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5 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Lagos For Entrepreneurs


Business Ideas In Lagos: Lagos state is the most populous state in Nigeria and one of the busiest. Lagos is a major African financial center and is the economic hub of Lagos and Nigeria at large. There are a lot of businesses one can start in Lagos and make a huge profit.

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It includes but is not limited to the following:


This is a smart food business that will really make good sales in Lagos. A lot of people residing in Lagos state are working-class people who barely have the time to cook. They leave their houses very early in the morning to catch up with work and they return late at night tired and exhausted. They don’t have a choice but to buy food from restaurants and fast food spots.

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On this note, you can start a food delivery business where you can deliver food to people at any location within your locality if they cannot come to your spot to eat. Of course, they’ll pay the delivery fee. 

Beyond having a food spot where people can come to eat, you also need to engage this delivery plan which is an added advantage for keeping customers who are too busy with work especially if your food is well prepared with appealing packaging. Once you gain general acceptance and trust and there’s an assurance that you do not fail your customers, then you’ve hit the jackpot.


This is another fast-growing business in Lagos city. Though competitive, you have to understand that every business to an extent is competitive and the mode of delivery and excellence drives home the difference and determines whether you’ll have more clients or not.

In Lagos, business owners, even company workers barely have time for themselves let alone have the time to wash their clothes. To this end, dry-cleaning services would highly be in demand. You can also devise means for delivery services and ensure to deliver as at when needed.

The climax of every business is excellent delivery. Once people can trust you with their clothes and come back to meet a clean, well-ironed cloth devoid of complaints, you have won their heart to yourself.

Away from dry-cleaning, general cleaning services still thrive in Lagos. It could be house cleaning, car wash, office cleaning, etc.


This is the act of taking care of a child while the child’s parents are away. This business is highly recommended for ladies. The majority of nursing mothers in Lagos city are too busy with work, as such, they employ the services of babysitters and daycare centers to help them care for their babies.

You earn big for taking care of children for their parents until they’re back from work.


Logistics is the transportation of equipment, facilities, personnel, goods, and services. This business is highly recommended for both gender but it’s mostly done by males. Lagos is a business place and most vendors both online and offline usually require delivery services to aid them to deliver goods to customers.

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Before launching off your logistics business, you must consider the money to keep your vehicle(s) safe when they are not in use or when they develop faults. By safety I mean you may need to install trackers in case of theft.

Also, to be able to convey people or goods to their destination as at when due, your vehicle has to be in good working condition to avoid a breakdown on the road. When you’re able to manage little faults and be prompt in delivery, your business will be trusted and clients will be attracted and committed.


Lagos is one major city with sophisticated houses both for rent and personal living. If you have a property in Lagos, you are then one of the “Big Boys!” Developing, selling, and buying properties happens to be one of the most profitable businesses in Lagos.

Obviously, you can start out as a realtor in the city and churn in huge income solving accommodation challenges for people. With over 21 million people living in Lagos is already a big market to make good money.


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