7 Top Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For Students


Business Ideas In Nigeria For Students: Most times students believe that until they are done in school, they cannot work to earn money. This has made most students over-dependent on their parents, ignoring very obvious alternatives to make money.

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Going broke while in school is almost becoming an unbroken norm. However, while in school is the best time to build a business.

This article has suggested business ideas for students. See a few:

#1 Freelance Writer

As a student, you can work as a freelancer. You can work as a tech person by just simply acquiring the knowledge. 

What Is Freelance?

A freelance is a person who works or acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by any one organization.

Who Then Is a Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is one who writes for just any person. He could be employed by a lot of people simultaneously for a writing job. It is a tech skill usually online. You can write to as many people as possible. You could be writing for blogs, websites, articles, content, copies, etc.

How Can I Become a Freelance Writer?

Becoming a freelancer in Nigeria is not a big deal. See a few steps to becoming one:

1) Get Experience

Writing generally needs intellectual involvement. You have to be experienced to be able to correctly structure your writing. 

Editors have zero tolerance for grammatical errors and so would have to be very certain of your ability to write good copies, articles, etc before they give you a job.

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Fortunately, the higher institution is the best place to learn this skill as a student and it is advisable that students grab the opportunity of learning to freelance because it does not interfere with your academic activities if you schedule your timetable early enough. You can do it in your spare time, however, you have to deliver at the time of agreement.

2) Read And Write Daily

To be able to write, you have to read and read daily. Everything is worth reading about because you would need ideas on almost everything happening around you. 

Excellence has a price that must be paid before it is attainable. This price may be burning nights, consistent and wide reading, following good writers, connecting with editors and writers, and writing about everything.

Your passion, your likes, and dislikes, a recent happening, topical news, yourself, tell a story, just write.

To crown it all, Read and write as your life depends on it. This would make you get better.

How To Get Jobs As a Freelancer?

  • Concentrate on publications that pay
  • Write short pitches and get confirmation from editors
  • Check sites that share information about how much different publications pay
  • Register with a few writing sites like Upwork, Quora, LinkedIn, etc. where you can source and apply for writing jobs and get paid.

#2 Graphic Design

You may also consider learning graphic design. Graphic design is simply the craft of creating visual content for the purpose of communicating ideas, information, and messages. It is very easy to learn as a Student if you have a laptop already.

Just like writing, you can design for as many people as possible without formally working for any one company.

See a few steps to learning graphic design as a student:

  • Learn the skill. As a student, you may not have all the time, so you may want to start the classes in the evenings after lecture hours.
  • Master it. Start with making simple designs, compare them with very professional ones, make corrections, and keep designing.
  • Find your clients by way of consistently advertising your skill on social media. Source for design jobs online via Upwork, Tumbler, Quora, etc.
  • Set your pricing standard.
  • When you have jobs, try as much as possible to deliver on time. Sometimes, even before the agreed time. This has a way of keeping your clients with you.
  • Get acquainted with current designs. Try to produce top-notch and catchy designs, display them online and you’ll be amazed by the number of clients you will have.

#3 Selling Beddings

Beddings are a necessity. Everyone uses bed sheets, duvets, and pillows in their homes. It is highly lucrative and has a cheap start-up amount. You don’t need much to start. You can start a bedding business for as low as 20k. As a student, you can save up this amount from your allowance.

Then start advertising to your friends and get them to buy and also tell others.

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#4 Selling Second-Hand Clothing “OKRIKA” 

Second-hand wear is commonly worn by students because of its affordability. It is a very lucrative business for a student to do.

You don’t really need a huge sum of money to venture into this line. With as low as 5k you can start this business. All you need do is have eyes for quality wear, and pick items that you see students commonly wear around your school or environment. Market them to your colleagues.

#5 Food Business

Food is one line of business that is constantly patronized as everyone eats. Most students don’t really enjoy cooking after a busy day at school. They come home tired and hungry.

As a student, you can grab this opportunity and make fries or prepare food and probably sell them outside your lodge as you obviously may not be able to get a shop for it. With as low as 10k, you can start. All you need do is maintain a standard, make your food delicious, tell your friends about it, and make your sales.

#6 Popcorn Business

Students love to consume popcorn. As a student, you can take advantage of this to make popcorn available beginning with your coursemates. With N50k, you can get started with popcorn in your school or the environment where you live.

#7 Baking Snacks

Meat pie, fish pie, doughnuts, chinchin, cakes, cupcakes, and the like are all faves around campus. This business can be a money-spinner if you have baking skills. N50k to N80k can kick off the snacks business. You will a lot of patronization if you prepare it well.

I hope this article helped in some way! However, if you have a contribution or some kind of suggestions to add up, feel free to drop a comment below this post, and kindly share with friends!


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