15 Business Ideas for New Graduates in 2024

Business Ideas for New Graduates

Business Ideas for New Graduates – Looking for business ideas that are befitting for a New graduate in 2024?

There should be tiers to your activities as a graduate, and this extends to the kind of business you decide to launch.

Additionally, you must have a good cause for starting a firm.

Are you genuinely excited about launching and growing your own business, or are you just starting to keep yourself occupied until you land your ideal job?

We’ve compiled some of the coolest business ideas in Nigeria that a graduate can start with little to no money.

As long as you have some business acumen, are ready to learn some quick skills, and work hard, these business ideas could set you up as an established entrepreneur.

Here are some promising Business Ideas for New Graduates 2024:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant business is the easiest business to start as a graduate.

All you have to do is offer your expertise to executives in the business or political world.

You’ll need some skills though, such as typing, design, research, marketing, etc.

You could set up shop on any of the popular freelancing or classifieds platforms available in Nigeria, and start making money.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital marketing assistance is slightly different from virtual assistance.

With digital marketing assistance, you’ll have to help brick and mortar businesses onboard their products and businesses to online platforms.

Many merchants today do not have the digital skills to sell online, and even though they are probably profitable selling offline, they could do with some online sales to increase profit.

That’s where a digital marketing assistant comes in to help them make the process of moving to digital platforms seamless.

Some merchants are even willing to strike a deal to give you a markup from each sale made online, and  that’s one of the ways you could be making money as a digital marketing assistant.

WordPress Development

As a graduate, you could learn WordPress development in 3 months and start a business offering services in that niche.

Many non-tech people make the mistake of trying to go too deep into web development, and end up getting stuck.

You don’t have to make that mistake if your goal is to set up a WordPress development business ASAP.

With WordPress, you could quickly build and host intuitive business websites and landing pages, that could do what 90% of businesses want.

And you’ll get paid handsomely for it without breaking too much sweat.


MCs – Master of Ceremonies, is a very respectable and well-paid business that any graduate can indulge in.

In fact, it is so lucrative that many comedians in Nigeria are now pivoting into MC roles.

You could be the host of global events and get paid millions for just a few minutes of talking, doing what you enjoy.

Many business events today also need MCs to help entertain guests and bring order to the items of the occasion.

And the good news is, if you network properly within the business world, you could be getting enough of these business gigs to make you rich…and famous.

Music Studio

Running a music studio is one of the top secret businesses that can make you rich in Nigeria.

With millions of wannabe musicians on the streets, and many small businesses looking to record jingles for their commercials, you could be getting very well paid on the daily.

As a graduate, you’ll have to possess music recording skills or know someone who can, to be able to make a success out of this business.

Graduates of musical studies could easily start this kind of business either individually or by teaming up to form a business group.

Food Processing

Still talking of secret businesses that could make you rich in Nigeria, food processing is among the top on the list.

There are so many niches to embark on and you won’t be short of customers.

You only have to find the right market for sourcing the right raw foods, and the right market to sell to after processing.

If you have a knack for cooking, baking, or trying out new food menus, then maybe you should try this.

Academic Research

What better way to show your academic prowess than to go into academic research?

You could work in partnership with research organizations or other researchers on projects, or you could just research data and sell to data organizations.

Another option is to start a business that helps students with research data by way of paid surveys or questionnaires.

Since you already know the student environment, you could find ways to offer research services to students for a small fee.

The more people you serve, the more you will get paid.

Content Creation

If you’re a fun person who finds it easy to create engaging content, then you could make money with content creation.

Content creation doesn’t have to be long and hard. A simple tweet or a 30-second TikTok video will suffice.

The goal is to use curiosity to capture attention, and then satisfy the users attention with your content.

Do this well enough, and you’d be making good money as a fresh graduate.

Paint Production

I also consider the paint industry a silent money spinner.

There are houses and commercial buildings everywhere, and people need paint to beautify these real estate properties.

You could start providing high-quality paint and become a household name in a currently fragmented industry.

And the good thing is, you could quickly learn paint production in less than 2 weeks, and start making your own products for sale.

Framed Art Production

Probably one of the easiest and cheapest businesses to start.

You don’t have to know how to draw or paint. Or even how to hold an art brush.

All you need is a good eye for spotting good arts and some basic knowledge in framing art works.

You could get a good art drawing for less than 5k, put a frame around it, then resell for 20k.

That’s how good this business is.

Food On-demand

If you’re blessed with good culinary skills, then this is an absolute no-brainer.

You could set up an Instagram page for On-demand food, cooked and delivered to a particular location.

Set up a small advert campaign for that page and start getting in your first set of orders.

This could be soups, small chops, confectionery, or even smoothies.

Start delivering within your locality and then expand around your state if possible.

Laundry On-demand

Just like food On-demand, you could build a thriving business that offers laundry on-demand.

The good news is that you don’t have to know how to wash clothes or even have a washing machine.

Simply partner with a reliable laundromat near you and then offer their services to users in a mobile way.

You’ll have to pick up and drop off laundry with users, then charge them a markup for your services.

Easy peasy eh?

Flip Instagram Accounts

This is another way to make cool money if you know how to create engaging content.

Rather than building up a single content creation channel or Instagram for a brand, you could start creating for-sale social media platforms.

Instagram seems to be the most profitable and the easiest to quickly ramp up a good following.

You could create quick Instagram channels, grow the followers to 5k, and then sell them for profit.

WhatsApp Classes

Information is money, and as a graduate, it’s your duty to turn whatever information you have into money.

You have to look deep within yourself to find the kind of content you think you can deliver best and that people would be willing to pay for.

It could be a math tutorial, a sewing class, or even a travel exposition.

Whatever you think an audience can pay at least 5k for. Put the idea together and sell it as a WhatsApp class.

Local Gym Center

Finally, for those fresh graduates who consider themselves as gym enthusiasts, this is how you put the talk to work.

You could set up a local gym center with a small daily subscription fee.

It could be an open air gym with few basic gym equipment, and you as the instructor.

The good thing about this business is that you could offer other extended services such as private gym classes, gym equipment sales, and even on-site nutritional refreshments.

As a fresh graduate, you shouldn’t be short of ideas on this business, as you could make extended research to modernize your operation and increase profit.

Another promising Business Ideas for New Graduates in 2024:

1. Start a blog or YouTube channel – Build an audience by creating valuable content and monetize through ads, affiliates, products. Low startup costs and huge earning potential.

2. Launch an app or SaaS startup – Leverage your tech skills to launch a mobile app, web app, or subscription software service. Can start lean and tap into the over $600 billion app economy.

3. Open an ecommerce store – Find a niche, set up a Shopify store, and sell products online. Benefit from the global reach and 24/7 potential of ecommerce.

4. Become a consultant – Start a consultancy selling your expertise to clients. Especially effective if you have specialized knowledge from your major.

5. Provide freelance services – Sign up on sites like Upwork and Fiverr and sell your skills and abilities as a freelancer. Can do part-time.

6. Start a service business – Identify a high-demand service and start a local business around it. Can begin as a solopreneur. Services like cleaning, pet care, IT support are popular.

7. Become an influencer – Build a big social media following through a blog/vlog and profit through sponsorships, affiliates, your own products.

I’m happy to provide any other suggestions or clarify anything as needed! There are lots of opportunities out there for aspiring young entrepreneurs in 2024.

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