Is CALA Investment Legit? $420 Daily On CALA Robot Trading

Is CALA Investment Legit? This is the question a lot of people are asking in order to know what steps to take; either to go all in, invest a little, or have nothing to do with the platform.

In this post, I will be talking about the platform, exposing the benefits and dangers involved if you must consider giving it a try.


CALA AI Technology is a cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes artificial intelligence or a trading robot and algorithms to buy digital currencies when they are low and sell them when they rise in value, and this process is done automatically without human intervention.

Arbitrage System With CALA AI

It may interest you to know that CALA AI uses an arbitrage system of trading; which is the process of making a profit by buying a cheaper cryptocurrency, storing it in your digital wallet, and immediately selling it in exchange to purchase an altcoin that differentiates.

Is CALA Investment Legit

Arbing is when you take advantage of differences in prices between similar assets or the same asset at different locations. The difference is usually arbitrage such as currency pairs to crypto pairs or vice versa. This comes from market liquidity discrepancies in which the buyers and sellers are located in different countries.

Now you know how CALA Investment does its cryptocurrency trading business, let’s proceed to how it works. CALA AI Technology is similar to Royal Q Robot.

How CALA AI Investment Works

  • When you register to get started, you will be presented with 5 Robots
  • You pick a robot and activate it
  • Then the AI will give you a daily return on investment (ROI)
  • Each robot is programmed to run for 30 days (that’s one month)
  • When 30 days are completed, your capital will be refunded to your wallet which can be withdrawn instantly
  • You can withdraw your profits anytime and any day
  • You can withdraw to your USDT wallet and local bank account
  • Referral is optional

NOTE: Whatever money you earn from your investment does not include your capital, your capital will drop into your wallet at the end of the month, and you can either reactivate your robot to continue the business or quit.

CALA Robot Investment List

Robot No. 1 (Renting Amount: $2) & (Trading Capital: $30)

Robot No. 2 (Renting Amount: $5) & (Trading Capital: $100)

Robot No. 3 (Renting Amount: $25) & (Trading Capital: $500)

Robot No. 4 (Renting Amount: $100) & (Trading Capital: $2,000)

Robot No. 5 (Renting Amount: $500) & (Trading Capital: $10,000)

From the list above, you can see clearly that these are the available robots in CALA AI Technology, and their earnings vary depending on your investment.

CALA Robot Investment Revenue

Daily Earnings:

  • Robot No. 1 = $0.45
  • Robot No. 2 = $1.5
  • Robot No. 3 = $8
  • Robot No. 4 = $33
  • Robot No. 5 = $170

Monthly Earnings:

  • Robot No. 1 = $13.5
  • Robot No. 2 = $45
  • Robot No. 3 = $240
  • Robot No. 4 = $990
  • Robot No. 5 = $5,100

Yearly Earnings:

  • Robot No. 1 = $162
  • Robot No. 2 = $540
  • Robot No. 3 = $2,880
  • Robot No. 4 = $11,880
  • Robot No. 5 = $61,200

All these are profits only, when you add your capital every month end, you will have the following:

  • Robot No. 1 = $13.5 + $30 = $43.5
  • Robot No. 2 = $45 + $100 = $145
  • Robot No. 3 = $240 + $500 = $740
  • Robot No. 4 = $990 + $2000 = $2990
  • Robot No. 5 = $5,100 + $10,000= 15,100

Hope it’s making sense now. Let’s see how you can get started.

How To Register & Fund Your Account

  • UpSign up for your CALA AI account HERE
  • Log in and scroll down the homepage
  • Select the robot you wish to activate or hire (for better returns choose a higher-level robot)
  • Click on Recharge
  • Choose Online Payment 2
  • Copy the account number and paste it into your bank app
  • Send the stipulated amount to the account number and it’ll be funded instantly
  • Click on Contract to make a purchase
  • Click on Pay to confirm robot hire or activation
  • Click the human symbol on the right bottom of the screen
  • Click to view my Robot Warehouse
  • Find the robot you want to hire and click activate robot to begin the intelligent exchange. Boom! Your earnings start reflecting on your dashboard!

N/B: You can deposit with both USDT and Naira and also withdraw via the same method. If you are withdrawing in USDT it’s within a minute, and Naira is in 3 minutes. A minimum of N685 per 1 USDT in exchange rate!

How To Withdraw On CALA Investment

  • Login to your account
  • On the homepage, scroll down
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you wish to cash out (minimum withdrawal amount is $5)
  • Select the withdrawal method (USDT or Bank card)
  • Then click on Confirm

How To Add Your Withdrawal Details

  • On the homepage, click on the human symbol at the right bottom of your screen
  • On the top right corner of your screen, click on the green shield that has the settings symbol in the middle
  • Click on My Bank Card
  • Check the top right corner again and click on add
  • Select any of your preferred withdrawal methods
  • If USDT, go to Binance and copy your USDT wallet address, then paste it in the space provided
  • If it’s a Naira option, add your bank account details appropriately
  • Then click on Confirm
  • That’s it!


When your referred clients join CALA and start investing in bots, you will get an additional 3 part income


The customer you recommend recharges for the first time, and the system will give you a robot based on your customer’s initial recharge amount

① The first recharge ≥ 30 USD, you can get 1 Robot No. 1

②For the first recharge ≥$100, you can get 1 No. 2 robot

③For the first recharge ≥$500, you can get 3 No. 2 robots

④For the first recharge ≥$2000, you can get 5 No. 2 robots

⑤For the first recharge ≥$10000, you can get 2 No. 3 robots


Every time a customer you refer buys a bot, you get a 20%-40% commission on sales. [The specific commission ratio depends on your VIP level]

Say your friend buys a $100 robot, you can get a $20-40 commission on sales, which will be credited to your CALA account balance in real-time


You get 12% of the profits your clients make on investing in bots. For example, if your client makes $100 a day in profit, you will earn $12 in agency revenue. Agency income will be credited to your CALA account balance in real-time.

Is CALA Investment Legit? Is It Safe To Join?

Yes, at the moment it’s very legit and safe to join! As the saying goes, “the early bird eats the worm,” it would be wise if you took action now while you can instead of finding fault.

Be that as it may, they have a sophisticated office complex in Lagos that would likely guarantee its longevity. If truly the platform is using AI Technology as they claim, then I guess they could stay a little bit longer!

There is no need to beat about the bush, while you are doubting others are cashing out. With a minimum of $32 you are good to get started, you don’t need to invest your entire savings to prove a point (financial intelligence is required!)

Moreso, it’s a monthly investment, so you can decide to ride with SabrinasCALA for a few months (maybe three) and then quit if you want to.

Invest as a risk taker and do it wisely! If you need assistance, kindly drop a message on our WhatsApp number +2347065846940


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