other things comfortably and efficiently. This could really be a great source of income and relief for moms staying at home.

It’s so easy to multitask at the same time because you have plenty of time to attend to other things that are very important as well. Also, you can work different jobs from any location at any point in time.

You can spend quality time with your family and recreational activities like dancing, playing games, reading, meditation, swimming, taking a walk, etc.

2 Consistent Income: One beautiful thing about running a blog is that you are sure of cashing out either daily, weekly, or monthly; somehow you’re getting paid consistently.

3 You Can Start A New Business: From your blog you can establish a full-time business online. I know of several bloggers who are not doing other jobs apart from blogging.

At a point in time you may not be afford to run your blog alone, but attach a corporate job to suffice your income, but as time goes on your blog will start paying off, and this can turn into your mainstream of income.

4 You Get Job Offers: Blogging in an SEO-related niche can bring you clients who are interested in accelerating their business online. Also, since you are into content marketing, as a professional, there are a lot of companies, corporates, or businesses out there that are looking for content creators that can create mesmerizing content to capture their customers.

5 You Will Meet New People: Blogging is one great advantage to meet with new people around the world. Through running a blog, you are meeting and building relationships with top bloggers, clients, and readers.

Amateur Blogging - 9ja Business Hub
Amateur Blogging

6 Make More Sales: If you are into some kind of products you produce, you will have the platform to sell them to people who are interested. Having thousands of eyeballs on your blog daily can drive more sales.

7 You Will Be Exposed To Learn New Things: This is my personal story; when I started out as a blogger, I didn’t know anything about building a website, SEO, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and other digital skills.

But today I can look back and see how far I have come, that I now build and design all kinds of websites, I have SEO at my fingertips, I know about digital marketing, and the rest. It all happened through blogging!

8 It Will Build Discipline In You: Blogging is one delayed gratification scheme! You know success is your ultimate goal, so you will do your very best to make it to the top. By this, you will build a strong discipline of working consistently to make sure your blog pays off in the end.

9 Blogging Improves Your Writing Skill: This is undoubtedly one of the top benefits of running a blog because the more you write the better you become skilled at it. And the most outstanding tool that has helped a lot of bloggers and writers become great in their writing skills is the grammar checker tool/software Grammarly.

The Downsides Of Blogging

In as much as blogging is great, there are things you need to also note; that there is the other side of blogging you should, in all sincerity, come to terms with. I won’t sugarcoat anything, because this is a fact.

1 Blogging Is Time-Consuming: Gosh! We will be very sincere with you. You see, we have worked from 6 am to 6 am, and from 4 pm to 7 am several times in my life as a blogger!

It’s not an easy feat. This is not to scare you but to prepare your mind to work. Gone are the days when you would put out a 300-word article and it will be great to publish online.

Currently, if your content is not detailed (long-form – a minimum of 2500 words) and comprehensive, ranking on Google may be difficult for you, because the competition for blogs with detailed content is more fierce now than before! The minimum time taken to make research and write a single post can be 4 to 6 hours.

3 Strategies To Deploy To Help Manage Your Time As a Blogger

> Create A Schedule: For you to manage your time efficiently and be productive, you need to know the moments you have free hours; probably at home as a mom or at work, then pick the hours you have to work and plan to blog within these hours.

By so doing, you won’t clash with other priorities on your timetable or schedule. I suggest picking a specific time and selecting a few days of the week for proper scheduling; like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to work on your blog.

> Draw Up A List Of Blog Topic Ideas: This is very important. I personally do this, it helps a whole lot! Depending on the niche you are running, generate blog topic ideas by writing on a notepad physically, on your phone, or tab (but I prefer using a phone – It’s flexible to move around with it).

Us, we use Google Docs to write our articles, and the reason it saves my work too in case I encounter any technical error or malware that will demand me to reset my database, so we won’t lose my content.

Develop your blog topic using a very powerful tool called Keyword Tool Dominator in other to be precise on what you want before writing the whole post. First of all, do keyword research and use the results to guide your post instead of doing it the other way around.

> Bundle Your Work: You can gather all your resources in the period of 3 days and make a mass publication on another day. For instance, if you are someone who is busy, aim at creating several posts between 1 to 3 days and publish them on the 4th or the 5th day.

For us, we can decide to focus our first 3 days of the week on researching and writing 10 posts, editing, and separating them into categories. From there I will publish 3 this week, 3 next, and so on. It eases the burden of sitting on my system for long hours.

2 It’s Difficult To Cope If You Don’t Write Naturally: There are people that love writing; it’s their hobby, but not everyone is gifted as such. So, most times you can be caught up in the web of feeling sluggish, reluctant, or lazy to write. It takes real courage and self-discipline to write, as well as motivation to scale through in moments you don’t feel like it.

3 You Can Be Distracted: You see, being flexible is great, but it can be a disadvantage to some extent if you don’t control it. If you are blogging from home, you can fall into the temptation of moving around trying to attend to other things (not necessarily important), attend to the kids, grab some food in the kitchen, and probably decide to rest a little.

4 Technical Issues: You cannot avoid this aspect when it comes to blogging. Every blogger has experienced this in one or the other! These issues can range from malware, plugin conflicts, expired SSL Certificates, coding errors, lagging in the hosting server, etc.

5 Making Money In Blogging Is Longterm: Blogging is a business that needs consistent nurturing. At the initial stage, it can demand a lot of financial investment, but in the long run, you will reap the benefits thereof.

That is to say, blogging is not a quick-get-rich scheme we see online; neither is a quick fix! To start cashing out takes time; it can take a year to 1 year and 6 months to begin to see results and some cash, depending on the amount of seriousness and work, overtime!

6 Risk Of Losing Your Blog: There are hackers out there who find pleasure in tarnishing and cutting short the long years of labor trying to build a profitable blog, by injecting malware into your blog .htaccess file, thereby redirecting your URL to another site obviously run by scammers. So, you could be at such risk!

But not to worry, having experienced it, I needed to find a way to secure my blog. And the few things I will recommend are to register and host your blog with the biggest hosting company in the world Bluehost and use Sucuri Security to protect your site from hackers.


11 Top Bloggers In The World And Their Monthly Earnings

No. Top Bloggers Monthly Earnings
1 Linda Ikeji – Linda Ikeji’s Blog $65,000
2 Matt Marshall – Venture Beat $100,000
3 Jake Dobkin – Gothamist $110,000
4 Gina Trapani – Life Hacker $110,000
5 Collis Ta’eed – Tutsplus $120,000
6 Timothy Sykes – Timothy Sykes $150,000
7 Vitaly Friedman – Smashing Magazine $190,000
8 Mario Lavandeira – Perez Hilton $450,000
9 Pete Cashmore – Mashable $600,000
10 Michael Arrington – Techcrunch $800,000
11 Arianna Huffington – The Huffington Post $2,300,000
Top Bloggers’ Monthly Income Table


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take My Blog To Show Up On Google Search?

It takes 3 months, but for it to get to Google’s 2nd page (maybe 1st), it takes approximately 6 months. However, there is a tactic or strategy to make it rank on the 1st page; publish long-form posts aggressively with SEO in mind frequently as many times as possible every week or month. For us, we, publish a minimum of 3 detailed articles weekly. That’s a lot of work!

How Long Will It Take My Blog To See Huge Traffic?

It takes from 1 year to 1 year and 6 months to begin to see good page views daily. Again, it depends on how desperate you are to see your blog fly, if you put in the necessary work, you can start seeing good traffic for 10 months or 1-year maximum.

Can I Make a Full-time Living On My Blog?

Possibly yes! But don’t sack your boss until your blog pays you x10 of your salary. Making a minimum of $2500 monthly is enough to resign from your 9 to 5 job.

How Can a Beginner Blogger Make Money?

If you are a newbie in the blogging world, identify the areas of digital skills (copywriting, content creation, web development/design) you have mastered in the long run, and create a landing page on your blog. Then deploy your copywriting skill on it, publish the page and share the link on your social media handles and messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Make use of email marketing as well, and then run a Facebook ad for higher conversion. Moreso, create a WhatsApp group or Telegram channel, add people there and begin to teach them whatever skill you have for free. In the end, when you have gained their trust, introduce a premium course that could go for a few dollars (don’t be too greedy), at least $3 and $5 respectively are okay for a Telegram channel of 5000 subscribers and a WhatsApp group of 250 participants.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Bloggers’ income varies depending on the niche, affiliate marketing programs, digital product sales, ad clicks, impression revenue, etc. Combining all these can make you a minimum of $35,000 every month.

The catching factors are; compelling content, strategic placement of affiliate marketing banners, email leads database, converting digital products, standard courses, and tutorials. If they are in place, making beyond $35,000 is a possibility. Linda Ikeji makes a minimum of $1445 daily. That’s how much and even more a blogger could earn. See the Income Report of Adam Enfroy who started out in 2019.

Final Thought

Pheewww! That’s a sound of relief getting to the concluding part of this post. It’s pertinent that you need to be ahead of your game in blogging. Understand that any niche you decide to undertake is profitable for you, and you should put in your very best to make it rank high in the SERPs.

Know also that you are not the only one running the blog niche; there are thousands of bloggers contending fiercely for the number one spot on Google’s first page in the same niche.

Conclusively, blogging is very lucrative and it demands intensive care and technical checks at all times. You can make a full-time income by consistently building strong loyal readers by scaling your content tactics.

Remember to conduct on-page SEO, build quality backlinks, use easy-to-rank keywords while you are starting out, build domain authority, and post consistently.

I hope you had a good time reading through this long post. And I believe you learned a lot instead of being bored! Thank you for reading and please kindly share this post!



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