Fastest Selling Products In Nigeria: Make ₦‎50,000 Daily

In today’s post, we will share a business opportunity where you can rake in millions every month with the fastest selling products in Nigeria (physical products precisely.

One that can make you very good money over and over if you pay attention and do it very well. This business opportunity is about milking profits from selling gadgets.

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I call it: Gadgets Money. You may also want to find out the 9 items that sell most in Nigeria.


There is a ton of money to be made from selling physical products in Nigeria. And a bulk of that money comes from selling gadgets that people want to buy.

What Are Gadgets?

Gadgets are mechanical devices, tools, or electronics that help out in some things that are very useful are things; like your phone, your laptop, your earpods/AirPods, etc.

Gadgets are one of the hot-selling products in Nigeria you can leverage and rake in millions every month without fail!

Examples Of Gadgets

  • Sports Gadgets
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Office/business gadgets
  • Car gadgets
  • Tech gadgets
  • Sex Gadgets
  • Etc

These things are very easy to sell physical products in Nigeria.

You don’t even have to do a lot of marketing.

People already want these things.

They just want good quality and a very good offer.

I mean…how much marketing do you need to do to sell an iPhone?

Most people already want it.

They just don’t have one yet because they are saving their money or looking for a good deal.

So, can you imagine how fast they will give you money if you offer them an iPhone they like at about a 30% discount?

Of course, they will jump at it.


Let me tell you a story about a guy who is cashing out with used iPhones.

So, I stumbled on this guy recently on Instagram and I have been chatting with him.

He mostly sells laptops but recently, he started trying out used iPhones.

Before he knew it, he had already sold 428 iPhones within 8 weeks.

He promoted it by running an advert on Instagram and the sales started rolling in like crazy.

I created an offer for earpods offer too in 2019.

See it here

I didn’t eventually push it very well but I shared it with some people and a guy worked on it and made N17.8m last year selling his branded earpods.

I believe he ought to have made more if he was aggressive with the approach though.

But gadgets are not just about phones, laptops, and earphones, there are other gadgets in the market that help people solve various problems.

People buy gadgets over and over because they love them, spoil them, or lose them.

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LOVE THEM: Some people just love to acquire various gadgets. So, they keep buying, different colors, different models, etc.

SPOIL THEM: Some gadgets spoil easily. And since they are useful, the person using them has to buy a new one over and over.

LOSE THEM: Some gadgets like those little earpods/AirPods get lost easily. I even know someone who buys a new one every 2 weeks because he always loses them.

Also, there are going to be new gadgets introduced to the market from time to time.

You just have to be on the lookout for them.

How To Access Fastest Selling Products In Nigeria

1. Find a product source (local or abroad) where you can get quality gadgets at a very affordable price. This is very important to make a profit in selling physical products in Nigeria.

2. Repackage it – Cleaning, packing, etc. Present your products as if they are brand new, even though they are fairly used.

3. Work out a good, non-irresistible offer to sell it.

4. Create an online sales/ordering page for it (optional). Though it may be optional, I would urge you to take it very seriously, because it doesn’t only give your business a professional look, but also makes customers trust your genuineness in whatever product you offer them.

5. Market the gadget via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media is a very good ‘hangout’ for selling physical products in Nigeria. 90% of gadget shoppers are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making it a very fertile platform for easy sales.

Two Things That Will Determine Your Success In Gadget Business

(1) Promote The Gadgets People Want To Buy

If you don’t know the ones people want to buy, just look at the gadgets people are running adverts for.

Or run some adverts yourself for different gadgets and watch out for the ones people keep asking for.

(2) Package Your Gadgets Into An Irresistible Offer

I am talking about the price, bonuses offered, mode of payment, ease of payment, etc.

For example, the guy I mentioned earlier in this post sells used iPhones at a fairly cheap price.

Then he offers you the POD advantage meaning you pay on delivery.

This puts the minds of many people at ease since they know they don’t have to pay until they have the phone physically in their hands.

In some cases, he even offers a bonus like a watch or an earpod to make the offer more attractive.

I hope this gives you an idea of what gadget money is all about.

I got the idea to write today’s post when I heard a guy at breakfast in the hotel where I am staying tell his friend how he was able to make $50k off a sports gadget last month in his Shopify store.

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Gadgets People Want

  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Earpods/AirPods
  • Watches
  • Earphones and headphones
  • Phones
  • Smartphone charger
  • Cigarette USB lighter
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker
  • Military flashlights (Someone sold a ton of this and made millions)
  • Etc

How To Get These Products

It is pertinent that when starting out a business, it must always be a profit-oriented one. If you purchase expensive gadgets for instance a wristwatch for N5,000, only to sell it for N5,100, what profit is that if you should subtract your expenses?

That is to say, before venturing into the business of selling physical products in Nigeria, you have to go for cheap quality products. For example, buying earphone for N1,200 and selling it for N2,000 or N2,500.

Just go to Jumia, Konga, Jiji, or Aliexpress and do a search on gadgets to get more ideas. These e-commerce stores have plenty of cheap quality products you can go for, especially in Aliexpress.

Final Note

Selling physical products in Nigeria is a hot niche a lot of Nigerians have discovered, where its market is very large when it comes to customer base.

You will agree with me that about 85% of the Nigerian population are youths, and youths are known to be very extravagant when it comes to owning sophisticated gadgets.

This is your market, if you know how to take hold of it strategically, you can make millions every single month without fail.


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