7 Best Free Blogging Platforms For Writers To Make Money

Many writers get stranded on the blogging platforms or sites they could begin their writing career. For professional writers, writing to them is the lifeblood in their veins.

You also need to know that a lot of them out there are doing it for the passion, especially our Western counterparts. Actually, I started developing a passion for writing way back in 2005. I explored it so deep and wide that I ended up writing movie scripts, novels, comics, dramas, and poems.

In theory, a free-to-use blog site is always a good idea. There’s no upfront monetary investment required to try out a new blogging service, and you can find out if you like the platform without having to spend additional money on new domain names, hosting fees, and other expenses.

Testing out a free blogging service also gives you the chance to see if it has all of the features that you want. Once you’ve used the site for a while and found a free blog site that works for you, paying for upgrades or premium features might make sense—but in the meantime, why not give it a try?

However, writing to a larger audience has become easier than before when we could only utilize ink and paper (I was not tech savvy yet – no access to the internet). The internet is not just a space for frivolities, but to harness your gift and make it known to your potential readers.

Today, we have free blogging sites online you could churn content and show your writing prowess, and in the process attract business brands or companies who would later hire your skills. But first off, you have to begin from somewhere if you can’t afford the luxury of maintaining a blog.

For this purpose, in this post, we will be looking at the most recommended blogging platforms writers can take advantage of to create valuable content and monetize their skills in the long run.

7 Best Free Blogging Platforms For Writers

#1 WordPress.com

It is no doubt that the popular WordPress is the first to be mentioned on this list because it is the largest blogging site that has millions of people creating blogs with it.

WordPress was established on 21st November 2005 and run by Automattic. It is designed for self-publishing that is largely considered to be customized for blogging and other activities.

People get confused if it’s possible for your content to rank on search engines when utilizing the WordPress platform. Be that as it may, ranking your post on search engines is a probability, though it could appear when people search for terms online.

One important factor is you don’t need the technical know-how to be able to navigate the platform. Hence, WordPress is used by business brands or companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs online. It can be suitable to build a business online.

Truth be told, it will demand time, energy, and courage to build a substantial content writing business with this free blogging site than Medium, Quora, and Hubpages. Because bloggers are given the right and privilege to own their content.

#2 Quora

Quora is a very great blogging site to solve people’s problems by answering the questions they ask. Quora generally, is a Q&A site (Question & Answer) that gives the platform for people to ask questions on any subject matter and get varieties of answers.

The site allows writers to join forces with each other by updating and providing answers to questions already submitted by other users on the platform. So, if you are looking for a free platform to contribute your content, then Quora would be one of the recommended blogs to write on.

In order to make money on Quora, you need to target giving answers to topics that you will end up providing a Call To Action (CTA). This means you need to offer a service, sell a personal information product, become an affiliate marketer, or join online businesses that pay daily to be able to monetize your writing skill.

Without a doubt, you can get started with Quora instantly with nothing. Follow the steps below to sign up:

  • Visit https://www.quora.com/
  • You can either “Continue with Google” or “Sign up with email”
  • Proceed and register after picking any of the options
  • Check your email for a 6-digit code and confirm your account
  • Choose a password
  • The next page will show you 5 topics you must compulsorily follow. These topics are your areas of interest, so tick five of the many you see there.
  • Now customize your profile to look professional (add a profile picture, bio, skills, educational background, and the rest of the requirements)
  • You are done! Answer your first question, and you are good to get started fully.

#3 Medium

Medium is a website dedicated to publishing original content. It was created and launched by Evans Williams in August 2012. The purpose of the platform is to give writers the opportunity and freedom to express their worth in writing.

Is Medium Free?

Posting content on Medium is absolutely free and the readable content you create can be shared with your audience or followers and additionally to the millions of people following different topics of interest on Medium.

Can You Make Money On Medium?

Of course, you can! All you have to do is enroll in their partnership program – Medium Partner’s Program (more like applying for Google AdSense) in order to get paid whenever people read your articles. Before you are considered monetized you must be a very incredible writer that grabs your readers’ attention by the neck.

However, Medium does not pay you per reading but how much time Medium readers spend to consume your content. And the more people kill time going through your content, the more money you make.

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For you to attract more eyeballs to your articles, you need to build authority on your craft by publishing articles that are very compelling and engaging.

Have it at the back of your mind also that if your content does not proffer a solution to the challenge of your readers, or does not meet the need of your audience, then you will not make enough money.

#4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular website for jobs and business brands. It serves as an employment-focused hub for job seekers online, and official profiles of big companies, brands, individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, NGOs, and the likes.

It’s a hundred percent free to sign up on LinkedIn, set up your profile, and get started with churning out quality content for your readers.

For you to attract top brands and individuals to hire your writing skills on LinkedIn, your skillset and qualifications must be very incredible and recommended. Grab the attention of your potential employers by consistently publishing articles.

Furthermore, focus on building your profile to a professional standard by updating your profile picture, adding a cover photo, giving a detailed description of yourself, especially in your niche, and providing a link to your previous jobs.

#5 Blogger

You may wonder if I was not going to mention blogger.com, but here it is! Blogger is a free blog site that has been online for many years. It’s a perfect choice for personal blogging, but if you want to go professional, then Blogger is not recommended.

It operates like every other free blogging platform or site, but you will need to set it up and customize it to suit your need.

To Get Started With Blogger…

  • Create an account automatically with your email (Gmail preferably because it’s Google’s product).
  • Enter the required details
  • Choose a default theme of your choice
  • Start publishing articles

Moreso, Blogger has a plethora of blog themes that are customized just for the platform. These themes are not as professional as the ones you would buy from theme directories, but you can twerk to your specifications and create or design something very amazing.

#6 Wix

Wix.com is another wonderful free blogging site to write and drive traffic to your content as a writer. Many content creators on the internet think that Wix is only developed for product landing pages, but it is far beyond that.

The platform was established and launched on 5 October 2006 by three Israelis namely Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. With consistency and hard work, you can rank your content on search engines via the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your articles.

However, Wix is already optimized for SEO because they will make suggestions for you to optimize your content for ranking on search engines. The reason is Wix has a domain authority of 95 and over 138 million backlinks.

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You should also know that Wix is a free website builder tool utilized by business individuals and internet entrepreneurs to manage their business frontend. It is designed and programmed for a drag-and-drop effect with amazing modern templates.

The site is programmed in such a way that both beginners and professionals can comfortably design a sleek web page for their businesses without worrying about the back-end.

#7 Weebly

Weebly is undoubtedly one of the most popular free sites for writers to blog about any topic of interest. It is also a page builder specially dedicated to products and digital businesses, hence, it operates more like Wix.com.

Weebly can function as a full blog for you to publish content on it. You don’t need to be a web designer before you can set up a blog for yourself. It happens to be the best alternative to Wix because you also drag and drop any function to build either a page or a blog.

The platform is also optimized for SEO, in that your articles can find their way to appear on search engines because the site takes care of almost 90% of the work of search engine optimization.

Wrapping Up

While this isn’t the most exciting conclusion ever, there’s no denying it: free blogging sites aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’ll always be around, and they’ll always provide a place for users to build their blogs. With that being said, having your own blog on a more premium site might be a better experience—but until then, the ones listed above are a great place to start.

We have created a list of 7 of the best free blogging sites on the Internet. The best blogs that we picked out are all free, easy to use, and boast plenty of features for beginners and advanced users alike. We also provided you with an up-to-date list of these free blogging sites that are ready to be read right now, so you can get started right away with your new blog.



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