How to Make $100 Per Day in 2024

How to Make $100 Per Day

How to Make $100 Per Day – The first $1 you make online is said to be the most difficult to make.

All that remains is to rinse and repeat the process.

That is correct.

But we don’t want to be stuck in the cycle of producing $1 and hope to survive.

How about we raise the bar a notch? How about trying to amass some cash?

As a digital nomad, you are always racing against the clock. You want to make the greatest money and live in the best neighborhoods at the lowest possible cost.

No time for shitty tasks that drain you while paying pennies.

So, stacking as much $100 should be the goal, to enable you keep on living the nomad lifestyle.

So, how can you make $100 per day with a few online tasks?

Here’s how.


Technical Freelancing

My online income was literally transformed overnight right from when I started to understand and implement technical freelancing.

I’ve discovered that many freelancers today are just trying to get by.

They may enjoy what they are doing, they may have loads of clients with unending jobs, but their earnings suffer due to what I call freelance inefficiency.

Show me a struggling freelancer today and I’ll show you how they could double or even triple their earnings without making any noise or carrying out any wholesale changes.

Like they say, the devil is in the details.

Almost overnight, I moved from barely making $500 per month to making more than $5,000.

Simply by going the way of technical freelancing.


Making $100 Per Day… Literally Just Sleeping

One thing I’ve discovered is that many people are scared of the word “technical.”

I remember when I first told a friend about technical freelancing, he thought it was for tech people and not for “ordinary” freelance hustlers like him.

Well, I was so so glad to burst his bubble.

Anyone with ANY digital skill at all can do technical freelancing.

Digital skills are already technical in nature. It doesn’t matter whether you write about cats or if you are just cropping a Canva template.

As long as you have a digital skill that someone somewhere has paid for in the past, you can do technical freelancing.

The secret is in the application.

Now, let me blow your mind. Before you knew of Apple inc, what comes to your mind when you see someone designing an apple on a computer?

You probably view them as a Photoshop timewaster.

But someone took that apple image, gave it a unique design (apple bite) and turned it into a powerful brand that is arguably the most valued company in the world today.

That’s not just a drawing. That’s a technical application.

Now, you know where I’m going.


Digital Nomad: The Art of Sleeping and Making Money

I heard a very funny story recently about digital nomads being lazy and all they do is sleep all day.

The story was quite funny and surprisingly, somewhat true.

But only about 5% of digital nomads enjoy that kind of lifestyle.

In fact, I’m of the opinion that the richest digital nomads today do not really do much work. They set up performance systems that consistently deliver high-quality results.

But most importantly, they utilize their digital skills for effective technical freelancing.


Technical Freelancing: Infinite Earnings for a Weekend’s Job

So, what really is technical freelancing?

How do you start making at least $100 per day doing simple online tasks that would normally pay less?

Technical freelancing is a systematic approach to channeling digital skills where they are likely to bring better returns.

The technicality is not really in the task more than it is in the thinking.

You have to look at your niche, the competition, the client offerings, the market, etc, and think of ways to multiply your effort for maximum returns.

Do you want to use your digital skills to create a product that can be sold a million times without you lifting a finger?

Or would you like to serve a million clients using your digital skills?

The difference in the tasks is the application while the difference in the result is time.

While you could make almost the same earnings with both processes, the second one would take years to achieve.

Now the ensuing question is, would you like to earn $100k per year or earn that same amount over the course of a 20-year career?

You see, while there is a potential to continuously earn money with your digital skills, we all have limited time in our careers.

So, why not bring out the whole juice in one squeeze?


Creating Digital Products For Sale

The quickest way to do technical freelancing is to create digital products for sale.

The good news is, no matter your niche, anyone can create digital products for sale.

Writer? Create an ebook or journal.

Designer? Create design templates and prototypes.

Web developer? Create scripts, plugins, APIs.

The quickest way to know what digital product to create is to look at popular demands from clients.

Can you automate a popularly demanded task?

Can you create a digital product that carries the solutions to most of your client’s demands?

That’s probably a cue to creating a great digital product.


Offering Digital Services for Technical Problems

While you can freelance by offering services that fill a need, you can also offer services that solve problems.

In my experience, the latter has a higher chance of attracting top dollar.

That’s another way of implementing technical freelancing.

By matching your digital skills to high-demand technical problems that pay high.

You could be a regular digital whiteboard animator, but what if you could help legal businesses create a business whiteboard explainer to transcribe most of their client-related FAQs?

If you were a programmer, what if you could help busy real estate agents create a chatbot to help them respond to clients and close sales faster?

If you were a writer, what if you could research and write a menu book for disease-fighting foods to help pet owners get their pets to eat healthier?

These are deep solutions that could potentially solve problems for clients and get them paying top dollar for digital services.


$100 Per Day: The Possibilities

A lot of new freelancers find it hard to believe that making $100 per day is possible. However, the reality says otherwise.

In reality, the average daily earnings on many freelance sites today is about $250.

While freelancers on the top side could earn up to $2000 per day, those on the lower side could earn as low as $5.

However, when you consider the average based on the daily consistency of earnings, making $250 daily is a real possibility for many freelancers.

For example, one time, I had a “gig streak” where I was making an average of $400 per day, which lasted for about a month.

These “gig streaks” do happen when a niche gets trendy or when you find a virgin niche with new clients coming in.

Now, if that was possible with just a regular freelance gig, imagine how much you can make with technical freelancing.

I’m of the opinion that with technical freelancing, anyone anywhere could at least double their online income instantly just by retargeting the way they deliver their online tasks.

In fact, if you’re currently making less than $50 per day right now, I guarantee you that you could be making around $100 if you switch to technical freelancing.

Just give it a try and see your online income skyrocket.

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