Ice Network Mining: Pi Network’s Twin Is Here [Claim 10 ICE]

Ice Network Mining anticipated its launching date which was slated on the 4th of April 2023. And finally, it’s launched. As such, you can claim 10 ICE immediately after you register and start mining.

Ice is set to be launched on April 4, pending the successful completion of the final testing phases. This innovative mobile mining platform enables users to mine ICE using their smartphones.

ice network mining

Ice Network Mining App Launched

Introducing Ice, the newest digital currency in the industry that offers users the opportunity to mine it directly from their mobile phones!

Drawing comparisons with the renowned mining platform, Pi Network, this groundbreaking protocol is scheduled for its official launch on April 4.

As per updates from the protocol’s social media channels, the team is currently in the final testing phase leading up to the official launch on the predetermined date.

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On March 24, the pre-release test version of Ice became available, allowing users to download the application exclusively on Android devices. At present, the application remains inaccessible to iOS users.


However, the protocol announced on March 23 that if Apple does not approve the iOS app, iOS users will have the option to utilize a web version of the application instead.

“For iOS, we are still waiting on @Apple to approve our app. If, for some reason, Apple will not approve the app in time for 4th April, iOS users will be able to use a mobile web light version,” Ice wrote on Telegram.”

Ice Network Mining

As the official launch approaches, the team has been making notable strides during the final testing phase. To facilitate a smooth launch, there will be a temporary downtime of the application on March 3.

This period of downtime is crucial and aims to ensure that everything proceeds as planned for the upcoming launch.

“To facilitate these tests, our system will be down for a short period today. If everything goes well, we’ll be on track for our release tomorrow at 4:04 AM GMT+4,” Ice wrote.”

Ice Network Mining

Ice will continue to keep users informed about any developments and adjustments to the schedule through regular updates. Users can also stay updated on the protocol’s progress by following 9BH.

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In the meantime, interested users can download the application from Ice’s official website and begin mining. Additionally, the Ice “Knowledge Base” is available for users to explore and learn more about the protocol’s features.

Summary: Ice Network Mining

Ice is an innovative decentralized network that offers users the opportunity to mine a digital currency using their mobile phones, completely free of charge.

What sets Ice apart is its governance structure, which is controlled by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

This means that users have the ability to actively participate and influence the development of the protocol.

To get started, users can join the Ice network by receiving an invitation from an existing member. This allows them to begin earning rewards and building their own micro-communities right away, creating a vibrant ecosystem within the Ice network.


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