How To Make ₦3k Daily In Nigeria Without Investment

How To Make ₦3k Daily In Nigeria

How to make 3k daily in Nigeria is as simple as ABC. However, it can be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it, especially when you have to do everything from scratch without spending a dime.

Can I Make ₦3k Daily With Smartphone Without Investment?

Yes, you can! ₦3k is not an amount or a figure you should struggle to earn even in an hour, not to talk of an entire day (24 hours). All you need is accurate knowledge and strategy to get started.

In this post, we will be unveiling one profitable business idea you can execute with your smartphone and make a minimum of ₦3,000 every day while chilling on the sofa at home. Let’s dive!


  • Smartphone
  • Data
  • WhatsApp
  • Working an hour daily
  • Determination
  • Consistency

Your smartphone is not just for calls and taking selfies, it can generate thousands for you! Do you know the WhatsApp Messenger app? That’s right! It’s our secret cash-breathing machine, you can call it a cash cow!

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Young entrepreneurs in Nigeria have discovered a goldmine on WhatsApp and it’s been utilized daily to churn in several thousands of Naira monthly. We will show you!

How To Make ₦3k Daily In Nigeria With WhatsApp

STEP #1: Brainstorm An Idea

The first step to making over ₦3k daily in Nigeria is having an idea of what people want. There are a lot of ideas that can make you good money if you can only do great diligence to scout them out.

A few ideas we would suggest for you to get started with are as follows:

  • Hair growth hack
  • Fertility (getting pregnant for women)
  • Weight loss
  • Body part enlargement
  • Hacks to increase might in the other room
  • Skincare
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Health remedies
  • Personal finance (how to generate income through speculations and businesses)

You may not involve yourself with all of the above-listed ideas to make money, but you can engage a few with large markets/audiences that are very profitable.

What you need to know is whatever idea you are developing on must solve the very problem it’s intended for, ultimately. For instance, if you are creating an ebook or video to help ladies deal with a stunted hair growth problem, then that challenge must be addressed specifically.

Your creation must be valuable to the market you are targeting, and the people testifying positively about the change they experience using your product.

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When you have gotten an idea of what could solve people’s problems, the next thing to do is create the product that would ultimately be the solution they are looking for.

STEP #2: Turn The Idea Into a Product

Ideas can only remain abstract if they are not converted into tangible things. All the awesome creations you admire now were once ideas in the creators’ minds.

To this end, if you are creating a product that guides women on how to get rid of acne from their faces, then endeavor to do due diligence in gathering information on the subject matter, as well as the cure!

When that is done, you now compile the information into either an ebook or video format. In this case, we would recommend an ebook format. However, do what works best for you and your targeted audience.

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If you choose to go with the ebook format, using Google Docs app on your smartphone is just fine to create the digital or information product, and then save it as a PDF file on your phone that you can access easily.

Now that your information product is ready for the market, the last thing you are going to do is market it to your audience.

STEP #3: Promote Your Product On WhatsApp

If you have been underrating your WhatsApp or only using it for fun, get to business now! Your WhatsApp status (otherwise known as WhatsApp TV) can be a game-changer for you financially.

All you have to do is upload the mockup of your information product (ebook) on your status every 24 hours and see the magic that happens. Ensure the price of your product is considerate.

How To Sell Effortlessly On WhatsApp

  • Build quality WhatsApp contacts that are likely to buy from you
  • Make sure your ebook cover design is professional and sleek
  • Ensure your product price is reasonable based on its value depth
  • Upload your product consistently till you start attracting buyers (the truth is people are viewing your status every time you upload anything. Someone might know another person who may need your product to deal with a particular issue)
  • Keep building up your WhatsApp contact base to attract more viewers to your status

Wrapping Up

Making ₦3k daily in Nigeria is not hard, people don’t just know how to, or the strategy to earn that amount every day. If you actually observed while reading through this post, we didn’t mention any amount it would cost you to get started.

That is to make you understand this process will cost you no dime to set up. We are in an era where making money is easy, even without spending a kobo!

As such, we believe this article would be a starting point for you to generate hundreds of thousands of Naira monthly by taking advantage of a simple business model we have shown you.

Kindly share, and see you at the top!



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