Is Owodaily Legit: Is Owodaily Still Paying Now? Honest Review

We have been bombarded with questions like, “Is Owodaily legit?” and “Is Owodaily still paying now?” Well, Owodaily has been around for quite a few years, and its legitimacy has been seen over time.

According to its membership stats as of July 2023, it has a database of over 23,000 affiliates making money on the platform. And some of them have made a couple of millions in the course of their existence.

What Is Owodaily?

Owodaily serves as a digital affiliate network platform facilitating connections between business owners and digital workers. This Nigerian-based platform presents opportunities for users to generate income by engaging in uncomplicated tasks like website sign-ups, video viewing, and friend referrals.


Owodaily Founders & Launch Date

In 2017, Owodaily was established by Franklin Enwere and Sunday Ekpe, both entrepreneurs from Nigeria. Since its inception, the platform has experienced remarkable growth, attracting a user base of over 1 million individuals.

Impressively, Owodaily has disbursed commissions exceeding N1 billion to its users.

Milestones Achieved

Also, Owodaily boasts of a few achievements tied to its belt. And because of this, a lot of internet entrepreneurs recommend the site for passive income opportunities. As such, the stat is as follows:

#1 1 Million Plus Micro-Jobs Completed

Over a million micro-jobs have been successfully accomplished by digital workers within the Owodaily network. Members who actively participate in these micro-jobs are duly compensated for each triumphant job submission.

#2 22k Plus Micro-Influencers

With over 22,000 Micro-Influencers at your disposal, you can easily hire them for your performance-related campaigns through Owodaily. By utilizing the platform’s premium tools, you gain access to efficient campaign moderation features that ensure an impressive success rate of 99.99%.

#3 20k Plus Offers Completed

A wide array of digital offers are posted on the Owodaily network, catering to both micro-influencers and affiliates. As a member, you gain exclusive access to all the available offers on the platform.

This ensures that you have ample opportunities to complete or promote offers that align with your interests and objectives.

#4 Unlimited Possibilities

By becoming an active member, you join the digital marketing revolution and unlock your full potential as a micro-influencer, marketer, affiliate, or digital creator. Owodaily’s membership grants you access to boundless opportunities and rewards.

It all starts with our collaborative marketplace, where you can engage in successful campaigns and promotions with other members.

Additionally, our platform offers an academy where you can enhance your skills by learning the latest digital marketing strategies. As you progress, you have the opportunity to earn income through promoting various offers.

Moreover, you can enjoy cashback on all your purchases, adding an extra layer of benefit to your membership experience.

How Does Owodaily Work?

Owodaily operates as an online platform that provides opportunities for users to earn money. While specific details may vary, the general workings of the platform typically involve the following:


Users are required to sign up and create an account on the website or mobile application. This usually involves providing basic personal information and agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions.

Task Selection

It offers a range of tasks or activities that users can engage in to earn money. These tasks may include completing surveys, participating in online studies, testing products or services, watching videos, playing games, or other similar activities.

Task Completion

Users select and complete the tasks they are interested in. Each task usually has specific requirements or instructions that need to be followed. It’s important to pay attention to these guidelines to ensure proper completion.


Upon successful completion of tasks, users accumulate earnings. The amount of money earned may vary depending on the complexity and duration of the task. Owo-D typically credits the earnings to the user’s account on the platform.


Users can request to withdraw their accumulated earnings from Owodaily. The platform usually offers various withdrawal methods such as PayPal, bank transfers, or virtual currency options. It’s essential to review the platform’s withdrawal policies and any associated fees or minimum withdrawal thresholds.

Verification and Processing

Owodaily may require users to go through a verification process before approving their withdrawal requests. This verification process is aimed at ensuring the legitimacy of the users and their activities on the platform.

Once verified, the platform processes the withdrawal and transfers the funds to the user’s chosen payment method.

How to Make Money On Owodaily

On Owodaily, there are several ways to earn money and maximize your income. Here are some of the activities you can engage in:

Complete Micro-Jobs

Participate in micro-jobs posted on the platform and receive payment for successfully completing them. These tasks can range from signing up for websites to watching videos or providing feedback.

Promote Offers

As an affiliate, you can promote various digital offers and earn commissions for each successful referral or sale generated through your promotional efforts.

Collaborate as a Micro-Influencer

Leverage your influence and collaborate with brands by participating in performance-related campaigns. By sharing the campaigns with your audience and achieving desired outcomes, you can earn income as a micro-influencer.

Skill Enhancement

Take advantage of Owodaily’s academy to enhance your digital marketing skills. By learning and applying the latest strategies, you can increase your earning potential and expand your opportunities within the platform.

Cashback on Purchases

Enjoy the benefits of cashback on your own purchases made through Owodaily. By leveraging this feature, you can earn back a portion of your spending, further boosting your overall earnings.

Sell Your Own Products

Another way to earn money on Owodaily is by selling your own products or services. Utilizing the platform, you can list and promote your offerings to a wide audience.

Whenever a customer purchases a product or service from you through Owodaily, you will receive a commission, allowing you to monetize your offerings and generate additional income.

This feature enables you to leverage the platform not only as a buyer or promoter but also as a seller, expanding your earning opportunities further.

These activities provide you with a diverse range of options to earn money on Owodaily while leveraging your skills, influence, and engagement with the platform.

Is Owodaily Legit?

Owodaily is a legit platform that has successfully rewarded its users with millions of dollars. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that there are no assured earnings on Owodaily. The amount of money you can make is contingent upon the time and effort you invest in the platform.

Is Owodaily Still Paying?

As of July 2023, Owodaily continues to process payments to its users. While there have been occasional reports of users experiencing difficulties with withdrawing their earnings, these incidents appear to be isolated cases.

The overwhelming majority of users are still able to withdraw their earnings smoothly and without any issues.

Wrap Up

If you are seeking opportunities to earn additional income online, Owodaily presents itself as a promising option worth considering. Nevertheless, it is crucial to conduct thorough research before registering and to proceed only if you feel comfortable with the associated risks.


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