Cashearnerz Review: Is Cashearnerz Legit? ₦‎46k Made In 3 Days

Cashearnerz is one of those task-performing platforms or sites in Nigeria that promises users money-making opportunities. Hence, its operations are similar to sites like Profitance, Winktech, Strimdex, and others.

What Is Cashearnerz?

Cashearnerz is an innovative social media platform originating from Nigeria that offers users the opportunity to generate income by accomplishing uncomplicated tasks, including viewing posts, leaving comments, and sharing sponsored content.

Joining this platform is at a small cost of ₦3,000, and individuals can commence their money-making journey promptly upon signing up.

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How to Earn on Cashearnerz

On Cashearnerz, users can earn money by accumulating points, which can be obtained by engaging in various tasks. These tasks include:

  1. Viewing Posts: Users can earn points by simply viewing posts on the platform.
  2. Commenting On Posts: By leaving thoughtful comments on posts, users can accumulate points.
  3. Sharing Sponsored Content: Sharing sponsored content with their network allows users to earn points.
  4. Referring New Users: Users have the opportunity to earn points by referring new users to join the Cashearnerz platform.

By actively participating in these tasks, users can steadily increase their point balance and ultimately boost their earnings on Cashearnerz.


Here’s the minimum amount you can earn on CASHEARNERZ without referrals

▶️ You earn an instant registration bonus of ₦1,500

▶️ Access To FREE DATA Of 500MB To 7.5GB


▶️ Daily login 👉 ₦100 x 30 days = ₦3,000

▶️ Sponsored post 👉 ₦150 x 30 days = ₦4,500

▶️ Spillover earnings 👉 ₦500 x 30 days = ₦15,000

▶️ Clicking on post 👉 ₦150 x 30 days = ₦4,500

▶️ Commenting on post 👉 50times x ₦10 = ₦500 x 30days = ₦15,000

🔄 in total you’ll be getting a minimum of ₦43,500 without referring a single soul❗

✅ Earners get paid anytime, any day. With a minimum of ₦4,000, You can make your withdrawal any day, anytime.

Minimum Withdrawal on Cashearnerz

The minimum amount you can withdraw or cash out on the platform is ₦4,000, and this action can be done daily as far as you have the required withdrawal threshold.

Is Cashearnerz Legit

According to my little research, the platform claims to be 3 years in existence. Well, my candid advice is don’t register and throw away your ₦3,000 if you are not ready to refer other new users.

I said that because if you are only depending on performing tasks and getting paid, then you should save your 3k and buy chicken.

However, we have a Blogging Course EBook that goes for just ₦1,000 that will help you begin your blogging business and make money online just like this one we are running now.


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