Celebrity Format for Client: Accurate Engagement Details

Celebrity Format: This is simply a starting point; the particular material contained may vary based on the customer and celebrity. This, however, should serve as an excellent starting point for developing your own celebrity format.

Celebrity Format

Celebrity Format Engagement Details

Client Information

  • Name:
  • Contact Information:
  • Date of Event:
  • Location of Event:
  • Purpose of Event:
  • Budget:

Celebrity Information

  • Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Occupation:
  • Net Worth:
  • Social Media Following:
  • Availability:
  • Rate:

Services Provided

  • Appearance at the Event:
  • Speech or Presentation:
  • Q&A Session:
  • Photo Opportunities with Guests:
  • Other:

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment Terms:
  • Cancellation Policy:
  • Liability Waiver:


  • Client:
  • Date:
  • Celebrity:
  • Date:

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Celebrity Format Details:

Client Information:

Name: [Client’s Full Name]
Contact Information: [Client’s Phone Number / Email Address]
Date of Event: [Event Date]
Location of Event: [Event Venue]
Purpose of Event: [Event Purpose]
Budget: [Client’s Budget for the Event]

Celebrity Information:

Name: [Celebrity’s Full Name]
Date of Birth: [Celebrity’s Date of Birth]
Occupation: [Celebrity’s Occupation]
Net Worth: [Celebrity’s Net Worth]
Social Media Following: [Celebrity’s Social Media Stats]
Availability: [Celebrity’s Availability for the Event]
Rate: [Celebrity’s Rate for Engagement]

Services Provided:

Appearance at Event: [Yes/No]
Speech or Presentation: [Yes/No]
Q&A Session: [Yes/No]
Photo Opportunities with Guests: [Yes/No]
Other: [Specify Other Services]

Terms and Conditions:

Payment Terms: [Details of Payment Schedule]
Cancellation Policy: [Conditions for Cancellation]
Liability Waiver: [Details of Liability Waiver]


Client: _________ Date: _________
[Clients’s Signature] [Date of Signing]

Celebrity: _________ Date: _________
[Celebrity’s Signature] [Date of Signing]

By signing above, both parties acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this engagement agreement.

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