Amazon KDP For Smartphone: Cheapest Course Online To Earn $1k

Amazon KDP For Smartphone has been a request from so many internet users. It’s a hot query on Google because a lot of people want to know how they can do business with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing on their mobile phones instead of PC or laptop.

However, when we started out in Amazon KDP, we didn’t know how to go about using our smartphones because we thought it wouldn’t be possible or easy due to some requirements. But today we have cracked the code!


As such, many people can’t afford a PC or laptop to get started with Amazon KDP. Hence, you don’t have to bother about that if you don’t have a PC any longer, all you need to make a minimum of $200 to $1,000 every month is your Android phone, very simple and straight to the point!

So, in this post, we are going to help you get started in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing using your smartphone and the secret strategies you won’t see anywhere!

What Is Amazon KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the significant business arms of Amazon that deals with the publication of books. Authors who seek to publish their works for people to see and purchase can find succor in Amazon KDP.

It’s now easier for authors to put their books in front of millions of readers across the globe on one platform. In that case, KDP is not designated to a specific location but opened to all races from every nation. That means you can publish your books from anywhere in the world irrespective of your tribe.

To explain further, Amazon Kindle Publishing is a business opportunity that allows you to publish easy-to-assemble books between 10 and 25 pages long on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Moreso, if you publish eBooks on highly sought-after niches like Business & Money, Health, Relationship & Marriage, and some low-key gold mine niches or markets. Kudos to the large audience Amazon has! They would drive a flood of interested buyers to discover your eBooks.

These interested buyers with their credit cards in their hands gladly purchase your eBooks (the price would be in dollars). 

One of the most important things you should have at the back of your mind is that it is not uncommon for people working on this KDP Business model to make as much as over $15,000 every 30 days.

And of course not everyone would achieve this milestone, some would not earn a dime at the end of the day because of poor strategy.

Furthermore, while others earn as high as $45,000 selling children’s books, you could earn very little. it depends on the effort you put in and the strategy (information/knowledge) you gain access to. Let’s move forward…

Why Amazon KDP Business?

No serious person jumps into a venture for nothing, there’s a reason behind everything we do. Let’s look at a few facts about Amazon Kindle Business. Why do I think the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Business model would be right for you?

  • It doesn’t involve neck-breaking capital to get started. You don’t have to break the bank to fund it.
  • It is easy to set up (even for newbies as far as you can use your smartphone and are ready to submit to acquire the necessary knowledge, information, or skills)
  • You don’t need to write the book yourself, nor be an author. You can even buy a very cheap book, repackage it legally, and resell it at a high price
  • You don’t require your personally hosted website to begin. Amazon has already provided a space for you to list your books in its marketplace
  • You would earn in dollars (very vital)
  • It could become a wellspring of stable monthly passive income if you set it up well for you via royalties cheques
  • You only need a smartphone with an internet connection or access
  • You will be paid for life

Who wouldn’t like such a Business model where you can operate with just your smartphone? There’s no Business as sweet and comforting as one that generates money while you sleep.

How Amazon KDP Business Model Works

Starting out with Amazon KDP should not be a difficult task at all. Knowing how it works is key to succeeding in the publishing career. Below we have a few things to note about KDP Business Model:

  1. Upload your manuscripts or book files to the KDP platform.
  2. Publish your books and wait for them to be reviewed and then go live when it’s approved.
  3. Readers can buy your books and download them immediately to their devices.
  4. They can also buy your paperback copy and Amazon will utilize its print-on-demand technology to produce physical copies of your book and ship them directly to the buyers in whichever location they are.
  5. Amazon will give you a commission known as royalties for every one of your books that are purchased on the KDP platform.

How Amazon KDP For Smartphones Works

  • It’s handy to write, upload, and publish your books without access to a laptop or PC
  • The things you would do with a PC could be replicated in your smartphone hassle-free
  • You write and format comfortably with Google docs
  • You set up your mobile phone to work as desktop

You Can Create Books Even If…

  • You are a newbie (completely new to this system)
  • You are not into writing, a writer, or an author.
  • You are not a fan of writing
  • You are dull or slow in comprehending the English Language
  • You have only a few minutes to at most an hour to give in to it daily

Books With High Sales Volume To Publish On Amazon KDP

  • Low-content Books
  • Notebooks
  • Textbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Book Series
  • Children’s Books
  • Comics
  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Journals
  • Coloring Books

What You Should Know About Amazon

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform with the largest marketplace online., Inc. is an American worldwide innovation company that spotlights e-commerce, distributed computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

It was founded on 5th July 1994 by Jeff Bezos the second wealthiest individual in the world. Amazon Inc as a company amassed revenue of 469.8 billion USD in the year 2021. That is to tell you the company has more than enough to pay its authors on KDP.

To be sure, Amazon also makes money from every sale you get on your books on the Kindle Store. And as of June 2022, Amazon paid out $43.4 million to all the publishers on Amazon KDP known as the KDP Select Global Fund.

Talking about its audience, Amazon receives over 2 billion visits every single month, and over 300 million people online with their credit cards to buy. About 55% of this audience purchases books from the Kindle Store, making your books appear before your potential buyers.

According to on the site’s traffic metrics, Amazon got 2.67 billion visits in July 2022. The country that visits the e-commerce platform is mostly the United States of America at 82.27 percent of the entire visit recorded in a month.

That is to say, the audience that your books are displayed to is predominantly the United States population. Why? Because it’s one of the 1st tier countries with the highest purchasing power. Individuals in America are susceptible to spending as compared to other countries.

Is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Free? Does Amazon Benefit From It?

Straightforward. As sales start rolling in from your books, you give Amazon 30% of each and every copy of eBook sold, and 40% of soft cover sold excluding the printing cost.

Thus, suppose your book sells for 4.99 dollars. Assuming you make 1 sale, Amazon takes 30% and you get 3.49 dollars. Now, envision that you sell 100 copies of that 1 book in 30 days, what would be your income for the month?

3.49 x 100 = $349 from 1 book!

Amazon kDP is programmed for self-publishers. Furthermore, it is not meant for authors or scholars alone. Indeed, even individuals that are not writers can make a fortune every single month. Simply focus on the thing I will reveal later.

Now, if you proceed to become a writer or an author on Amazon, you may in any case sell. Simply, it could be challenging to round up sales, on the grounds that:

  1. You are not well known with the US crowd (around 80% of merchants on Amazon offer to the US market)
  2. It will require your investment to create many books (on the grounds that the more you publish books on Amazon, the more money you make – in light of skyrocketed sales)
  3. I’m aware of several authors brawling to make money on Amazon, too.


Be that as it may, if you are burnt out on being down and out financially. If you have any desire to begin taking care of yourself and your loved ones. If you have any desire to quit being an unsettling influence to companions, uncles, beaus, and so on, proceed to more exciting paragraphs below.

I’m not saying you can’t distribute your books, or that you shouldn’t. As a matter of fact, with the knowledge you will get, you can distribute your own books. In any case, I maintain that you should regard this as a business.

I know for some writers, the kinds of books will be as per the genre: poetry anthologies, fiction, thriller, non-fiction, memoirs, etc.

This isn’t an issue. At the point when I began, I made 25 books on Amazon (it is excessively little) and I made them in 45 days or less. However, I had issues with the power supply and a weak laptop battery that did not allow me to be effective.

How did I create 25 books in 45 days?

Indeed. This is where it gets seriously fascinating.

And if you stick with me till the end, I will let you know how I (and my students) make books without writing a single word. Yes, it’s not a joke!

Yet, do you have any idea that individuals made crazy sales on Summaries, How-to books, Analyses, No-content books, Low-content books, playbooks, exercise manuals, coloring books, kids’ playbooks, jotters, Sketchbooks, etc?

What’s Next?

After all, is said and done, you may want to try it out on your own and by yourself. But that may not go well with you in the end, perhaps frustrated because of lack of sales. Whether you like it or not, everyone needs a coach!

I personally paid N40K to get access to the Amazon KDP Course, and since then I have never looked back or regretted my action!

How about if I coach you or take you by the hand and show you a step-by-step guide on publishing your first book and making sales within 24 hours? Yes, you heard me! Does it look impossible? Anything is possible!

The Best Amazon KDP Course Online For Beginners

You may wonder if this is a joke, no it’s not! If you believe every KDP course seller out there inflates the prices of their courses, not everybody follows that trend. I have tested several Amazon KDP courses on the internet, both on a laptop and mobile phone, and they are packed with similar strategies.

The least price you would find on the Amazon KDP course in Nigeria is ₦20,000. Yes, that’s the amount! Having discovered that almost every course creator on this subject out there is pegging the course price between ₦20,000 to ₦40,000, hence, I purchased one for a whopping ₦40,000.

To be very frank, these courses are great with an awesome step-by-step guide to help you become a profitable publisher on Amazon Kindle Store.

However, when I considered it, I realized that many people were dead serious to buy but because of insufficient funds, they could not purchase it.

Many of them would come to my WhatsApp and plead with me to help them recommend a cheaper one they can afford.

What I Did…

Then I decided to take the pains to create my own course from scratch to finish with my smartphone. This course is very strategic because you will find the secrets in other high-priced courses, as well as my own secret discoveries in the course of deeper research.

As you must know, my course is one of the best Amazon KDP courses for beginners or newbies. So, whether you have experienced publishing on Amazon or you are just starting out, this course is for you.

How Much Will My Course Go For?…

Well, it depends! Should I say ₦15,000? ₦12,000? ₦10,000, ₦8,000? ₦5,000? ₦3,000? Or even ₦2,500? How cheap would my course be? Let’s see how far it gets!

Introducing…the million-dollar Kindle Direct Publishing Blueprint. This course is fabricated or developed in a step-by-step design; a Guide with a Compilation of over 50 Videos that will teach you the smartphone strategy to earn a minimum of $50 daily.

Amazon KDP Profitable Guide To Making One Thousand Dollars Monthly On Autopilot

If you want to make money in self-publishing, you must of necessity have a coach who will guide you to success in the book publishing business.

And it would be a privilege for me to fit into that shoe, taking you by the hand and showing you the most profitable method to make crazy sales on every book you publish on Amazon Kindle Store.

LEARN MORE >> How Much is Amazon KDP Course in Nigeria? Grab It for ₦5,000 Now

In this Course/Training, you will learn how to create and upload a Word document of 15 – 20 pages to Amazon Kindle in 30 minutes without writing a single line of a paragraph or paying writers. You gain access to the secret of selling organically without running Amazon ads.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone | 9ja Business Hub
This Is One of Us Who Made $720.26 In The Space of 24 Days Using Our Strategy

The earnings in the screenshot above are $720.26 (that’s equivalent to ₦511,200 in 24 days), you could be the next if you want to. What you should be guaranteed is that you don’t need the following skills to get started:

  • Advertising skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Writing skills
  • Graphics designing skills
  • Fluent in the English Language

The Value You Will Enjoy:

  • Profitable keywords strategy to rank organically without Amazon ads
  • How to get positive reviews and 5star ratings on all your books in other to drive more sales and climb higher in ranks
  • How to curate valuable content from Blogs, Article Directories, and YouTube without writing anything single word
  • Profitable methods for running strategic Amazon ads with as little as $1 and making crazy sales
  • How to write book summaries that sell in the first 2 hours
  • How to research Google Trends and 10 websites to create books and publish instantly within 30 minutes
  • Get access to my book pricing strategy that will be very hard for people to ignore
  • The secret tools I use to do in-depth research for profitable keywords to create books within 1 hour
Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

The Complete Package You Will Gain Instant Access Today

  • Guide to registering or opening an account with Amazon KDP and filling in your Tax details appropriately (worth ₦15,000)
  • How to open a US Bank account online to receive your sales royalties from Amazon every month without spending a dime, and also get a $25 welcome bonus instantly for FREE! (worth ₦15,000)
  • How to create books on the most search topics, and the 10 websites my students and I utilize to tap into trends that generate sales immediately after you publish your book (worth ₦45,000)
  • How to access all the compulsory tools that I use with my students to make up to $5,000 monthly (worth ₦30,000)
  • How to identify and enter submarkets’ best niches to discover best-selling books to model after and generate sales like them (worth ₦25,000)
  • How to boycott paid writers and create books by yourself in under 1 hour without spending ₦45,000 to ₦50,000 as other KDP courses teach (worth ₦40,000)
  • A step-by-step guide to creating, editing, formatting, uploading, and publishing your books to Amazon Kindle Store using just your smartphone (worth ₦10,000)
  • Gain access to our SECRET websites my group of students and I use to create at least 5 book Summaries every day and publish them on Amazon (worth ₦60,000)
  • Secret strategies to get quality reviews and 5star ratings on all your published books (worth ₦10,000)
  • Best guide to running Amazon ads profitably and technically (worth ₦35,000)
  • Strategic keywords placement to rank higher organically and generate predictable sales without running ads (worth ₦10,000)
  • Access to my premium content generation strategy blueprint to create unlimited books and publish them on Amazon without writing one line of a paragraph (worth ₦50,000)

Therefore, the Complete Profitable Blueprint worth is valued at ₦345,000. Woah! Is that how much it’s really worth in actual fact? But you said it’s the cheapest online!

Mouthwatering Bonuses You Will Also Enjoy In This Blueprint

  1. How to get Canva Pro for free (worth ₦25,000)
  2. How to design attractive book covers on Canva with a mobile phone (worth ₦10,000)
  3. Lifetime access to my secret WhatsApp group for further mentorship and updates (worth ₦30,000)
  4. The best tool to spin content without losing its originality and also plagiarize-free – original content (worth ₦10,000)
  5. How to eliminate the 30% Tax on your KDP account legitimately in order to receive full payment without charge (worth ₦100,000). You know if you earn a minimum of $500 for instance, and you are charged 30% ($150 – ₦106,500), you will receive $350 (₦248,500) instead of $500 (₦355,000). What if you get the exact amount you earned? It would not be a great idea, right?

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Now, how much are you going to pay for this training/course? ₦12,999 only for everything you will learn worth over ₦345,000. If you say I’m not fair for making the price ₦12,999, then I would suggest you do your own research and find out how much others are selling theirs.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone | 9ja Business Hub
This Could Be Your Story If You Take Action

Amazon KDP For Smartphone | 9ja Business Hub
Earnings Proof

While you doubt if these earnings are real for just uploading 11 to 20 pages of documents on Amazon, others like you are cashing out every month consistently working from their homes.

While you delay in taking action, individuals like you are making money on a daily basis by implementing the very same strategy I use and making sales while they sleep.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone | 9ja Business Hub
Though Small, it is Enough For Just 1 Book As a Beginner!

Do you want more proof?…

amazon kdp for smartphone
10 Books Just Made One of My Students $4,094.74 (N2,907,265)

Or how about this one below?

That’s What’s Up! This is N2,142,275

About Me

My name is Sammie Andykhan, an internet marketer, digital marketer, content creator, and Amazon KDP Expert. I have, by the grace of God, trained over 500 individuals in Amazon KDP with massive results.

None of my students have gone through my course and implemented the strategies without making a minimum of $500 in their first 45 days of publishing on Amazon Kindle; our results speak for themselves! And for your information, it’s not the number of books you publish that makes you the most money, it’s the profitable low-competitive niches and strategic optimization of your book title, sub-title, description, placement of keywords in the 7 boxes in your backend, book formatting, book design, pricing technique, and keyword research that does the magic.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

My Final Verdict

I know some of you will definitely go through this post without taking action (of course most of you will take action instantly). However, it depends on how urgent you need emancipation from being broke!

I will tell you this for free! I was extremely broke, trying everything I knew how to do online; affiliate marketing, copywriting, graphics designs, online investment, Ponzi schemes, multilevel marketing, performing tasks online and earning peanuts, survey sites, just name them, but no success!

Moreso, I can assure you that you will never see an Amazon KDP course anywhere online for as low as N5,000 as I’m offering you right now, the least price is N15,000 (go and VERIFY!).

Now, with the strategies I have packaged in this course, you will live to thank me for the rest of your life, because it’s worth more than the N5,000. We have a private WhatsApp group where you will receive updates on the latest to increase your earnings (lifetime mentorship till you succeed).

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

More Benefits…

  • I will show you how to earn in pounds sterling (£)
  • I will show you how to remove the 30% tax deduction from your earnings before payment is sent to you (that means you will be earning 100% of your royalties every month without charges – how sweet!)
  • The best platform to convert dollars and pounds into Naira at a very high rate using black market price ($1 = N690 & £1 = N804)

All these with your smartphone! Yes, you may have thought Amazon KDP is only compatible with laptops, but we have changed the status quo; your mobile phone can now do business with Amazon from home without a PC!

The bank breaker is next…

$259,954.65 With Just 26 Books (N184,567,801)

One hundred and eighty-four million, five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred and one Naira! What in the world is this?

Well, we all have to make a decision to change the status quo at some point in our lives, and here is the opportunity to change the narratives financially!

Still, Need More Proof?

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course | 9ja Business Hub

If you want to get our blueprint, pay ₦5,000 to enroll, and thank me later! You don’t need to be a pro to get started! This price will go back to ₦25,000 sooner than you think!


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