E-Commerce-ng.com: 100% SCAM! Do This Instead In 2023

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E-Commerce-ng.com was a money-doubling scheme that was obviously a scam. It was a website designed for investments for daily returns of investments. However, the platform didn’t survive or stand the test of time, hence it crashed in 2021.

As such, we observed that people are still going over to Google to inquire about the defunct Ponzi scheme that shut down deliberately with people’s hard-earned monies.

So, we decided to recommend a better option to become a millionaire in 2023 and beyond instead of crying over spilled milk when you can refill. Just stay glued!

What Is E-Commerce-ng.com?

E-Commerce-ng.com operated just like its partners in crime; Stepworkstime, Norderworks, etc. The platform provided a percentage earning system whereby investors would order a product for a specified number of times.

The number of times you would order a product and the percentage attached to it depend on your package; hence the higher your package the more you would earn.

The system was programmed in such a way that you earn a specific amount per order. Then when you have successfully completed your daily task, you return the next day for another round of product orders.

Now we have established that let’s glance through a few things about E-Commerce-ng.com.

Packages In E-commerce-ng.com

  • Silver (N2,000) – 20 tasks daily
  • Gold (N6,000) – 20 tasks daily
  • Platinum (N50,000) – 20 tasks daily
  • Diamond (N400,000) – 20 tasks daily
  • Black Diamond (N900,000) – 30 tasks daily
  • Golden Diamond (N1,800,000) – 30 tasks daily

That tells you the platform only gave premium preference to the “big fish” investors so that their scam tendencies would prosper!

And of course, many people fell for it and became victims, while others that joined early smiled at the bank.

What Now? Do This Instead!

There is no need to give you other details about the platform because it’s no longer in existence.

If you are actually interested in making money online passively, we would like to show you the best option.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Nigeria

It’s always a pleasure to bring sustainable developments to the fore. Because a lot of scam projects are parading themselves out there!

What we aim at projecting are platforms that pose sustainability in all its ramifications so that you won’t fall victim to scams.

We believe you may already have been acquainted with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is simply a self-publishing platform where independent authors list their books for sale, thereby earning royalties on them.

We have designed two sales pages that will give you a Summary and the Full Detail which will allow you access to the cheapest Amazon KDP Course online!

You can earn royalties (about $150) on your books daily while you sleep, without writing a single book yourself.

There is a method we deploy to create a lot of high-quality books using Artificial Intelligence (AI) without plagiarism.

Not every self-publisher is actually making a decent income on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing because of poor book optimization.


No matter how good your books are, if you don’t have someone to take you by the hand and show you the secrets to ranking your books and making sales daily, you are only wasting time!

You don’t need to publish a hundred books before you succeed at Amazon KDP. If you have 5 quality books with 5 orders for each daily, you are rich!

That’s 25 sales daily!

Now, imagine your book price is $4.99, if you subtract 30% that Amazon charges per sale, you will have $3.493.

$3.493 X 25 = $87.325
$87.325 X N720
= N62,874 daily

$87.325 X 30 days
= $2,619.75 monthly

$2,619.75 X N720
= N1,886,220 monthly

The earnings above are only possible when you have the right knowledge and strategy.

Give us permission to take you out of Ponzi schemes and help you recover all your losses with a system you can control 100%!

Wrapping Up

It’s easier to make money online these days than fall for fraudulent sites like E-Commerce-ng.com in the name of investment. We know that our human nature craves income streams that are residual or passive.

Whereby you invest and watch your percentage rolling in daily without work. In as much as there are legit systems that can make it work, you could have peace of mind when you receive your monthly royalties from Amazon KDP.



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