How Bloggers Make Money

How Bloggers Make Money [Dark Secrets Finally Revealed!]

Do you want to know how bloggers make money? Bloggers are one of the most flamboyant and richest individuals on earth. You may wonder how Bloggers make money. By putting up pieces of content on the web? Is that all? Let’s find out!

How Bloggers Make Money | 9ja Business Hub

Bloggers Make Money Via…

  1. Display Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Guest Posts
  4. Information Products
  5. Offering Freelance Services
  6. Selling Merch
  7. Sell Direct Ads
  8. Hosting a Paid Webinar
  9. Flipping Websites

The above list is inexhaustible, however, a summary of how bloggers earn from blogging. We just selected the popular ones!

We would like to go into detail if you permit us because it will give you deep insight into your potential earnings if you are aspiring to become a Blogger or make it a career in the future.

Blogging is a great way to start an online business. In fact, we think it’s the best way. But, what if you have students who are trying to make money by blogging for helping them to learn about blogging? Are you wondering how bloggers make money?

The simple answer is, in a nutshell…

Bloggers make money by writing about products and services. They write about anything from health & beauty, to lifestyle and DIY projects.

There are a few ways you can profit from blogging as a business owner: Ads, affiliate commissions, affiliates themselves (like Amazon Associates), sponsored post options offered by marketers (Affiliate Marketing), Product reviews, or paid guest blog posts.

You may think that’s all, but hold on! Let’s expound on this!

9 Ways Bloggers Make Money

#1 Display Ads

The straightforward response to this subject matter is that they generate revenue through Google’s Adsense program. In other words, to learn how bloggers make money, you can start by looking at Google’s Adsense program.

Offering a real-time online auction system for advertisers and publishers to reach an audience, Adsense is the most profitable way for bloggers to capitalize on their traffic.

There are other ways as well, such as selling branded swag or other products, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. To get started in each of these you will need to get established first!

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers make money through affiliate marketing, which is the practice of promoting products on a blog or website in exchange for a commission from the sale of the product.

In affiliate marketing, bloggers don’t have to sell something themselves; they just need to work with someone else who does. The blogger promotes the product on his or her site or blog and gets paid when someone buys it through the affiliate link.

For years, affiliate marketing has been the go-to name for bloggers wanting to make money. It only became popular recently.

The reason why so many people are choosing this method of earning income is that it allows them to focus on what they do best — writing content and building an audience — without having to worry about their day-to-day business operations.

#3 Sponsored Guest Posts

Bloggers who write guest posts for other blogs earn money by getting paid to promote products and services. This is called sponsored content.

Bloggers have been using guest posting as a way to make money online since the early 2000s.

The most successful bloggers who have made more than $100,000 in a year are those who can generate at least $1,000 in revenue each month from their blogs.

Sponsored posts can be a great way for bloggers to earn money. They are essentially advertisements that are paid for by someone else, usually a brand or business.

The ads are placed on the blog of the blogger and they will probably give them some form of recognition in return.

#4 Information Products

Bloggers make money through selling information products. Information products are any sort of product that you can sell on the internet. It can be an ebook, a video course, an online course, or even a membership site.

Information products are often referred to as “informational products” because they provide valuable information in exchange for money.

You can create your own informational products and then sell them through your blog or website. For example, if you have a blog about making money online, then you could create a video course about how to make money online and sell it through your blog.

#5 Offering Freelance Services

Bloggers have a lot of free time on their hands. They are often able to make money by offering freelance services, such as writing content for other people’s blogs or websites.

Many bloggers will offer this type of work to earn extra money, but it’s important to note that you can’t just start working for free and expect to be paid.

You’ll need to have experience writing for others before you can offer your services. It’s always a good idea to find out what kinds of work are in high demand in your niche.

#6 Selling Merch

Bloggers make money selling merchandise, but not just any merchandise. This is the kind of stuff that most bloggers would never dream of selling themselves because it’s so far outside their niche.

When you look at the big picture, it’s possible to make more money selling your own products than by promoting someone else’s. And if you’re a blogger, this makes sense because your audience wants to buy things from you!

#7 Sell Direct Ads

Bloggers make money selling direct ads, but only if they know how to do it right. Blogging is one way to make money online, but there are other ways too.

Some bloggers earn a living by selling ads directly on their blogs while others sell ad space through Google AdSense or another program like it.

Instead of aiming for quantity, focus on creating ads that are compelling and memorable. If you have hundreds or thousands of followers on your blog, it may seem like a good idea to sell as many ad spaces as possible and get as much money as you can.

However, this will often lead to low-quality ads that don’t contribute much value to your readership.

#8 Hosting a Paid Webinar

This is the perfect way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. It’s an excellent way to build up their brand and clientele, as well as make money without having to worry about inventory, shipping, or returns.

The process of hosting a paid webinar is very simple – it’s done by creating an event page on your website where potential customers can sign up and pay in advance for the webinar.

After they have paid, they will receive an email with instructions on how to access the event page where they can watch the recorded webinar after it has been completed.

You may also choose to offer them a recording of the live event so that they have something tangible that they can use later on if needed.

#9 Flipping Websites

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, flipping websites might just be the answer for you. Here’s how it works: You find cheap websites with potential and buy them at auction or through other means. Then, you improve their design and content until they’re ready for resale. You can keep repeating the process of selling once you’ve turned a profit.

Why Bloggers Love Flipping Websites

Flipping websites is appealing because it allows bloggers to spend more time on their passion — writing — while still earning a good income.

It also gives them more control over their finances than other methods of making money online do, since they don’t have to depend on advertisers or other sources of revenue that are beyond their control.

Bloggers are making money by flipping websites, according to a new study by WP Engine.

The company surveyed 1,000 bloggers and found that 61 percent of them made money from selling websites.

The majority of those surveyed reported having more than one website to sell. “The average number of sites owned by a blogger is 2.6,” the report said.

The most popular way to make money was by selling their site directly to another person or business (46 percent), followed by selling it through an auction site (24 percent).

“The majority of bloggers who sold their website did so because they wanted to start another business,” the report said. “They didn’t have time for it anymore, or they wanted to move on.”

Final Thought

While display ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts are all effective ways to generate revenue as a blogger, the best way is to find a job in the industry you blog about.

That’s because the vast majority of bloggers will not turn their blogs into viable income sources.

Of course, the process and specifics will vary from blogger to blogger, but the basic idea is that you write about things you enjoy, provide valuable content on your blog, promote your blog through social media, and then eventually make money through your blog.

It can be a long road—there’s no instant rich here. But if you focus on what you’re enjoying first, promote yourself effectively, and over time, you might find yourself with a nice side income.


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