How to Make Money with Roqqu In Nigeria ~ Earn ₦50k Daily

Let us show you how to make money with Roqqu in Nigeria as a complete beginner, even if you don’t have any idea of how to trade cryptocurrency on any exchange. You can earn a minimum of ₦50,000 daily from home.

What Is Roqqu?

Roqqu represents a cryptocurrency exchange that provides individuals with the ability to purchase, sell, and securely store various cryptocurrencies.

Operating under the legal framework of Lithuania, Roqqu UAB Technologies holds a license (license number 305963619) granted by the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) of Lithuania.


This license allows Roqqu to operate as a fully regulated digital asset operator, extending its services across 28 countries in Europe and Africa.

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Established in 2017, Roqqu was brought to life by a dedicated group of seasoned entrepreneurs who possess a deep-rooted enthusiasm for blockchain technology.

how to make money with roqqu

The primary objective of the company is to facilitate a simple and secure means for individuals from all walks of life to engage in the buying, selling, and safeguarding of cryptocurrencies.

How to Make Money with Roqqu In Nigeria

#1 Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

The most prevalent approach to earning money through cryptocurrencies is by capitalizing on price fluctuations. This involves purchasing cryptocurrencies when their prices are relatively low and subsequently selling them when their prices rise.

It’s important to note that this strategy carries a certain level of risk due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, which can experience significant fluctuations.

#2 Referral Bonuses

Roqqu provides an enticing referral bonus program that allows you to earn commissions on the trading fees of friends you refer to the platform.

This presents an excellent opportunity to generate passive income, particularly if you possess an extensive network of friends and family who are interested in cryptocurrency trading.

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By referring individuals to Roqqu, you can reap the benefits of earning commissions based on their trading activity, making it a potentially lucrative avenue for additional income.

#3 Infinity Loans

Roqqu introduces a cryptocurrency loan product known as Infinity Loans, enabling users to borrow USDT against their existing cryptocurrency assets. This innovative service offers a means to access liquidity without the need to sell one’s cryptocurrencies outright.

However, it is crucial to bear in mind that borrowing through Infinity Loans entails the responsibility of repaying the loan along with accrued interest.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully evaluate your financial capacity to meet the repayment obligations before availing yourself of this service.

#4 Participate in Airdrops

Roqqu occasionally provides airdrops, which are complimentary tokens distributed to users. This presents an excellent opportunity to acquire cryptocurrency without any cost.

#5 Take Advantage of Promotions

Roqqu frequently organizes promotions, including trading competitions and giveaways, which present an exciting chance to win complimentary cryptocurrency or cash prizes.

Engaging in these events can be an excellent means to acquire free cryptocurrency or potentially secure monetary rewards.

Summing Up On How to Make Money with Roqqu In Nigeria

Please bear in mind that there is no assurance of financial gains when using Roqqu. The values of cryptocurrencies can experience significant fluctuations, and selling at an unfavorable moment may result in financial losses.

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that the referral bonus program and Infinity Loans are subject to potential modifications.


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