How to Get NHire Epin And Earn N50000 Daily With Smartphone

How to get NHire Epin is simple if you want to get started with NHire Group. A lot of people find it difficult to access the NHIRE E-pin because they don’t know what it is. So, in this post, we will show the step-by-step process on how to get NHire Epin and the hacks to earn N50,000 daily.

What Is NHire Epin?

NHire E-pin is simply a coupon code used by NHire users to activate their accounts. Without the e-pin, your registration won’t go through. It would be an effort in futility to try to register directly on the NHIRE platform without a “Job Pass” via a referral link.

Now, for your information, the “Job Pass” you encounter on the registration page of NHire while trying to register is the actual NHire E-pin that will aid in your account activation.

What Is NHire?

NHire Group is a platform where you perform simple jobs and refer people to earn money passively. It’s more like passive income.

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How Does NHire Work?

  • You get job notifications on your dashboard
  • Engage the job, complete it, and get paid
  • Refer friends and family to earn affiliate commissions
  • Repeat the process

Job Permit Levels In NHire

There are two types of job permits in NHire; Part-time and Full-time.

Part-time [N11,500]

  • The registration fee is N11,500
  • The daily earning is N4000
  • The referral commission is N5000
  • Withdrawal is daily, with a minimum of N20,000

Full-time [N23,000]

  • The registration fee is N23,000
  • The daily earning is N6,000.
  • The Referral Commission is N11,000
  • Withdrawal is daily, with a minimum balance of N20,000

NOTE: NHire Part-time Vs Full-time

You must note that as a part-time user, you can only register as a part-time user as well. If you register as a full-time user, you won’t earn any commission.

As a full-time user, you are at liberty to register both part-time and full-time users and earn commissions from them. As such, you will earn N11,000 when you register as a full-time user and N5,000 when a part-time user registers via your unique referral link.

On August 1, the registration fee increased to N11,500 for part-time and N23,000 for full-time, respectively.

NHire Account Validation

You should also be aware that after activating your account, you will still be required to validate your account to gain access to your salary dashboard and job office.

Hence, to validate your account as a full-time user, you will need to pay N3,000. And you will only pay N2,000 as a part-time user.

How to Get NHire Epin Instantly

Getting NHIRE EPin is very simple and straight to the point. See the steps below:

  • To get started, CLICK HERE
  • Indicate which work permit level you want [Part-time or Full-time]
  • Make payment
  • Access the e-pin
  • Get registration link
  • Activate your account

Summary: How to Get NHire Epin

Getting your “Job Pass” or e-pin is not rocket science. As such, with just a click to access the right person, your e-pin can be secured instantly. All you have to do is trash trust issues if you have them and come with an open mind if you want to make money.


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