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Hahow for Business: Taiwan’s Best B2B Marketing Solution

Hahow for Business operates as a provider of corporate learning and development solutions based in Taiwan. In a strategic effort to expand their market presence, they strategically incorporated LinkedIn Ads into their existing marketing strategies, which encompassed display advertisements and participation in in-person tradeshows.

By adopting a comprehensive approach that guided potential customers through the entire journey from initial awareness to eventual conversion, the company achieved remarkable results within six months.

Notably, they witnessed a remarkable 150% surge in qualified leads and managed to shorten their sales cycles by 30%. Remarkably, LinkedIn Ads emerged as a substantial contributor, now constituting a significant portion of their overall lead generation efforts.

About Hahow for Business

Hahow for Business offers an extensive corporate learning and development solution, granting businesses access to a diverse catalog of more than 200 top-tier online courses. These courses span a broad spectrum of subjects, encompassing areas such as business management, digital marketing, data analysis, programming, and foreign languages.

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Issues With Hahow for Business

Being a B2B platform, Hahow for Business faced the imperative of effectively reaching, engaging and converting fresh audiences to maintain a steady influx of leads.

The company encountered the challenge of segregated team operations, lacking a comprehensive view of the complete customer journey, thus impeding its ability to refine its marketing approach.

hahow for business

In order to enhance their marketing strategy, there was a pressing need to gain profound audience insights, enabling the tailoring of content that resonates with customers across varying stages of the buying cycle.

What Hahow for Business Did

In response to the challenge of limited customer insights, Hahow for Business took proactive steps by incorporating multiple LinkedIn Insight Tags across their website and lead generation forms.

This strategic move empowered them to access valuable demographic information about their website visitors, enabling the effective retargeting of these audiences for further nurturing. By harnessing these insights, Hahow for

Businesses achieved the ability to tailor their marketing strategies to align with diverse stages of the marketing funnel. Notably, they observed that delivering product-specific information to audiences in the consideration phase contributed to a notable reduction in the sales cycle duration.

Furthermore, Hahow for Business strategically capitalized on the LinkedIn Audience Network, thereby broadening its audience reach through LinkedIn’s established network of reputable third-party applications and websites.

In their pursuit of optimal outcomes, they adopted the Maximum Delivery Bidding approach to ensure the most efficient allocation of their budget.

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Within a mere span of four months, the implementation of these strategies yielded remarkable results for Hahow for Business, manifesting as a discernible surge in qualified conversions through LinkedIn Ads.

This success not only bolstered the marketing team’s credibility but also fostered a constructive rapport with the sales team, contributing to an overall atmosphere of accomplishment and trust.


Hahow for Business achieved substantial outcomes from their marketing investment within a span of two quarters.

  • A remarkable 150% surge in the volume of leads.
  • Achieving a 46% reduction in Cost Per Lead compared to industry benchmarks.
  • A streamlined sales cycle that is 30% shorter.

Hahow for Business: Success Case Study

On LinkedIn, individuals who are exposed to both brand-related and acquisition-focused messages exhibit a conversion likelihood that is six times higher.

Hahow adopted a comprehensive full-funnel strategy, utilizing broadly-targeted ads in the upper-mid funnel stage to establish awareness and engagement.

This was followed by the cultivation of intrigued audiences through lead-generation messages in the lower funnel, resulting in an enhancement of conversion efficiency.

Furthermore, leads generated from LinkedIn were more effectively nurtured compared to those from alternative channels, leading to a reduction in the sales cycle duration needed for conversion into active customers.


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