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Arbitrage Global Trading AGT: It Is Legit But…

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT has set the pace to change the narratives of arbitrage trading in the cryptocurrency industry. However, there is more to this than meets the eye and differs from what is obtained in the cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform.

Many would-be investors throng to our blog to inquire whether the authenticity of Arbitrage Global Trading AGT is legit or false. Well, we have the reply; it is legit and paying at the moment, but not guaranteed to last till December 2023.

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT -

AGT trading bot is actually a creation of an Indian man known as Rohit Parmas (CEO). Be that as it may, the man could be just a face fronting the system camouflaging as the owner.

This suspicion arose from our previous experiences with investment platforms that ended up scamming people. We found out that the real faces masqueraded behind foreigners’ faces.

By doing so, they would trick Africans into believing they are genuine. Since Africans embrace foreign developments more than homemade ones.

Hence, after going through this review, it would be left for you to decide whether to risk it or back off!

Overview of Arbitrage Global Trading AGT

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT claims to be into cryptocurrency trading using arbitrage as a method, by implementing the robotic system to carry out trading activities without any human intervention.

As such, its goal is to give investors a free-hand trading experience where they make profits on the go without monitoring the trades by themselves. It’s purely an AGT trading bot doing the work on behalf of its clients.

AGT is actually a copycat of AAS (Afriq Arbitrage System) – the first ever automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading designed by Jesam Michael (a Nigerian) who sets out to eradicate Ponzi schemes and scam platforms.

It’s funny how this Indian never showed up with the AGT trading bot until Jesam Michael launched AAS! But that’s not a problem, let’s continue!

Definition of Term: What Is Arbitrage Trading In Crypto?

Arbitrage trading in crypto refers to the practice of taking advantage of the price differences of a particular cryptocurrency between two or more cryptocurrency exchanges.

In other words, it involves buying a cryptocurrency from one exchange where it is cheaper and then selling it on another exchange where it is priced higher, to make a profit.

For example, suppose the price of Bitcoin is $50,000 on exchange A and $51,000 on exchange B. An arbitrage trader could buy Bitcoin on exchange A for $50,000 and immediately sell it on exchange B for $51,000, making a profit of $1,000 per Bitcoin.


Arbitrage trading in crypto is made possible by the fact that cryptocurrency prices can vary significantly between exchanges due to differences in trading volume, liquidity, and other factors.

However, arbitrage opportunities are often short-lived and require fast and efficient execution, as other traders are also looking to take advantage of the price discrepancies.

Additionally, arbitrage trading requires significant capital and technical expertise, as it involves simultaneously managing multiple accounts on different exchanges. 

What Is Arbitrage Global Trading AGT?

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT is a platform that leverages crypto arbitrage trading as defined above using robotics to buy and sell cryptocurrency pairs on different exchanges, thereby bringing profits to investors daily.

These robotics are called Altrabots or AGT trading bot in Arbitrage Global Trading (AGT). With this in mind, you can now decipher what this platform is into.

How Does Arbitrage Global Trading (AGT) Work?

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT automates trades on different cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

However, its modus operandi is the same as AAS (but the latter is more sophisticated than AGT) when it comes to trading in milliseconds.

AGT implements three bots to trade at different frequencies. That means any bot you activate will only fetch you profits on its programming. And their ROI levels are not the same.

To further explain, these three bots work differently which means the higher the bot’s output the more your ROI daily, and vice versa.

3 Powerful Altrabots In AGT

These are the three major AGT trading bots the platform utilizes to perform arbitrage trading.

#1 Robot 1 (ALTRA V2.1): 2.1% ~ 2.3% ROI Daily

This robot generates profit on a daily basis. It pays you between 2.1% ~ 2.3% daily on your invested capital. With this AGT trading bot, you can do the following:

  • Minimum investment amount of $10
  • Minimum withdrawal amount of $10
  • Profit maturity cycle is 24 hours
  • Enjoy compounding on profits
  • Earn 2.1% ~ 2.3% daily on capital
  • Can withdraw both profits and capital
  • It trades only cryptocurrency assets

#2 Robot 2 (ALTRA V4.0): 2.3% ~ 3.2% ROI Daily

The second robot pays you between 2.3% ~ 3.2% daily ROI on your capital. It generates profit daily but enables the withdrawal function at the end of 15 days of compounding.

Robot 2 can do the following:

  • It trades stocks and forex
  • Minimum investment amount is $20
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10
  • Profit maturity cycle is 15 days before you can withdraw
  • Earns 2.3% ~ 3.2% ROI daily on your capital
  • Can withdraw both profits and capital

#3 Robot 3 (ALTRA V7.0): 4% ~ 5% Daily ROI

This AGT trading bot is known as the platform’s arbitrage trading power robot because of its diverse functionalities in the system with the highest profit margin.

It pays a whopping 4.4% ~ 5% daily ROI on your invested capital. Just like the second bot (ALTRA V4.0), it accrues profit for you daily over a period of 60 days with compounding (2 months) before you can gain access to withdraw.

The following are the functions of this bot:

  • It pays you 4.4% ~ 5% daily ROI on your capital
  • It trades cryptocurrency assets, Forex, and CFDs
  • The minimum investment amount is $50
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10
  • The profit maturity cycle is 60 days (2 months) before you can withdraw
  • Can withdraw both profits and capital

As much as this last robot’s profit duration is kind of long, a lot of people still risk it because of its powerful trading features.

Well, we can’t make the decisions for you, but you can check out the rating from investors’ experience with the platform on Trustpilot.

Moreover, if you still want to go ahead with investing with Arbitrage Global Trading AGT, we will guide you with the registration and investment steps.

Investment Guide

To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Register via this LINK
  • Enter your name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Select your country
  • Enter password
  • Confirm your password

How To Deposit

  • On your dashboard click on “Make Deposit”
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest (refer to the robots to know how much you would need. Don’t forget to add at least $3 for the fee)
  • For payment method, allow the “USDT TRC-20”
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Copy the deposit address on the next page and send the stipulated amount
  • When you have successfully completed the transfer from any external wallet, you click on “I Have Paid”
  • Wait for confirmation
  • After a few minutes, you will receive a deposit notification or you refresh the page


  • Don’t close the deposit page
  • Don’t send the exact amount you see on the payment page, add at least $3 to the fee
  • Be fast about your deposit so as to avoid loss of funds
  • Invest as your greed allows you

How To Activate a Robot

  • On your dashboard, scroll down to where you see “Trade Bots” and click on it
  • Alternatively, click on the nine-dotted box on the left upper corner of your dashboard
  • Click on “AltraTrade BOTS”
  • Decide on a bot you wish to invest and click on “Select Bot” and proceed
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest (remember you deposited already; so enter the entire amount)
  • Then click on “Subscribe”
  • You will get a “Success” notification, meaning you have activated your robot and your investment has commenced

How To Withdraw

  • Login to your account
  • On your dashboard, click on “Make Withdrawal”
  • Enter your withdrawal amount (minimum $10)
  • Enter your payment password
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Done

How To Set Withdrawal (Payment) Password

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on the human figure in the top right corner of your screen
  • Alternatively, check the bottom on the right side and click on “Office”
  • Click on “Wallet Address” and add your USDT TRC-20 withdrawal address
  • Click on “Payment Password” and enter anything you will remember that’s very confidential
  • Done

NOTE: You can activate your “2FA Authentication” to further secure your account.

Referral System

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT pays 5% daily on your referrals’ profit. And also has a one-generation pattern.

Arbitrage Global Trading (AGT) Vs Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS)

Arbitrage Global Trading (AGT)Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS)
3 Robots to Choose From1 Super Robot (Micro-Servers, HFT, & ASI)
The Minimum Investment Amount Is Determined By The Robot You ActivateThe Minimum Investment Amount Is $20
5% Referral Commission On Trading Profits Daily5% Referral Commission On Trading Profits Daily
Capital Not Unlocked In The Liquidity PoolInvestors’ Capital Locked In the Liquidity Pool
There Is Compounding Of ProfitsStill In the Pipeline
Withdrawal Is Programmed According To the Robot ActivatedWithdrawal Is Daily Anytime You Wish
Withdrawal Drops In Few MinutesWithdrawal Drops In Milliseconds (Instantly)
Daily ROI Vary According To the Robot ActivatedROI Is 1.65% for 20 Days, 2% for 5 Days, 3.5% for 3 Days, and 5% for 2 Days (Rotational Percentage)
Liquidity Pool With Binance (Not Verified Yet)Liquidity Pool With Binance (Verified)

Pros & Cons


  • Considerate investment amount
  • Good ROI percentage
  • Clean interface
  • Good withdrawal score
  • Available on social media
  • Has a community of over 57k people on Telegram
  • CEO identity revealed on Zoom meetings and videos


  • Access to withdraw profit at your own pace is restricted
  • Not a good platform to sort out emergency needs if they arise
  • Not guaranteed to last long (it may be for reasons known to the CEO)

Final Verdict: Is Arbitrage Global Trading AGT Legit?

Arbitrage Global Trading AGT is currently paying at the moment. However, we cannot guarantee its longevity. The trading and profiting are moving smoothly with no glitches in the system.

You can choose to go on with your investment if you want to, but we will not be responsible for its outcome in the long run.

Because of the nature of how online businesses are operated, we don’t fully recommend them until we have reviewed them diligently.


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