How To Start Bole And Fish Business In Nigeria


Bole And Fish Business: Have you ever considered what it means to be economically self-reliant? It means to be financially independent. Maybe you’re a student and you’re asking “what sort of business can make one financially independent”? Here it is.

Boli and Fish Business has received a facelift, it is a well-traveled dish widely known. You can take up this business, introduce your own style to it and also be financially independent.

Boli and Fish are quintessential Nigerian street food like suya. The word ‘Bole‘ refers to “roasted plantains” and ‘Fish’ is almost always affordable and plentiful mackerel.

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It is a very popular food in South-South Nigeria. In Western Nigeria, roasted plantains are a snack. But in the South, roasted plantains are a meal. They are rarely made at home but purchased on a street corner.

Bole is a well-loved and known delicacy. It is served with stew sauce made from palm oil and sometimes taken with fried fish snails.

In this article, I’d be dwelling on the various steps of starting a Bole and Fish Business right here in Nigeria. Here we go.

How To Start A Bole And Fish Business In Nigeria

Guidelines In Starting Boli And Fish Business In Nigeria

Here, I would be highlighting guidelines associated with starting a Bole and Fish Business in Nigeria.

  1. Go For Training

There’s a saying that goes: “you cannot give what you don’t have.” You cannot venture into something you have no knowledge about. Therefore, in order to achieve a successful Bole and Fish Business, you must learn how to make delicious Bole from someone who makes it perfectly well.

  1. Choose Location

Having a good location is the bedrock of any business. A busy road, office area, market, or somewhere close to higher institutions is a perfect place for sitting your Bole And Fish Business. Alongside getting a good location, get a shop or spot that is quite visible to all.

  1. Have A Proposed Business Plan

 For an effective business to take place, one must always have a business plan. A business plan helps to strategize how one manages the business. It is a formal statement of a set of business goals. Therefore, having a business plan before you start making your bole and fish is highly recommended.

  1. Start-Up Capital

The capital for the start is small. With N20,000 or more, you can start a bole and fish business.

  1. Purchase Equipment

After acquiring startup capital. You are free to purchase the equipment needed for a Bole And Fish Business.

This equipment includes:

  1. Fire gauge 
  2. Matches or lighter
  3. Pots and frypans
  4. Utensils (spoons,plates)
  5. Firewood
  6. Iron net for roasting the fish and the plantains

Alongside acquiring the equipment, you are expected to purchase the items needed for a Bold and Fish Business. They are very essential as they play a vital role in the Bole And Fish Business in Nigeria.

These items include: 

  1. Tubers of yam – depending on the number you desire.
  2. Plantains
  3. Fresh fish
  4. Tin tomatoes
  5. Groundnut oil
  6. Onion, pepper, salt, Maggi, etc.
  7. Start Making Boli And Fish

Bole and Fish is a well-traveled dish that is often imitated but hardly ever replicated. Therefore, having acquired the training for making bole and fish. You are then able to start making your bole and fish and then make profits.

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Other Keys To Succeed In Boli And Fish Business

  1. Start your business with GOD.
  2. Start small and expand, and reinvest a part of your profit back into the business.
  3. Ensure your food is always quite the catch, never compromise on quality.
  4. Always keep your environment clean
  5. Ensure to always have a smiling face and a welcoming attitude. Remember “First impression matters”.
  6. Have great customer care
  7. Packaging: It’s a way of modernizing your products using foil paper instead of the local use of paper or nylon. This distinguishes your product from others and it makes the product look more attractive and acceptable for customers in cooperative offices.
  8. Dare to be different

Having adhered to and followed all the steps, starting a Bole and Fish Business in Nigeria is all yours to begin. And if you have anything to contribute, the comment box is freely available, and please don’t forget to share!


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