Fish Farming And Poultry Business Proposal

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Few Things You Should Have In Mind

In case you never knew, only ONE Business idea is permitted for the application of the NYSC Business Loan.

Getting NYSC loan in Nigeria can, sometimes, be difficult to process to the finishing!

But getting the NYSC Business loan can be very easy if you know how to write a very compelling business proposal.

Apart from your NYSC Certificate being a collateral, a great business proposal guarantees you 80% chance to get the loan.

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In our intense research on the businesses that move in Nigeria effortlessly, we came to a conclusion based on our own perspective, that Fish Farming and Poultry Production is a combined gigantic venture you can rake in millions within the space of 6 months! And most importantly is that NYSC gives loans to proposals such as this easily without probing too much.

Keep one thing in mind: Fish Farming and Poultry Production is the number one selling business in Nigeria when it comes to writing a Business Proposal for the NYSC Loan, categorized under AGRO-ALLIED. If you check the business Sectors Eligible for the NYSC Loan, AGRO-ALLIED is on top of the list! So, we know what we are doing here! And as such, we have written a Premium Business Proposal on Fish Farming and Poultry Production from the beginning to the end, well developed with Accurate Market Survey, Targeting, Capital Budgeting, Costing Summary, Location of Business, Expenditures, Calculations and everything that should enable you startup the business with ease.

Why So Much Confidence That This Business Proposal Will Convert?

In this Business proposal, you will gain the full right/access to the already-written Business Proposal on Fish Farming and Poultry Production.

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Loan repayment is 3 years

According to the market research done by us, a capital of N10,000,000 can roll in over N16,000,000 profits in the space of 1 year 6 months. this is just an estimation, it could be more!

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I believe over 80% of Nigerians lose opportunities of getting quality amount of money to start a profitable business because they end up presenting a poor business proposal. A good business proposal must be able to forecast your business revenue in the future, at least three years, which we have done in this blueprint. So, it's now up to decide if you want to win with a well-written professional business proposal.

You are not the only one applying for the loan. The best and most promising ideas are always selected!

 Whether you are newly enrolled in the NYSC or you've done your POP, as far as your post NYSC is not up to 5 years, you are eligible!

You are not the only one applying for the loan. The best and most promising ideas are always selected!

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The hassle to running to and from trying to get things done


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