How To Be Successful On Amazon KDP In 9 Guaranteed Steps

How to be successful on Amazon KDP is easier said than done. It is one thing to start and another to know the proven strategies for seeing actual results. Getting started with the Amazon KDP business model is because of one end goal; to make money!

As such, many individuals wonder why sales are not forthcoming as they should be. But what if you are limited in knowledge of how the whole system works? Or perhaps you lack the wisdom as to how sales can increase!

For this purpose, we will be piecing together 9 steps to guarantee your success in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for self-publishers like you in this simple but very effective blog post. Let’s dive in immediately!

And of course, Amazon KDP is the arm of Amazon Inc where authors or writers are given a platform to showcase their publications to a larger audience of over 300 million readers across the globe, thereby earning royalties for every time people buy or read their books. Independent authors can get started by simply creating a KDP account with Amazon.

9 Guaranteed Steps To Be Successful In Amazon KDP

#1 Know The Right Niche

You may have heard the famous quote, “Knowledge is power,” yes truly it’s power! A lot of self-publishers on Amazon KDP get it all wrong when it comes to choosing a niche. Note that it is not all the niches in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing you will create books in.

As an independent publisher or author three undisputed niches are extremely relevant not just in Amazon KDP but in the general content creation market on Google and other search engines as well; these are wealth, health, and relationship.

As far as the search engine Google is concerned, the vast majority of keywords people type into its search bar daily center around these three niches.

How To Be Successful On Amazon KDP

However, this does not insinuate that only these niches can do well in Amazon KDP, but you and I know very well that people are interested in making money, seeking solutions to health challenges, and maintaining quality relationships before you can include other spheres of life.

Now that you have an idea of the right niches to focus on in Amazon KDP, also note that these niches are the most sorted after, which means the level of competition will be extremely high.

So, it’s in your place to niche down or look for sub-niches that can afford you the opportunity for your books to be visible to your readers.

For you to be very accurate in working with these three niches, you need to access its core to be effective in sales.

What I mean is these niches are regarded as markets in Amazon, and for you to get to the core of the niches, you need to access the general Markets, then Kindle Store, next Kindle eBooks, and there you have it, the Main Markets.

From the Main Markets, you will now access Sub-Markets, after that, you now have your final destination; the Niches! It is now in these niches you would discover sub-niches to focus on.

#2 Understand How To Do Keyword Research Properly

A keyword is the life wire of any content online, whether in blogging, Youtube, forums, social media, or Amazon. Without keywords in your content, nobody will find your books no matter how value-loaded they are.

If you must succeed in Amazon KDP, you need to take your keyword research very seriously and do it strategically. Any and every keyword you find or discover will not rank if you don’t know the right method to implement.

  1. Look for keywords that are less competitive
  2. Include the keywords in your book title and book sub-title
  3. Combine longtail keywords and short keywords in the 7 boxes provided by Amazon to optimize your books for ranking

#3 Use a Pen Name

Using a pen is powerful indeed! As a Nigerian, you should know that if you are not an established author that has enormous influence in the global reference, you will be looking at a $0.0 balance on your dashboard even with 100 awesome books.

The American audience connects more with its kind, so if a white man happens to stumble upon two books with the same title and one of the author’s names is “Andrew Kean,” and the other author is you with the name “Olamide Balogun,” which one do you think he will buy? Your answer is as obvious as mine!

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Choose an author’s identity that’s foreign other than your biological, native, or official name registered in school and documents. This doesn’t imply your Nigerian ancestry is not valuable, it’s only for the purpose of succeeding as a self-publisher on Amazon.

#4 Learn How To Create Best-Selling Books

If you glance through Amazon Kindle Store, you will find books with the best seller badge to indicate they have been doing massively well in sales. For your information, Amazon KDP is very meticulous about sales than anything and uses it as the basis to measure your success.

When you see independent publishers make as much as $50,000 monthly in sales you may wonder why such a result is possible in the first place. The secret is several of their books are best sellers!

Best Selling Books Creation Secrets

For you to create best-seller books on Amazon, follow the guide below:

  • Find a HOT market of people who are willing to pay for your offer; create books on topics people are searching for
  • Discover what the people in the HOT market want
  • Create what they want
  • Make it easy for people to find or discover the product you created
  • Persuade them to buy once they see it
  • Make the price reasonable enough
  • Carry out in-depth research to curate book content from reliable sources
  • Include a table of content
  • Break the content of your book into chapters and sub-headings for easy consumption
  • Make your work extremely valuable and one that provides the exact solution to your readers

#5 Understand Book Cover Designs In Amazon KDP

It’s always said you don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the business model, it’s the reverse! No matter how loaded the content of your book is if your book cover sucks, you may not be happy with the result you would get.

You must invest a solid amount of time in making sure you come up with a killer book cover design that will blow the minds of your potential readers, even if it means hiring professional graphic designers, it’s that serious!

#6 Learn How To Grab Attention Instantly

Note, you are not the only one publishing similar topics on the same niches, there are tons of authors dragging the juicy spot with you, so you have to be very creative and compelling in your approach when it comes to creating and publishing your books.

There are three aspects you can grab attention instantly;

  1. Your book title
  2. Your book sub-title
  3. Your book cover

You must combine these three forces to get the right result as a self-publisher on Amazon KDP. Your book title is the first sight your readers catch a glance of when they are on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Hence, if your book title is not wooing enough you will receive fewer clicks leading to poor sales.

Your book sub-title is another crucial part to grab immediately. This aspect gives or throws more light on the subject matter. The book sub-title gives an extensive explanation of the book title and helps readers to see their pain points and the solution they hope to get in the process.

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Lastly, your book cover also describes in summary what people should expect in the book. Your cover designs; images, fonts, color combination, graphics, book title, and sub-title are basic to enhance your click-through rate (CTR).

#7 Maximize Trends & Seasons

I discovered that a lot of authors take advantage of trends to make a lot of sales. How to do this by searching for topics or events that are trending in the world at a moment utilizing Google Trends.

For instance, the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022 was a major trend in the whole wide world for a few days, and it had over 10 million searches on Google Trends in one day!

Covid-19 was also a very major trend in 2020, and several authors took advantage of it to create best-seller books on how to make facemasks.

In the same way, you too can look out for major trending events in the world by following the top 10 American news channels on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

When you follow them, you will be receiving notifications on current trends of events taking place, from there you head over to Google and research the book content, create it, and publish it.

#8 Learn How To Create Or Generate Content For Your Books

This is where some independent self-publishers get stuck when starting out with Amazon KDP. It’s obvious that we struggle a lot to find content for our books. However, it’s not as tasking as we feel it is, all you have to do is follow the simple guide below;

  • Discover what people are actually looking for in a specific niche
  • Search for the keywords
  • Go to Google and type in the keywords, for instance, “How To Lose Weight Fast”
  • Get ideas on what other blogs are talking about weight loss
  • Jot down the points that interest you
  • Create an outline and start developing your book content from the ideas you got
  • Format it on either Google Docs or MS Word
  • Download it as a docs file, epub, or Rich Text Format
  • There you go! Was that not simple?

#9 Get Trained

Every lecturer was once a student! You can’t accelerate your success in Amazon KDP if you are not properly trained. Don’t let anybody fool you, there are no valuable free things online.

There are no quick fixes in the Kindle Direct Publishing business. If you don’t have a mentor who will take you by the hand and show you a step-by-step process, you will only be dancing with the bandwagon of frustrated self-publishers who want to try it on their own without a coach.

Going to YouTube to watch free methods will not help either. Personally, I needed to submit to training after trying all I could to do it myself by buying a course. There are secret strategies you will learn that you will never watch on YouTube or see on blogs, but only in a course!

Therefore, we recommend the best Amazon KDP coach in Africa’s viable Amazon KDP Course For Smartphones and all kinds of devices for you to climb to the apex of financial freedom.

In this course, you will learn all the secret strategies my students and I are using to make over $50,000 every month!

The course is loaded with over 50 detailed videos showing you the very best method you will live to thank us for the rest of your lives! The strategy we use is “Creating Books Without Writing.” That means you will not get caught up with the hassles of writing the content of your books manually.

One of the major tricks you will learn in this course is how to create 2 books within an hour using a secret robot with 100% plagiarism-free (worth $150, but given for free – you won’t find this anywhere!)

Hope this article was valuable in some way. If so, kindly help share with your friends and family to also access the value you just did. And if you have further questions, use the comment section without restriction and we will respond promptly. Thank you!


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