How To Do Yahoo

How To Do Yahoo Another Way Without Being Arrested

How to do Yahoo is a severe trend in Nigeria since its inception. Yahoo boys have been on a rampage for quite some years now! Because of its popularity, many young boys (including secondary school leavers) want to be part of it.

How To Do Yahoo -

This system or strategy of making money through fraudulent activities was captured long ago. Still, it came to the limelight recently when young boys began displaying their lavish lifestyles on social media platforms as an offshoot of Internet fraud.

Be that as it may, these guys get arrested every now and then by the Economic Financial Crime Commission, otherwise known as EFCC, and other security agencies in Nigeria. Of course the likes of Hushpuppi!

What Is Yahoo?

For your information, this is not the original Yahoo mail account that was prevalent years ago before Gmail took over.

“Yahoo Yahoo” as they call it is a form of fraud where an individual tricks another individual by pretending to be intimate with him/her in order to scam him or her of money.

Yahoo-Yahoo is a scam that started in the early 2000s on the internet. In the past, boys used to go to cyber café and pay for all-night internet access.

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With a phone today, you can become a yahoo boy. That’s how far it has metamorphosed.

The pioneers of Nigeria’s internet scam used Yahoo messengers as their social media platform to make money. Nobody uses Yahoo messenger today. However, it is still noteworthy that the internet scam was attributed to Yahoo.

Moreover, Nigeria is known as the number one country for “Yahoo Yahoo.” And white women are often victims of Nigerian Yahoo boys!

Yahoo Formats

Yahoo is associated with different formats such as;

  • Acting as a celebrity
  • Sugar daddy
  • Forging fake medical bills
  • Using an online dating format
  • Hookup
  • Credit card billing
  • Business
  • Military format


  • Laptop
  • Fast internet connection and sufficient data plan
  • Sophisticated smartphone
  • Using a strong VPN to secure foreign location
  • Good with words that compel

How Long Does It Take For a Yahoo Boy To Pick?

Have you ever asked this question amidst desiring to know how to do Yahoo? You probably may have!

The truth is you have been LIED to from the onset. It doesn’t take three months to pick, it takes a very long time!

We had a conversation with an upcoming Yahoo Boy, a very close pal, he said he was still trying to cash out.

Looking at him, he was worn out and frustrated that it took so long. It’s funny how he waited that long when he could have made so much from Digital Skills.

The Bitter Truth

You can never be a successful Yahoo boy without soiling your hands in blood and fetish activities!

What a bitter pill to swallow, yet nothing but the truth. Go and ask those that have gone ahead of you if they knew how to do Yahoo with white eyes and clean hands!

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Oh, it has a name now! What’s it called? Yahoo Plus! See, we have seen hundreds of young Nigerians wanting to become Yahoo boys/girls, but how many of them actually succeed?

Do you think you can pick $50,000 just like that from your supposed “maga”? No way! Let’s guide you through a secret!

How To Do Yahoo Without EFCC Coming For You

We will show you how to do Yahoo in another way that will fetch you extraordinary pay with peace of mind.

Is there any other way you can learn how to do Yahoo without being arrested? Yes, there is!

This way is the opposite of Yahoo! It’s called Skills, Investments, and Recurring Income Systems.

These three methods can pay you and your generations to come. In case nobody told you this, we would do you a disservice to follow suit.

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Well, we have seen other websites promoting Yahoo fraud only to create more fraudsters and victims in our society.

It’s a shame that young people between the ages of 15 – 25 are cajoled into believing they can be successful in anything without paying the price!

Is it not better to pay the price and acquire skills so that you can enjoy your wealth with peace of mind and safety?

Let’s discuss these systems right away! We pray you to leave sentiments and stay till the end of this article.

#1 Skills

Skills are abilities you acquire or learn in order to attend to people’s challenges/needs, hence reaping the rewards thereafter.

Your skills can be monetized! What are you good at doing? Increase the level of your skill and get paid more.

We know that every individual who lands on this post wants to learn how to do Yahoo. That tells the kind of skill set that could be recommended for you – Digital Skills!

You can acquire any of these skills;

  • Web Development (you can charge $1500)
  • Graphics Design ($150 per design)
  • Video Editing ($250 per 30 seconds video)
  • Coding ($5000 per job)
  • App Development ($2500 per app job)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO – $3500 per job))
  • Blockchain Technology ($50,000 – $150,000 per job)
  • Software Development ($25,000 – $65,000 per job)

Those figures are not just made-up stories, some young Nigerians are earning these per job completed!

That’s to tell you that Yahoo boys drive Benz, and skilled people can also own many of them!

#2 Investments

Instead of risking your dear life for Yahoo and being tagged a fraudster, why not take advantage of investment platforms where you can get a return on investment?

Not all investment platforms are scams. With Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), you can earn 5% daily for as low as $20 (20 USDT).

There are also legit and reputable apps you can invest in foreign stocks and local companies that are into production and earn dividends.

#3 Recurring Income Systems

There are recurring income generators that can make you wealthy without EFCC coming after you.

We will recommend a few;

Affiliate Marketing

With a system like this, you can churn in $15000 monthly selling other people’s products. And if you know how to promote affiliate links strategically, you will be amazed at the sales you will record daily.

This is a unique business model a lot of young Nigerians leverage to foot their bills. Using platforms like Learnoflix Affiliate Program, Expertnaire, Digitstem, etc.

You can get started with Learnoflix if you need a recommendation because the entry price is not too high.

Follow other well-meaning Nigerians on the right path to true wealth, even as a student.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Won’t you like to earn $11,000 monthly by simply uploading 15 – 25 pages of word documents? You can read the complete guide if you want to know how it works.

We have recorded a full Amazon KDP Course of over 50 videos that can show the exact strategy we use to make $350 daily.

In that course, you will learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create quality books without writing them yourself.

Does it sound better than Yahoo? Much more if you would be sincere!

Start a Blog

The essence of a recurring income system is that when you set it up, you keep earning money round the clock even while asleep.

And blogging is one of the most profitable recurring income systems to cash out consistently for as long as you live!

There are earning opportunities in blogging like Google AdSense revenue, affiliate marketing, selling your own digital products, sponsored post income, etc.

What does blogging entail? Putting up information on a website for people to read.

The goal is to publish articles that will address the challenges or meet the needs of your readers.

When readers interact with your blog and get much value, you will make money in return.

All you need to start a profitable blog that generates $55,000 monthly from home is HERE!

Content Writing

Do you know how to write on any topic or subject matter? Why not harness this skill and get paid handsomely? Check out free blogging platforms you can write for free!

A lot of companies, organizations, brands, corporations and top-notch website owners are looking for writers to employ.

There are industries that will pay you as high as $67 per article you write for them. How about if you write 10 articles per week?

That’s $670 per week equivalent to N502,500 weekly and $2680 (N2,010,000) monthly! Can your Yahoo aspirations beat that?

Wrapping Up

How to do Yahoo shouldn’t be an option, because you can make money while you sleep legitimately.

If this post didn’t meet your expectations, take it in good faith that we are only trying to divert your focus.

Knowing that with the same energy and tenacity you would execute on Yahoo Yahoo fraud can as well be invested in skills, investments, and recurring income systems.


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