Is Making Money Online A Waste of Time? 

Is Making Money Online A Waste of Time

Here is a draft introduction for an article exploring whether making money online is a waste of time:

You’ve probably seen the ads promising you can “make money from home” or “get rich quick” with some online money-making scheme. And maybe you’ve been tempted to give it a shot – who wouldn’t want easy passive income or a work-from-home side hustle? But is trying to make money online just a waste of time? You’re probably right to be skeptical.

While there are certainly legitimate ways to earn an income online, the vast majority of money-making opportunities don’t deliver on their lofty promises. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans lose over $350 million per year to online scams like pyramid schemes, fake investment opportunities, and sham business coaching services. Even legal online ventures usually require significant time investments before (and if) any profits materialize.

In this article, we’ll take an honest look at what’s really involved in making money online, from online surveys to dropshipping businesses to renting out assets. We’ll discuss why most digital income streams fail to generate meaningful cash. And we’ll give tips on how to spot online scams and identify the few online money-makers that may actually be worth your time. We may burst the bubble of get-rich-quick dreams, but we’ll also equip you to make smarter decisions if you really want to earn something extra online.

Having a Digital Skill

I’ll continue to say it, having a digital skill is half the requirement for making money online.

In my book, it’s a must.

You don’t want to be among the gullible crowd looking for nonexistent click-to-pay sites that waste your time.

You don’t want to walk the digital streets with only the hope that one day, somehow somewhere, you’ll pick up some money.

That’s a fool’s errand.

You need to acquire digital skills to minimize time-wasting while maximizing money-making.

Enough said.

Doing One Thing First

No guru started out doing everything.

They started from doing one thing first, maximizing their earnings, gaining some experience, and then moving on to other things.

If you find yourself in the online hustle culture, doing everything that comes your way but never making any profit, then that might be a sign that you’re doing it all wrong.

Find one thing and be good at it.

A good start is to start with a skill in a field you enjoy.




Just pick one thing and try to have fun doing it.

Keeping at It

At the start, most things would feel like a struggle, and that’s okay.

When you start out, you might not even make a dime in the first year.

That’s one of the reasons why you have to start with something you really enjoy doing.

When I launched Bizvestor, I didn’t try to make money for one whole year.

I was paying the hosting fees, and putting in the work to deliver high-quality content that reflects genuine information.

That’s a sign that I really enjoy this thing.

A good start is to find something you can do for one year without being paid, and stay dedicated to it.

Delivering Unique High-quality Value

If you want to start and continue making money online, then you have to play the long game.

And that means delivering unique high-quality value always.

My mantra is to always underpromise but overdeliver. I’d rather not get paid than have a client who is not satisfied with my work.

It’s not about making the money right now but building a reliable clientele who trust and swear by your service quality.

I’m proud to say that I’ve not had a single client who paid and used my service but never came back.

Not a single client.

The ones who didn’t enjoy my services didn’t have to pay for it. Because I don’t get paid to deliver a service. I get paid to have the customer satisfied.

And that’s the anchor on which great service businesses are built.

Hustle Mentality vs Brand Mentality

Lastly, if you want to stop wasting time online and start making money, then you have to quit being a hustler.

That doesn’t mean that you stop trying or testing things out. It’s actually a mindset shift.

While a hustle thinks of immediate gains, a brand looks at the big picture when creating a product or delivering a service.

While a hustler just wants to make his $10 today and damn the consequences, a brand wants to build the pipeline required to make that $10 every single day.

The people who make the most money online have realized that having repeat customers is more important and durable than just hopping from one opportunity to the next.

And that’s why they take their time to learn their craft, and take even more time to craft great products and services that truly satisfy their clients.

You should do the same if you want to make money online for a very long time.

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