Brandokonnect App: Unlimited Data Plan to Keep You Going

Brandokonnect App is ready to throw the traditional telecommunication schemes off balance with a one-of-a-kind and disruptive innovation that’s positioned to give generous data bundles that would run endlessly irrespective of how long you browse.

About Brandokonet App

Brandokonnect App is a network provider that’s designed, developed, and programmed to offer unlimited data bundles to its users to browse the internet with no worries about data exhaustion.

That means, unlike older network providers like MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel, Brandokonnect gives a different flair to what has been obtainable in the conventional system.

Brandokonnect stands as a prominent telecommunications brand, firmly committed to democratizing affordable and swift internet data access for both Africans and individuals worldwide.


Leveraging its state-of-the-art virtual SIM technology and fueled by a vision of a digitally interconnected future, Brandokonnect is positioned to revolutionize the internet encounter for countless users. Expect seamless browsing and limitless data capabilities at impressive speeds, redefining the online landscape for millions.

How Does Brandokonnect Work?

The sole responsibility of Brandokennect is to ensure you have access to an unlimited data plan that will never get exhausted until the period or duration of the subscription.

For instance, if you subscribe to a 30-day data plan, you will keep browsing, watching/streaming videos, and downloading till the 30 days are completed. That means even if you consume 30GB daily, it does not matter.

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Virtual SIM Revolution

Introducing Brandokonnect App – a groundbreaking pioneer in Virtual Sim Technology [E-SIM]. The company has just unveiled a remarkable price reduction, paving the way for its highly anticipated official debut.

Brandokonnect is dedicated to eliminating the digital divide and granting individuals effortless internet access, irrespective of their global whereabouts. With the triumphant launch of its satellite, the brand moves even closer to realizing this mission, reshaping the landscape of connectivity and interpersonal communication.


Brandokonnect’s innovation is centered around its state-of-the-art virtual SIM technology, designed to seamlessly integrate with any 4G-capable mobile device.

This cutting-edge solution guarantees immediate and effortless connectivity, granting users the privilege of uninterrupted browsing and unrestricted data transfer – all at impressive speeds.

With the introduction of this pioneering approach, BrandoKonnect envisions a complete revolution in the internet encounter for its users, ushering in unparalleled liberty and convenience.


As per an official statement from the Company, the Daily subscription plan, offering limitless data usage, is priced at N250 – Two Hundred and Fifty Naira ($0.31), while the weekly and monthly subscription plans are available at N1,600 – One Thousand Six Hundred Naira ($2) and N6,000 – Six Thousand Naira ($7.5) respectively.

In a prior declaration made by Brando Group’s CEO, Amb. Ubong Brownson, the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering cost-effective, high-speed internet data to both Africans and users across the globe was emphasized.

Important Facts You Must Note

✅ Kindly note that Brandokonnect is not an investment company. We want to clarify that we do not request any money from you. If you come across any such requests, please be aware that they are not from us. Brandokonnect does not function as an investment entity.

✅ At Brandokonnect, our focus is on providing you with internet access as service providers. In Nigeria, four major network providers exist MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, and GLO. Brandokonnect proudly emerges as the fifth option, and we are excited to launch next week, with the grace of God.

✅ For our new partners, we’re thrilled to share that our satellite and mast are already in place 😲. Rigorously tested and successfully deployed, our operational approach sets us apart: we have developed an app to eliminate the need for traditional SIM cards.

✅ Upon downloading our app, you can subscribe and enjoy limitless data. Our offerings encompass daily, weekly, and monthly packages – and the most exciting part? They are all unlimited.

✅ No matter how extensive your browsing activities are, your data remains available until the expiration date. This means that if you purchase a one-day data plan and share it among friends and browse extensively, it will not deplete until a full 24 hours have passed.

The same principle applies to weekly and monthly subscriptions. Regardless of video streaming, gaming, and app downloads, your data will persist for the entire 30-day period.

✅ Furthermore, you have the freedom to hotspot your phone and share data with friends and family, earning you the esteemed title of the “light of the world” in their eyes.

✅ Did you know that Brandokonnect is the first network to provide signal coverage to over 150 countries? Our reach is not confined solely to Nigerians or Africans – Brandokonnect is a global app.

✅ Our mission revolves around putting an end to data termination during browsing sessions. We are committed to introducing unlimited browsing to humanity, and our data rates are a striking 100 times more affordable than existing options.

✅ Our commitment to customer service is unwavering. Our friendly and responsive team is readily available to address your inquiries and resolve any internet-related challenges. At Brandokonnect, we stand by, ready to support you.

✅ Say goodbye to wasting time and money. Make the choice for Brandokonnect today and unlock an unprecedented internet experience. Visit our website or call our hotline to get connected. Brandokonnect – where the internet makes sense.

Don’t waste time, don’t waste money – opt for Brandokonnect today and embark on an unparalleled internet journey.

Affiliate Program

This is the major reason why people think it’s an investment scheme the telecommunication platform is set to launch, but it’s not so! Brando Group wants to spice things up by ensuring users earn passively as well.

The passive income via its affiliate program is recurring in nature that happens as people who register with your unique referral link or code subscribe to a data plan.

What we mean by “recurring income” is that every time your referrals purchase a data bundle, you will keep earning the stipulated percentage, which is 5%. This is revolutionary indeed!

The affiliate commission is paid in cash that can be withdrawn through several payment methods based on your country’s currency. You may not want to miss this game changer that’ll be buzzing our smartphones!

Final Thought

Conclusively, Brando Group is pioneering an innovation that is quite strange or alien to the African continent. As such, we have been exploited by network providers over the years with data bundles that never last sufficiently.

Hence, it’s time we team up and support the network to gain popularity not just in Nigeria or Africa, but globally. It’s also awesome to know that a lot of individuals will earn recurring passive income on this platform.


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  1. At first are we going to use the regular data to login the app then thereafter we won’t be needing our data to access the app?

    Would there be an option to turn off the network connection just like we have on our mobile phones?

  2. What I don’t really understand is how to get the E-SIM, how dose that work and how can somebody buys data to his/her E-SIM. Because I do try buy data yesterday and it was reversed., Though it’s how we normally buy data to our traditional sim


    1. The E-SIM is not a physical one; it’s 100% digital. All you have to do is activate your data plan and start using it to browse.

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