Airdrop: Is Catly Airdrop Legit? Earn Free 3% Daily Airdrop presents a genuine opportunity offered directly by the Catly team. This airdrop welcomes participation from all individuals with a Binance account who fulfill the necessary tasks.

These tasks involve joining the Airdrop Telegram group, following the Catly Twitter account, and retweeting a designated tweet.

What to Note About Airdrop

Participating in the Catly airdrop requires you to bear in mind a few essential details. Firstly, possessing a Binance account is a prerequisite for claiming the airdrop tokens.

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Secondly, completing the specified tasks must be accomplished before the airdrop deadline, which is set for August 31, 2023. Lastly, it’s important to note that the airdrop tokens will be gradually released over a specific duration.

How to Earn 3% Daily On Airdrop

To be very frank, Catly will only give you 500CAT tokens worth $2 for airdrop which won’t amount to anything substantial in the shortest possible time. And 3% of $2 is $0.06. How long will you earn that? Airdrop

My suggestion is to invest real money if you want to enjoy daily ROI from With a minimum of $100, you can comfortably earn $3 daily and place a withdrawal instantly.

You should also be aware that your investment is for a period of 15 days. That means when the investment duration is fulfilled, your staked Catly token will automatically be unstacked for withdrawal.

It would now be left for you to either re-invest or withdraw everything. However, it’s pertinent to understand the essence of holding your tokens till launch when the price would become higher after presale.

How to Register & Invest

  • First CLICK HERE to register for an account
  • Enter your valid email address
  • Enter your preferred password
  • Confirm password
  • Solve captcha
  • Click on “Continue”
  • You will be asked to verify your withdrawal address as a Binance user
  • Go to your Binance account and copy your USDT BEP20 wallet address
  • Paste it in the space provided
  • Catly will send you a fragment of USDT BEP20 to your Binance account
  • To confirm and verify your account, you will be required to enter the amount they sent to your account
  • Enter the accurate figures you received
  • Verify your Airdrop account
  • Congratulations, you are done!

How to Invest

  • On your dashboard, click on “Buy”
  • Where you see “USDT Address [BEP20/BNB Chain]” copy the address below it
  • Go over to your Binance account or any other exchange you have USDT
  • Send the amount you wish to invest; ensure it’s USDT [BEP20 Network]
  • Go back to your Catly deposit page and click on “Payment Confirmed”
  • You are done!


  • $5 – $0.15 DAILY
  • $10 – $0.3 DAILY
  • $20 – $0.6 DAILY
  • $30 – $0.9 DAILY
  • $40 – $1.2 DAILY
  • $50 – $1.5 DAILY
  • $100 – $3 DAILY
  • $200 – $6 DAILY
  • $300 – $9 DAILY
  • $400 – $12 DAILY
  • $500 – $15 DAILY
  • $600 – $18 DAILY
  • $700 – $21 DAILY
  • $800 – $24 DAILY
  • $900 – $27 DAILY
  • $1000 – $30 DAILY

🔰 Minimum buy:$1

🔰 Minimum sale: $0.2

🔰 You can withdraw ur daily income every day if you want.


🔰 After 15 days you can withdraw your capital or stake again if you want.

Is Airdrop Legit? is indeed a legitimate airdrop initiated by the Catly team. Eligibility for the airdrop is open to all Binance account holders who have fulfilled the specified tasks.

Although the Catly project is in its early stages, it boasts a team of seasoned developers and a well-defined roadmap. Additionally, the project has garnered favorable media attention, further validating its potential.

Knowing Airdrop Is Legit

Here are some useful guidelines to help you discern legitimate airdrops:

Verify the Airdrop’s Online Presence

Visit the airdrop’s official website and scrutinize its social media pages for indications of legitimacy. Established projects typically maintain professional and up-to-date online profiles.

Review Terms of Service

Ensure that the airdrop has transparent and straightforward terms of service. Reliable airdrops usually provide clear instructions and conditions for participation.

Beware of Requests for Funds or Sensitive Data

Exercise caution with airdrops that demand you to send funds or share sensitive personal information. Authentic airdrops generally do not require such actions.

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Conduct Independent Research

Take the initiative to research the project associated with the airdrop. Investigate their whitepaper, team members, and community reputation to determine credibility. Airdrop: Wrapping Up

In essence, the airdrop offers a genuine opportunity to acquire free CATLY tokens. Nevertheless, it is crucial to conduct thorough research before engaging in any airdrop. If uncertainty arises regarding the legitimacy of an airdrop, it is advisable to exercise caution and refrain from participating.


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