IGreef Review: Is IGreef legit? How Much Can You Make Daily?

IGreef Technology happens to be one of those platforms online that rewards its users with some incentives when they get involved in tasks. The system promises to make a lot of young Nigerians rich in the shortest possible time.

However, this post seeks to unravel all that there is to know about the platform and the nitty-gritty details you need to arm yourself with before venturing into this terrain. Okay, let’s dive right in!

What Is IGreef?

IGreef is a cool Nigerian financial platform that lets you make money in fun and interesting ways on the internet. If you have ever come across task-paying platforms that ask you to complete an action and get paid, then IGreef is a replica!

How Does IGreef Work?

The platform gives users the express opportunity to earn some passive income by simply engaging and completing tasks. IG operates by linking people with advertisers and companies.

To be sure, advertisers and brands pay IGreef to showcase their stuff to IGreef users. IGreef then shares some of this money with the users who help promote the products.

Earning Structure

  • Registration Fee = N5000
  • Registration Bonus = N3000
  • Daily Login = N300
  • Greef Vlog = N400
  • Greef Trend = N100
  • You Will Earn N3800 Per User You Invite.
  • Indirect Bonus = N300
  • 3rd Generation Bonus = N150
  • 4th Generation Indirect = N50

How to Make Money On IGreef

IGreef gives users different ways to make money, like:

Fun Challenges:

IGreef users can take part in fun challenges to earn cash and prizes. These challenges can be simple, like watching videos, doing surveys, or playing games.

Social Media Ads:

IGreef users can make money by sharing brands and products on social media. They can post, run ads, or just chat with others about these brands on social media.

Teamwork with Influencers:

IGreef users can team up with influencers to promote IG and make money. They can create content together, host giveaways, or just help each other out online.

Customized Ads:

IGreef users can design and show custom ads on IG to make money. It’s a good way to reach specific people and talk about stuff that interests them.

Referral Program:

IGreef users can invite new users to join IG and earn some money from what their friends and family make. It’s an easy way to make money by telling people about IGreef.

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IGreef Crypto Exchange

Explore the fascinating universe of crypto trading at iG! Easily purchase and sell your preferred cryptocurrencies while reaping the rewards of potential interest gains. Utilize our secure platform to stay informed about the most recent market developments. Begin your crypto adventure with IG today!


πŸ’°Additionally, you can tap into the potential of Pi cryptocurrency on IG! Effortlessly trade Pi and witness your investment flourish with beneficial interest. Become part of a lively community of Pi enthusiasts and delve into the thrilling realm of decentralized finance. Commence your Pi trading journey at IG today and maximize the value of your digital assets!

Is IGreef Registered With CAC?

Getting verified by CAC is like reaching a big goal for IGREEF TECHNOLOGY. Think of it as a gold star for the company. It means that iGreef has done everything it needs to do to meet CAC’s rules and standards. 🌟

This makes IG look really good and trustworthy. It’s like when someone you don’t know asks for your help and you know they have a badge from a trusted organization. You’re more likely to say yes, right? That’s what this CAC verification does for iGreef. It makes people want to use IG and invest in it. πŸ‘


With this verification, IG can proudly show off its special features, the cool things it does, and the awesome community it has. It’s like having a cool new toy and showing it to all your friends. πŸš€

Plus, it opens the door to doing cool stuff on social media, teaming up with famous people, and showing ads to the right people. All of this is great for the people who use iGreef. They can have even more fun and make more money! πŸ’°

When you see that iGreef has received confirmation from CAC, you can rest assured that they are deeply committed to providing a safe and enjoyable space for you to engage, enjoy yourself, and potentially earn money on a daily basis! πŸŽ‰

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I bet you’re spending quite a bit on data and phone credit, huh? Would you like to top up your phone’s credit and get some data? You can easily buy both with a single payment of 5,000 naira.


Benefits of Joining the Winning Team

I’m excited to announce a limited-time offer for just 20 people who are ready to sign up at a reduced price of 4,500 naira, instead of the usual 5,000 naira. 😌

Here are the exclusive benefits you’ll enjoy when you secure your registration slot with me: 😌

  1. Gain access to my mentorship group, where I’ll guide newcomers on how to make a daily income of 20,000 naira. πŸš€
  2. Receive access to valuable tools like a WhatsApp automation app, autoresponder, auto-save feature, and e-books that will empower you in the online world. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’š
  3. As a vendor, you’ll tap into insider knowledge about IGREEF, ensuring you’re well-informed and poised for success. πŸ’šπŸ«΅
  4. When you achieve specific milestones within my team (e.g., earning 50 to 100,000 naira), you’ll be eligible for extra cash rewards! πŸ˜ŒπŸ’š
  5. Access special tips and strategies to excel in networking and affiliate marketing.
  6. I’ll provide guidance on content creation and teach you the art of effective copywriting. πŸ“

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Secure your spot now and unlock these incredible benefits. 🌟

Withdrawal Mode

Affiliates: As an IG affiliate, you are given access to cash out every Sunday. It’s more like saying every 7-day interval. That is four withdrawals per month.

Non-Affiliates: For IG non-affiliates, your actual payday holds twice a month, still on Sunday. That means you can only withdraw your earnings every 14 days and only on Sundays.

Is IGreef Legit?

I may not be able to answer whether or not the platform is legit, for obvious reasons that it’s not launched yet. When it’s finally launched on September 25, 2023, I will be able to express my own peace of mind.

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