Azie Faison Net Worth: Untold Wealth And Asset of $2.5 Million

Azie Faison net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He gained fame as a prominent entrepreneur and a former figure in the drug trade. His notoriety primarily stems from his involvement in drug trafficking activities within New York.

Moreso, he held a significant position in the criminal underworld, acting as a crime boss for a considerable span of five years. Interestingly, Azie Faison is also celebrated as a talented rapper, showcasing his diverse skillset beyond the realm of illicit activities.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Who Is He?

Azie Faison’s life journey began on November 11, 1964, when he was born to Margaret Rogers and Azie Faison Sr. in the vibrant city of New York, United States of America.

Growing up, he spent the majority of his childhood in the bustling neighborhood of Harlem, where he and his elder sister were raised by their single mother.

azie faison net worth

Academic pursuits were not Azie Faison’s forte, and as a result, he struggled with his studies. Eventually, he made the difficult decision to drop out of school after completing the 9th grade. Subsequently, he ventured into various odd jobs, including working as a dry cleaner.

However, in 1983, Azie Faison made a fateful choice that would alter the course of his life dramatically. He decided to enter the world of crime, eventually rising to prominence as a leader in the drug trade.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Career

In 1984, Azie Faison delved deep into the drug trade and rapidly ascended to notoriety as one of the infamous cocaine drug lords in the state of New York.

Remarkably, by the age of 21, he had risen to the position of a cocaine wholesaler, overseeing significant quantities of the illicit substance.

As time passed, he further solidified his influence, becoming a prominent drug distributor operating within the United States of America.

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During this phase, Faison’s business endeavors saw considerable expansion when he reunited with an old friend, Rich Porter.

This reunion led to a fortuitous introduction to another associate named Alpo Martinez. The trio joined forces and collaborated to enhance their illicit operations, solidifying their presence in the drug underworld.

However, as their empire grew, so did the dangers that came with it. In 1987, Azie Faison found himself embroiled in a violent incident involving attempted robbery and murder.

Tragically, three individuals lost their lives, and three more were left seriously injured during the events. Faison himself was not spared from the violence, as he sustained seven gunshot wounds amidst the chaos.

Azie Faison Net Worth: The Aftermath

Recovering from the traumatic robbery incidents was a lengthy and arduous process for Azie Faison, and it had a profound impact on his drug trafficking enterprise. The events not only took a toll on his physical health but also severely affected his relationship with his two former friends.

The trust between them was shattered, leading to a significant strain on their camaraderie. In 1990, the situation escalated tragically when Alpo Martinez, one of the trio, killed Rich Porter, an act that eventually led to Martinez’s arrest.

Following Porter’s untimely demise, Azie Faison decided to retire from the drug dealing world. He chose to shift his focus towards more positive endeavors and sought to help the younger generation stay away from the dangers of drug abuse.

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As an individual who had an early experience in the field of rapping, Faison continued to pursue his passion for music. In 1989, he became a member of a music group called MobStyle, channeling his energy and creativity into a new and less destructive path.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Personal Life

Azie Faison and Nikel Goledd are a married couple blessed with five children together.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Source of Wealth

Azie Faison’s primary source of income was related to drug dealing. However, he has also gained immense popularity and support from millions of fans and followers on the internet and social media due to his singing profession.

Similarly, notorious figures in the drug world like Carlos Lehder, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, and John Gotti Jr have accumulated substantial wealth through their involvement in drug dealing. For instance, a cocaine dealer can potentially earn over 2 million dollars in a single deal.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Current Occupation

Presently, Azie Faison is dedicating his efforts to his music career. Excitingly, there are more surprises in store for all the well-wishers and fans of Azie Faison. Stay tuned for the latest developments!

Azie Faison Net Worth

As of 2023, Azie Faison‘s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, primarily attributed to his involvement in drug trafficking. Furthermore, it has been reported that he was able to generate a significant sum of money, approximately $150,000, within a week through drug sales in the Harlem area.

Azie Faison Net Worth: Profile Overview

Official NameAzie Faison Jr
Stage NameAzie Faison
Date of Birth11 November 1964
Sexual InclinationStraight
Place of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height6ft 5”
Zodiac SignScorpio
Weight95.8 kg
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionFormer drug lord and rapper
Wife NameNikel Goledd
Net Worth$2.5 Million

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