Humanatic: Review Calls And Get Paid Over $50 Daily

Review Calls And Get Paid

Humanatic happens to be one of the first legit platforms (if not the only one) that pay its users to review calls carried out by top companies across the globe.

Hey there! Have you ever imagined listening to a call that was recorded by another company during a business transactional follow-up call on a customer from a Customer Unit? If so, then we are about to blow your mind right away!

Do you know you can listen to these calls done by companies and get paid in the process? That is what this post is all about, so sit back and relax while we show you how to make over $50 daily reviewing calls.

Humanatic: What Are They?

Humanatic is a company that is responsible for recording calls for top companies that don’t have time to carry out this task due to the myriads of clients they interact with on a daily basis through phone calls.

Now, Humanatic comes in to ease this burden by keeping a record of the calls that these companies perform every day for later reference when needed.

Humanatic  -

However, most of these calls are recorded every minute, and Humanatic puts herself on the line to make sure no call is lost. Humanatic now says, “Okay John, register on our platform and apply for the job of reviewing these calls for us while we record directly from the companies involved!”

What we can deduce from here is that Humanatic serves as a hub where you perform the job of reviewing calls and getting paid in the process.

How Does Humanatic Work?

  1. They help clients to review their calls
  2. At the end of the day, they provide these companies with accurate reports
  3. With the valuable data, they will share, clients that they review calls to gain more sales

When you join the over 150,000 users around the world to earn, you will be given easy categories to review calls not up to 1 minute, some are even at most 30 seconds.

Then as you become older and used to the system, new and higher-paid categories will be unlocked for you to earn more.

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How To Register/Join

To join Humanatic is more like an application for a job. And you MUST have a verified Paypal account before you are accepted into their program. If you have a verified Paypal account, then CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Getting feedback on your application whether you have been accepted or not takes less than 24 hours, at times it may delay.


Humanatic  -
Humanatic – Earning Leaderboard


When you want to apply, you will click the “Log In With Paypal” button on the registration page of Humanatic. From there you will fill in your details after being confirmed that your Paypal account is verified. If you are accepted into the program, your login details will be sent to your email.

Withdrawal/Payment Schedule

Humanatic pays weekly; you withdraw on Wednesday then payment is processed and paid on Thursday of the same week. And the minimum to cash out is $10. Most times users receive payments on the same day!

Starting Out In Humanatic

Humanatic is one of the simplest sites to navigate through to find your way around. So, when starting out on the platform, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you will have access to two categories initially.

These two cats are Inbound and Live Conversation – Outbound.

Before you start reviewing calls, you need to go through the guide and pass a simple test to prove you will be able to handle the job efficiently.

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As good as Humanatic is, every platform can’t be that flawless, except they are scams. To be very frank with you, in starting out, you won’t really make as much as others who have been in the game for a long time.

That is to say, it involves a lot of time to really earn much. When we first began, we were paid $0.005 per call in the Live Conversation – Outbound Category, and $0.013 in Inbound Category.

Let’s do the Math: If you review 200 calls in a day that’s $1. If you review 400 calls that’s $2, and for you to make anything substantial, you need to consider reviewing at least 1000 calls ($5) to 4000 ($10) daily. That’s a lot!

Secondly, the platform has an Accuracy algorithm that monitors your reviews and gives you the report at the end of the day. So, if you are at least 85% accurate in your call reviews, you will be given higher-paid categories to earn more.

If the reverse is the case, you will be penalized, then if your accuracy continues dropping, you will be asked to reapply due to the fact that your account has been terminated because of incompetence to maintain a high level of accuracy.


Humanatic  -
Humanatic Dashboard


Thirdly, as you review, most calls can be very low in volume and have frequent technical issues that may not record the call you just reviewed.

And as such, having this at the back of your mind will serve you the stress of complaining unnecessarily and facing the reality. You know making legit money is not easy at all!

This may sound like what you never expected, but that’s just the way it is. The company says they lose a lot of money when users review inaccurately.

Final Note

From the proofs we have so far, we believe this is more like an answered prayer or a wish of someone who desired to work online and earn money from home. Right here is an opportunity in front of your screen.

Humanatic may not pay that huge in the beginning, but as you continue upping your accuracy game, you get the chance to perform jobs in the upper echelons and earn as much as $0.5 per call review.

Be that as it may, don’t just go through this post without taking action because this can actually serve as a passive income to augment your finances in 2023 and beyond.

So for this platform, we strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to join us, and the beautiful thing is they accept users worldwide. Thank you for reading!



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