Earnhive Review: Is Earnhive Legit? Most Important Info Needed

Earnhive claims to help people or investors grow their money through its investment scheme. As such, it’s important to write a review in order to properly guide your decisions before throwing in your money.

Explore endless opportunities to earn money with EHive. Our special 3-level Affiliate System and a variety of tasks provide exceptional ways for you to succeed. Easily turn your hard work into real rewards through our clear payment system.

Join a lively group of partners who have the same goals as you and access valuable tools to boost your income potential. Increase your earnings with Earnhive, where opportunity, empowerment, and success come together.

What Is Earnhive?

Earnhive is a cool platform that gives you all sorts of things to do online to make some extra cash. You can share stuff and take on challenges, and before you know it, you’re turning your free time into money-making fun!

How Does Earnhive Work?

EHive offers you customized tasks that match your interests and abilities. By finishing these tasks, you can collect tangible rewards. Moreover, our 3-Level Referral Program allows you to earn from the actions of the people you bring to our platform.

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Earning Structure

  • Registration Fee: ₦4,500
  • New Member Gift: H2,000
  • Bring-a-Friend Reward: ₦3,500
  • Friend’s Friend Bonus: ₦300
  • Second-Level Friend Bonus: ₦100
  • Daily Check-in: H200
  • Daily Participation: H200
  • Everyday Login: H300
  • Mobile Recharge: [Not specified]
  • Online Courses: [Not specified]
  • Peer-to-Peer Sign-Up: [Not specified]

How to Earn Cash with Earnhive

If you want to make money on Earnhive, you can choose to become either an affiliate or a Task earner. The cost to join Earnhive is just 4,500 naira, and if you register using this special link, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of 2,000 naira.

There are five simple ways to earn money on Earnhive:

  1. Hive Recharge: Use your Earnhive earnings to sell data and airtime, and you’ll earn a weekly profit. You can even recharge your own phone with your earnings or buy airtime.
  2. Hive P2P: You can register a new user using your activity earnings and keep the money for yourself. This way, you can earn anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 naira every week through the P2P section.
  3. Hive Game: Predict the outcome of games using your Earnhive earnings, and if you’re correct, you’ll get paid. For each correct prediction, you can win 500 naira and transfer it to your bank account.
  4. Hive Freelancing: Boost your sales and attract customers by advertising your products and business on Earnhive. You can also post job listings, and when someone hires you for a job through Earnhive, you’ll earn money.
  5. Referrals: When you refer someone to join Earnhive, you’ll earn a cool 3,500 naira as a referral bonus.

So, whether you’re selling, predicting, freelancing, or referring, Earnhive offers various straightforward ways to make money.

Withdrawal Methods and Schedule

Withdrawing your earnings from Earnhive is really easy. Earnhive works seamlessly with all Nigerian banks when it comes to taking out your money. All you have to do is share your bank account details, specify the amount you want to withdraw, and voilà! Your cash will be in your account instantly.

Affiliate Withdrawal

You can take out 7,000 naira from your account between 2 in the afternoon and 4 in the afternoon on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Task Withdrawal

  • Amount You Can Take Out: 22,000 “H” (Your Money)
  • When You Can Get It: Whenever You Want, as Long as the Portal is Open
  • Days You Can Get It: Any Day the Portal is Open for You

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Is Earnhive Legit?

The platform is 100% ponzi and nothing but the truth. It could be paying as of the time I published this review, but it may not be a guarantee for long. If you must earn money that’s withdrawable, I’d advise you to refer others to get paid. Don’t rely on tasks, you will only be wasting your time!


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