Apps to Make Money Online In Nigeria

17 Verified Apps to Make Money Online In Nigeria – $50 Daily

We have sorted out the 17 best Apps to make money online in Nigeria that can guarantee you a steady passive income flow using just your smartphone. Most of these apps are easy to navigate and profitable.

For this purpose, we will be discussing 17 fool-proof apps to make money online in Nigeria we have discovered that you can earn a minimum of $50 daily by engaging in simple tasks.

17 Apps to Make Money Online In Nigeria

The internet has unlocked a realm of opportunities for individuals to generate income online. Nowadays, there is an abundance of applications and websites that offer the convenience of earning money from the comfort of your own home.

Apps to Make Money Online In Nigeria

For those seeking methods to generate income online in Nigeria, here are 25 applications at your disposal:

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#1 Upwork

Upwork stands as a well-known freelance platform where both businesses and individuals can discover freelancers proficient in a wide array of tasks, including writing, editing, web development, graphic design, and marketing.

To commence your journey on Upwork, the initial step involves crafting a profile and establishing your pricing structure. Subsequently, you can peruse the available job listings and submit proposals for the ones that align with your interests.

Upwork levies a service fee of 20% on the initial $500 earned from each client, followed by a reduced fee of 10% thereafter.

Upwork serves as an excellent avenue for online income generation, especially if you possess expertise in a specific field. Nevertheless, it is imperative to maintain patience and perseverance during the initial phase. Building your client base and cultivating a strong reputation may take some time.

#2 Fiverr

Fiverr serves as an internet-based marketplace where individuals can both purchase and provide services, with offerings commencing at $5. It presents an excellent opportunity for online income generation, provided you possess skills and are willing to put in the effort.

To embark on your Fiverr journey, the initial step involves creating a profile and establishing your “gigs,” which represent the services you intend to offer for sale. The range of services you can provide spans various fields, including writing, editing, graphic design, web development, and marketing.

Fiverr institutes a service fee structure, beginning with a 20% fee on the initial $500 earned from each gig. Subsequently, this fee decreases to 10%.

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#3 Freelancer

Freelancer stands as a prominent global freelance marketplace where both businesses and individuals can enlist the services of freelancers proficient in a diverse range of tasks, encompassing writing, editing, web development, graphic design, and marketing.

It holds the distinction of being one of the world’s largest freelance platforms, boasting a user base exceeding 40 million.

To commence your journey on Freelancer, the initial step involves crafting a profile and establishing your pricing structure. Subsequently, you can peruse the available job listings and submit proposals for those that pique your interest.

#4 Guru

Guru is a specialized freelance marketplace catering to technical and creative projects, making it an excellent platform for freelancers to source work and generate income online.

Embarking on Guru necessitates the creation of a profile and the establishment of your pricing structure. Subsequently, you can peruse the catalog of available projects and submit proposals for those that align with your interests and expertise.

Guru proves to be an advantageous avenue for online income generation, particularly if you possess skills in technical or creative domains like web development, graphic design, or writing.

#5 PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace that facilitates connections between businesses and freelancers across more than 180 countries. It serves as a valuable platform for freelancers to discover employment opportunities and generate income online.

image 6

To commence your journey on PeoplePerHour, you’ll need to establish a profile and determine your pricing structure. Subsequently, you can explore the array of available projects and submit proposals for those that align with your interests and expertise.

PeoplePerHour employs a fee structure where they charge a 20% service fee on the initial £100 earned from each project, which then decreases to 8%.

For individuals with skills spanning various fields such as writing, editing, web development, graphic design, and marketing, PeoplePerHour offers an excellent avenue for online income generation.

#6 TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a handy app that facilitates connections between individuals seeking assistance with various tasks in their homes or offices and Taskers who provide an array of services, including:

  1. Moving and furniture assembly
  2. Cleaning and organizing
  3. Running errands
  4. Pet sitting and dog walking
  5. Home repairs and maintenance
  6. Handyman work
  7. Personal assistant tasks

To embark on your journey as a Tasker on TaskRabbit, you’ll need to establish a profile and determine your pricing structure. Subsequently, you can explore the list of available tasks and accept those that align with your interests and skills.

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TaskRabbit employs a fee structure wherein they charge a 20% service fee on the initial $100 earned from each task, followed by a reduced fee of 15%.

This app provides an excellent platform for individuals looking to offer their services and earn income by assisting others with their various needs.

#7 Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is like an online job board where businesses post small tasks they need help with, and regular people can sign up to do them in exchange for money. These tasks range from easy stuff like typing data to more complicated tasks like describing pictures or typing outspoken words.

To begin using MTurk, you have to make an account and tell them how they should pay you. After that, you can look at the jobs available and choose the ones that catch your eye.

Most MTurk jobs don’t pay a lot; they might give you a few cents or a dollar or two, depending on the task and how good you are at it. But if you spend enough time working on MTurk, you can make a nice amount of money.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll often find on MTurk:

  1. Typing stuff into a computer (Data entry)
  2. Describing things in pictures (Image labeling)
  3. Writing down what’s said in audio or video (Transcription)
  4. Writing text (Writing)
  5. Finding information online (Research)
  6. Translating languages (Translation)
  7. Helping customers with questions or issues (Customer service)

#8 UserTesting

UserTesting is like a matchmaking site for businesses and people who want to make some cash by trying out websites and apps. If you become a tester, your job is to use a website or app, do a simple task, and share your thoughts.

To join UserTesting, sign up and take a test to show you’re up for the job. Once you’re approved, you can start testing.

You can make around $10 to $15 for each test, depending on how long it takes and how tricky it is. If you’re ready to invest your time and energy, you can earn a nice chunk of change with UserTesting.

#9 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is like an online rewards platform that gives you prizes for stuff you’re already doing on the internet, like shopping, watching videos, answering surveys, and playing games. You earn these points called “Swagbucks” (or SB), which you can trade for gift cards, money, or other cool stuff.

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To start using Swagbucks, you just need to sign up and gather at least 300 SB to snag a gift card. After that, you can collect SB by:

  1. Shopping online: Get the Swagbucks browser extension to earn SB while shopping at certain stores.
  2. Taking surveys: They have lots of surveys you can fill out to grab SB.
  3. Watching videos: There’s a section for watching videos, and you earn SB while you’re at it.
  4. Playing games: Yup, they have games you can play to rack up SB.
  5. Completing offers: There are different offers you can do to earn more SB.

So basically, Swagbucks rewards you for your online habits in a fun and simple way.

#10 Rakuten

Rakuten, a Japanese online shopping company, operates in more than 20 countries, including the United States. They offer various things like shopping, travel, money stuff, and fun stuff.

They have a cool rewards program called Rakuten Cash Back. When you shop at certain stores, you can get money back. How much you get back depends on the store and what you buy.

To start getting cash back with Rakuten, you need to sign up and add their special web tool. After that, when you shop at those special stores, you’ll automatically get some money back.

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Rakuten Cash Back is a good way to save money when you shop online. Just remember that how much money you get back depends on where you shop and what you buy.

Here are some tips to get the most cash back:

  1. Shop at the special stores because the more you shop there, the more money you get back.
  2. Use the Rakuten web tool. It keeps track of your shopping and gets you cash back.
  3. Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions from Rakuten. They can help you get even more money back.

#11 Ibotta

Ibotta is like a magical money-making app! It gives you cash back when you buy stuff from different stores, both in-person and online. You can find cash-back deals for things like food, clothes, and gadgets.

To start using Ibotta, you just need to create an account and get the app. Then, you can check out the deals and choose the ones you like. When you shop at a store that’s part of Ibotta, just take a picture of your receipt in the app to get your cashback.

Ibotta has a few cool ways to get cash back:

  1. Shopping in Stores: Snap a pic of your receipt to get cash back.
  2. Shopping Online: Click on the Ibotta link before you buy online to get cash back.
  3. Referring Friends: Get cash back when your pals join Ibotta because of you.
  4. Special Deals: Ibotta sometimes has extra-special deals for more cash back.

The amount of cashback you get depends on what you buy and the deal itself. But hey, you can really stack up some cash with Ibotta!

#12 Foap

Foap is like an online shop for your photos and videos. You can sell them to companies, agencies, or regular people. They also have fun challenges where you can win prizes.

To begin with Foap, you make an account and put up your pictures and videos. Once they say yes to your stuff, you can sell them or join the contests.

When someone buys your photo or video, you get half the money. You can also earn cash by entering contests.

How much money you get depends on how much people like your stuff, how much you charge, and how many contests you join.

Here are some easy ways to earn money on Foap:

  1. Put up great pictures and videos.
  2. Set fair prices.
  3. Join contests.
  4. Share your work on social media.

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#13 Udemy

Udemy is like an online school where you can make and sell your own courses. You get to teach whatever you love, like coding, photography, or marketing.

To start on Udemy, make an account and make a course. You pick how much it costs and try to get students to join.

Udemy takes 30% of what you make from your course. You can also get money from affiliate marketing and by giving discounts.

How much you earn on Udemy depends on how many people want your course, how much you charge, and how many students sign up.

Here are some tips for making money on Udemy:

  1. Make courses that are awesome and teach well.
  2. Set fair prices.
  3. Tell people about your courses on social media and online.
  4. Give discounts to get more students.

Udemy is a cool way to make money if you love teaching and know a lot about something. It’s free to join and use.

#14 ShareASale

ShareASale is like a matchmaker for online sellers and promoters. The promoters, called affiliates, earn money when they help make a sale for a seller.

To join ShareASale, you need to sign up and ask to be an affiliate. Once they say yes, you can start looking at the stuff you can help sell and share it on your website or social media.

You have different tools to help you, like:

  1. Text links: Just regular links you put on your website or social media.
  2. Banner ads: Pictures that are ads you put on your website or social media.
  3. Email marketing: You can send emails to your subscribers and tell them about what you’re promoting.
  4. Pay-per-click ads: You can pay to have your ads show up when people search for stuff you’re promoting.

How much cash you make depends on what you’re promoting, how much they pay you, and how many sales you get.

#15 Shutterstock

Shutterstock, a well-known stock photo company, has a huge collection of more than 300 million pictures, illustrations, and videos. You can use these images for business or news-related purposes.

It’s a famous website where you can also sell your own photos. That means you can upload your original quality images or photos and sell them for as high as $499.

#16 Hawkit

Hawkit is like a friendly money-making app. You get to make cash by doing easy stuff on social media, like following accounts, liking posts, and leaving comments. There are also other ways to pocket some extra cash, like answering surveys, joining cool promotions, and selling your stuff.

Here’s how you can make money with Hawkit:

  1. Invite Friends: Tell your buddies and family about Hawkit. When they sign up and do tasks, you get a bonus!
  2. Complete Tasks: Do simple things on social media, like following accounts, liking posts, and commenting. You’ll earn money for each task, but the amount can vary.
  3. Take Surveys: Share your thoughts and earn money! The pay for each survey might be different.
  4. Join Promotions: Participate in fun stuff like contests and giveaways to score cash. The amount you make depends on the promotion.
  5. Sell Stuff: If you’ve got things to sell, Hawkit’s got your back. You set the prices and keep all the profit – 100%!

#17 Chingari

Chingari is a social media app where you can share short videos. You can get it on Android and iOS. It was started in 2018 by Sumit Ghosh, Pradeep Guha, and Deepak Salvi.

A lot of people in India use Chingari, more than 175 million! It’s famous for Indian stuff like music, dance, and funny videos. You can make and share videos with cool filters and stickers.

In 2022, Chingari got $100 million from investors, so it can get even more popular.

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Chingari’s features:

  1. Make short videos up to 1 minute long.
  2. Use filters, effects, and stickers to make your videos awesome.
  3. Follow other users to see their videos.
  4. Like and comment on videos.
  5. Find new videos by looking at categories or what’s trending.

You can make money on Chingari App in a few ways:

  1. Create Popular Videos: Chingari pays you for making and sharing videos that lots of people like, watch, and comment on. The more popular your videos are, the more money you can earn.
  2. Join Challenges and Contests: Chingari often has contests and challenges. If you take part and do well, you can win cash prizes.
  3. Refer Friends: If you get your friends and family to join Chingari, you can earn money. When someone you refer signs up and uses the app, you get a commission.
  4. Influencer Marketing: If you have a big following on Chingari, you can work with brands to promote their stuff. They’ll pay you for helping them reach more people.

To make money on Chingari, make sure your videos are fun and get people’s attention. Be active on the app and join contests too.

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