Review: Is Legit? Earn $3.9 Watching Videos Review: is becoming a household name in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space. Crypto enthusiasts see the project to beat many video-streaming platforms like YouTube by enabling users to watch videos and earn.

However, this is going to be a fierce opponent or rival to TikTok, because it’s built in a pattern that is quite similar to the popular vlogging app.

What Is is a new social media app that is designed to function like TikTok where users can watch or stream videos to earn rewards. It’s integrated with blockchain to be able to remunerate its users with its native coin called GT Tokens.

Gee represents a global mobile video platform that merges the sharing of short videos with the power of blockchain technology. It offers a dynamic and authentic collection of short videos encompassing gaming, socializing, and various elements of Web3.

By engaging with Gee, users can indulge in an endless array of short videos tailored to their diverse interests, ensuring a delightful video experience throughout their day, from the tranquility of morning coffee to the relaxation of afternoon leisure.

The primary objective of Gee is to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into everyday digital life, fostering a wide range of digital scenarios and asset applications.

Users can not only share their own short videos but also participate in interactive games and social experiences on Gee. They will also have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the innovative value presented by the DeFi and NFT markets.

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To enhance user satisfaction, Gee leverages advanced AI recommendation systems that personalize the video experience.

Moreover, by incorporating blockchain technology, Gee prioritizes the security and privacy of user data, aspiring to become a frontrunner in the Web3 landscape.

In essence, Gee serves as a conduit bridging the gap between the tangible world and the digital realm. Through this platform, users can relish the advantages of blockchain technology, such as safety, transparency, and decentralization, while simultaneously engaging in interactions, entertainment, and wealth generation. Review: How Does Work?

When a user signs up, he or she is entitled to some daily rewards for participating in activities on the Gee app by watching and uploading videos.

  • It’s a social media web3 project
  • Utilizing blockchain to reward users for watching short videos on Gee App
  • Revolutionizing short videos
  • Earn, watch, and explore in a thrilling blockchain-empowered realm
  • Endless fun and reward system for users

Things You Can Do With App

#1 Watch Videos With a Simple Scroll

Discover a multitude of video categories on Gee, ranging from comedy and gaming to DIY, food, sports, emojis, pets, and beyond. Immerse yourself in a vast collection of entertaining and engaging content, tailored to your specific interests and preferences.

Whether you’re seeking a good laugh, gaming insights, do-it-yourself tutorials, mouthwatering recipes, thrilling sports highlights, or adorable moments with pets, Gee has you covered. With an extensive selection of categories to explore, you’re sure to find videos that captivate and entertain you.

#2 Edit Videos With Ease

Gee provides you with convenient built-in editing tools that enable effortless manipulation of your video clips. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips to create the perfect composition.

Whether you want to remove unnecessary portions, combine multiple clips seamlessly, or replicate specific segments, Gee’s editing tools offer a user-friendly interface to accomplish these tasks with ease. Review

Unleash your creativity and craft captivating videos by leveraging the intuitive editing features available on Gee.

#3 Earn GT and CC Rewards by Watching Videos

By engaging with Gee and watching short videos on a daily basis, you have the opportunity to earn free GT and CC rewards. These rewards are designed to provide you with incentives for your active participation and contribution to the platform.

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant world of short videos on Gee, you not only enjoy an entertaining experience but also accumulate GT and CC rewards along the way.

So make sure to explore the diverse content available and seize the chance to earn these valuable rewards effortlessly.

#4 Customize Gee Doll

Gee offers users the ability to personalize and customize their very own Gee Doll. This customizable character serves as a virtual representation of the user and opens up a world of possibilities for interaction and engagement.

Users can upgrade their Gee Doll, match it with equipment, engage in breeding activities, participate in fights, and perform various other entertaining activities.

With the ability to customize and enhance their Gee Doll, users can create a unique and distinctive virtual identity. They can personalize their Doll’s appearance, outfit, and accessories to reflect their individual style and preferences.

The Doll becomes a companion and a means of self-expression within the Gee community.

Furthermore, users can interact with other Gee Dolls, fostering connections and forming relationships in a virtual social environment. This interaction can involve engaging in activities together, participating in friendly competitions, or simply socializing and forging new friendships.

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The Gee Doll feature adds depth and immersion to the user experience, allowing individuals to express themselves, engage with others, and embark on exciting virtual adventures.

More Rewards for App Users

Moreso, thousands of TikTokers don’t actually gain rewards for watching videos, but promises to make that dream come true.

That means you won’t be spending endless hours watching videos on the Gee App without getting paid. Because all your efforts and interactions are going to be monetized.

How to Get Started On App

Starting to make money or earn passive income on Gee App is simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Sign up or create your account using this LINK
  • Enter your active email address
  • Click on “Send Code”
  • Verify the captcha
  • Enter the verification code [check your email inbox or spam folder]
  • Input your preferred password
  • Confirm password
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on “Sign Up”
  • Download the app from the Google play store or Apple Store
  • Login to your Gee App

How to Start Earning GT Tokens On

  • On your dashboard
  • Click on the rocket icon below the screen
  • Click on the “Start” button before you start watching videos on the platform
  • Boom! Your earning license is triggered

How Much Can You Earn Daily On Gee App?

For now, you are entitled to earn $3.9 daily, and if you refer other users, your income can increase exponentially. And even without activities, you can still earn via referrals.

How Long Can You Watch Videos To Earn GT Tokens On

With our confirmation from their whitepaper, you are required to spend a minimum of 15 minutes on the app. That’s cool because a lot of people spend hours on TikTok earning nothing!

Gee Doll NFT

It may please you to know that Gee has NFT as well. The more you browse the app, the more you earn NFT rewards!

Is Launched?

The Gee App is set to go live at the end of the Q3 of 2023. Right now it’s in the beta testing phase where users are allowed to start enjoying the awesome features.

Is App Legit?

While there may be limited information available online about due to its relatively recent launch, it is indeed developed by Garrett Gee, a reputable entrepreneur and co-founder of Scan, a notable mobile app development company.

Given Garrett Gee’s background and track record in the industry, it is reasonable to consider as a legitimate app.

As with any new app, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution and ensure you download it from trusted sources such as official app stores to maintain the security of your device and personal information.

While there may be varying opinions and limited information available regarding the legitimacy of, it is worth noting that the app has been developed by a reputable entrepreneur and has garnered positive ratings on the Google Play Store.

However, it is crucial to exercise due diligence when considering the use of any app. One practical approach is to thoroughly read and assess user reviews and ratings before making a decision to download and engage with the app.

This will provide valuable insights from other users and help you make an informed choice regarding the app’s suitability for your needs.

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