Has Hawkit Crashed? Hawkit Still Paying? ₦5k Still Possible

Has Hawkit crashed? No, it is still paying, even now! As such, you can still earn a minimum of 5,000 daily with no iota of doubt. However, a lot of individuals find it hard to make money.

The central point of concentration in this post is to answer the question “Has Hawkit Crashed?” and how you can make money daily on the Hawkit app. Let’s dive in!

Has Hawkit Crashed: About Hawkit

Hawkit serves as a social financial platform, enabling individuals to generate income through uncomplicated social activities like engaging with social media accounts—following, liking, commenting, and sharing.

Furthermore, users can partake in trading airtime, data, merchandise, and services within the Hawkit marketplace.

Has Hawkit Crashed

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Established in 2019 by a group of visionary Nigerian businesspersons, Hawkit’s main hub is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. With a user base exceeding one million, the platform has successfully disbursed over ₦1 billion to its users.

Key Features Of Hawkit

Hawkit boasts a range of distinctive features, including:

Earning through Social Engagement

Users have the opportunity to generate income by completing uncomplicated social actions such as following social media accounts, expressing approval through likes, engaging with comments, and sharing content. The monetary reward for each task varies depending on the nature of the task.

Airtime and Data Trade

Hawkit empowers users to acquire airtime and data at reduced rates. Additionally, users can engage in the lucrative endeavor of selling airtime and data to fellow users, thereby securing a profit.

Commerce Platform

Hawkit offers a thriving marketplace where users can both procure and vend an array of products and services. This avenue facilitates the discovery of noteworthy deals on a diverse range of offerings, while also affording users the opportunity to broaden the reach of their own products and services.

How to Make Money On Hawkit

Here are several avenues for earning income through Hawkit:

Social Task Completion

Generate revenue by engaging in uncomplicated social tasks, such as following social media accounts, showing appreciation through likes, participating in comments, and distributing content. The monetary return per task is contingent upon the specific nature of the task.

Airtime and Data Trade

Capitalize on the opportunity to procure airtime and data at marked-down rates via Hawkit. Further, you can engage in profitable transactions by vending airtime and data to fellow users.

Commerce and Services

Harness the potential of the Hawkit marketplace, where you can engage in the purchase and sale of assorted products and services. This serves as an excellent avenue for uncovering lucrative deals or broadening your reach by marketing your own offerings.

Referral Program

Amplify your earnings by referring individuals to Hawkit. When someone enrolls on Hawkit utilizing your referral link, you stand to earn a commission as a token of appreciation.

Is Hawkit Legit?

Hawkit is 100% legit! The platform has been in operation consistently for over 4 years now, and it’s still paying its users without any suspicions.

Has Hawkit Crashed?

Hawkit has not crashed, but it’s waxing stronger daily and becoming more robust for both product vendors and affiliates. Its stability has been confirmed over time since its launch in 2019.

Hawkit’s marketplace is really a selling point for the business, and we have seen independent business entities and startups leveraging the system to get their products to reach potential customers.

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Has Hawkit Crashed: Final Thought

Hawkit presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to augment their earnings, engage in airtime and data transactions, as well as partake in the trade of products and services.

As a reputable platform, Hawkit has garnered the trust of a substantial user base exceeding one million, having disbursed in excess of ₦1 billion to its users.

If you’re in search of a viable avenue to supplement your income, Hawkit stands out as a compelling choice well worth your consideration.


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