Why 80% Self-Publishers On Amazon KDP In Nigeria Fail

Amazon KDP in Nigeria is a recent make-money online trend that almost every young person out there just wants to get involved in, but not knowing the nitty gritty of the self-publishing business.

As such, this has given rise to a lot of questions as to the reasons behind the failures of many independent publishers on Amazon KDP. For that, we have provided you with some of the answers you would need to arm yourself when doing business with Amazon.

9 Reasons Why Self-Publishers Fail In Amazon KDP In Nigeria

1. Not Publishing In The Right Niches

This is one of the main reasons many publishers don’t succeed in Amazon KDP because they are busy giving attention to niches that are not relevant to them.

Not because all the niches in Amazon are irrelevant, of course, people still publish in every niche they find lucrative somehow.


I mentioned the three hottest niches in another post you can leverage and rake in crazy sales because these are the niches people find profitable. Publishing in niches that are over-saturated is not wise and won’t guarantee you the expected result, too.

2. Struggling In a Competitive Niche

If you must do well in niches that are highly competitive or saturated but very profitable like the health niche, you need to niche down till you discover a less competitive one. Actually, sorting this out can take you a long time.

This implies you should invest a great deal of time to perform in-depth research so that you can find something profitable. I would suggest you pick 3 – 7 days to invest in digging for niches so you can become a best seller effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter how saturated a niche is if you can discover sub-niches that are less competitive but very profitable, your publishing business can become very lucrative and more rewarding.

3. Poor Keyword Research & Placement

If you type in the word “weight loss” in the Amazon Kindle Store search bar, you will find out that this particular keyword has over 50,000 results, in other words, the number of competitors (books published by different authors in the same niche).

This should tell you that the keyword is a no-go area! That means you should target keywords you can rank for easily, or perhaps the ones you have a 90% chance of ranking in the top 5. Also, you must know how to place keywords in your book titles, sub-titles, and the 7 boxes without stuffing.

4. Poorly-Optimized Book Title & Sub-Title

It’s very pertinent that your book title and sub-title are well-optimized for Amazon algorithm to grasp what you are telling your audience so that when people search for terms that rhyme with either your book title or sub-title, your book will show up as the search result.

To optimize your book title include the main keyword you want to rank for and use semantic keywords (related to the main keyword) in the book sub-title in order to optimize for multiple keyword rankings.

The secret is you have to take your time to craft your titles that no one can resist clicking, hope you understand!

5. Poor Book Cover Design

I said in one of our Amazon KDP articles that poor book cover is one of the major reasons publishers don’t see as many sales as they should. And I made mention of the fact that you judge the book by its cover when it comes to Amazon KDP, not the other way round.

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Imagine designing a book cover for the Relationships & Marriage Niche and you are not adding love symbols, no red color or background, some flowers, a couple holding hands, rings, and anything that communicates the idea of what your book is all about.

6. Poor Pricing Technique

Pricing is an integral part of doing business with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing if you must know. You should learn how to price moderately or properly; not too high and too low. When it comes to pricing, the level of value your book offers will determine its price tag.

If your book has between 15 and 25 pages, you should not price it the way you would price a 150 paged book, because the level of value is not the same.

7. Improper Book Formatting

When you are done writing or creating your book, the next thing to do in its raw form is to start formatting. A lot of publishers get their books rejected by Amazon because they don’t apply the right components of book formatting.

There are components involved in book formatting, and we will be listing them below:

  • Use black, 12-point, Times New Roman as the font
  • Utilize the U.S. page size of 8.5×11 inches and make sure all the sides of your margins are set to 1 inch
  • Set up a title page
  • Add a copyright page
  • Add a table of content
  • Use page breaks
  • Add page numbers
  • Every one of your chapters should start on a fresh page
  • Use sub-topics to break down your points to make them more readable

With the above-listed book formatting tips, you can now know what next to do when you have finished writing the content of your book.

8. Poor Book Content Generation

It is one thing to have an idea of what to write about and another to gather the actual information or facts on the idea. When creating or generating book content, you need to be very concerned with making it extremely valuable to your readers.

There is a difference between substantial content and fluffy one, you must not make yours fluffy; beating about the bush in order to increase the word count and pages of your book instead of focusing on the solutions you intend to provide.

That is to say, you must engage your intelligence quotient to give your potential readers what they really want, and this would involve a rigorous investment of time to make research and gather sufficient data to help you create a very proficient masterpiece.

9. Lack Of Proper Amazon KDP Training

In case you were not aware of this part, let me make it clear once and for all that, there are two kinds of prices you would pay in life; knowledge and ignorance.

If you have deep knowledge about a subject matter or skill you will enjoy the benefits of endless wealth, and if you are ignorant of anything at all, you will inherit poverty in place of wealth.

So, failure in Amazon KDP is a result of ignorance as to how the system works. Anybody can go over to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing’s official website Create An Account easily and then starts uploading books, thinking it stops there only to find out that there is a strategy other than what he’s obtained.

Your books can be loaded with value but if you don’t know this strategy, you will only be staring at a $0.0 balance each time you check your dashboard and it will stare back at you!

There is a technology we engage to make it work like magic that the least of our team members makes a minimum of $650 monthly with the untapped strategy we utilize.

So, if you are interested in joining the League of the Extraordinary Millionaires of Amazon KDP, kindly click the button below to gain access to the cheapest course online!

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