How To Get GTB POS Machine In Nigeria 2023 For POS Biz

GTBank POS Machine

GTB POS Machine: POS Business has become one of the most lucrative ventures in Nigeria. For you to land on this blog and read this post shows your interest in the POS Business.

However, knowing which POS Machine would be great for this venture is very important. There are a lot of POS machines from different companies, banking sectors, and brands in Nigeria, but one of the most recommended is the GTBank – GTB POS Machine or GTBank POS.

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Moreso, this post is to guide you on how to get a GTB POS from the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank Nigeria) in Nigeria.

In times like this, POS machine terminals are enjoying the rave of the moment in business, taking over from the banks in standing as a bridge to transactions of goods and services.

Be that as it may, you can never run a POS Business in Nigeria in the absence of a POS machine. Also, you must ensure that the one you will get performs swift transactions with no hassles. Hence, the GTB POS machine would be a great option to opt for.

What Is GTB POS Machine?

GTB POS or GTBank POS Machine is a device that is electronically programmed to aid in financial transactions of goods and services by debit cardholders from places of business like retail stores, and so on.

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GTB POS Machine is also utilized to make bank-related transactions like withdrawals, deposits, transfers, airtime, and data. As such, it is obvious that a greater percentage of GTBank agent banking customers possess POS machines, strictly for business purposes.

Conditions To Meet In Order To Get GTB POS Machine Speedily

  • An application form for GTB POS
  • Your location
  • Full name
  • Identification documents like International Passport, National ID Card, and Driver’s License

How To Get GTB POS Machine Easily In Nigeria

In order to successfully apply and get GTB POS in Nigeria, carefully follow the guide below:

  • Go to the GTBank branch close to you in Nigeria
  • Look out for the agent in charge of the POS Machine at the bank
  • Get the GTBank POS application form
  • Carefully fill out the form with appropriate details
  • Crosscheck every piece of information you have given out on the form to ensure it is accurate
  • Go back to the agent and submit your form with the required identification documents
  • When that is done, your application form will be processed in the POS department for scrutiny and validation
  • You will be called upon to get your POS Machine when your application is verified by the GTBank team.

GTBank Point Of Sale Waiting Duration

You may ask, “how long does it take to finally get the GTBank POS Machine after my application?” Here is the answer:

It takes approximately two weeks to hear from the bank as regards your POS Machine application, perhaps called to get the Point Of Sale machine.

To be sure, most times it can take up to one month or 30 days to get the machine. However, it is advised to keep in contact perpetually with the bank in order to get the latest info concerning your application.


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