Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN?: Is PiggyVest Safe to Save?

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN? Certainly, PiggyVest holds the endorsement of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and operates as an authorized Fintech entity under CBN registration.

Furthermore, PiggyVest is an active participant within the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), solidifying its standing as a secure and credible avenue for your financial investments.

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN?: About PiggyVest

Established in 2016, PiggyVest stands as a prominent Nigerian fintech enterprise, offering individuals a medium to save and allocate their funds for investments. Over the years, the company has experienced substantial growth, solidifying its status as one of Nigeria’s premier investment platforms.

Given its popularity, a significant query often revolves around PiggyVest’s reliability and security. Valid questions arise: Is PiggyVest a legitimate entity? Can one trust their funds with this platform?

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN: Is PiggyVest Safe?

The reassuring information is that PiggyVest stands as a dependable and well-protected platform. With regulation by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and active membership within the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), PiggyVest is bound by rigorous financial standards and obligated to uphold robust security measures.

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN: Monetary Certifications

Furthermore, PiggyVest has obtained noteworthy certifications, including:

  1. ISO 27001:2013: This globally recognized standard signifies PiggyVest’s adherence to top-tier information security management systems.
  2. PCI DSS Level 1: Achieving the pinnacle of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard showcases PiggyVest’s dedication to safeguarding payment card data.
  3. FSS 1.0: The Financial Services Sector 1.0 framework underscores PiggyVest’s commitment to adeptly managing operational resilience within the financial industry.

These certifications serve as tangible evidence that PiggyVest has enacted robust security protocols to safeguard both your data and financial assets.

Undoubtedly, every investment inherently carries some degree of risk. Nevertheless, PiggyVest stands as a meticulously regulated and fortified platform, presenting an array of investment choices tailored to diverse risk tolerances.

If your objective is to locate a secure and user-friendly avenue for both savings and investments, PiggyVest emerges as a commendable choice.

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN: Safety of Funds

Here are supplementary precautions to ensure your safety while utilizing PiggyVest:

  1. Employ a robust password and safeguard it diligently.
  2. Exercise caution regarding personal information shared online.
  3. Routinely monitor your account transactions and history.
  4. Promptly notify PiggyVest of any questionable or suspicious activities.

Adhering to these guidelines will contribute to maintaining the safety and integrity of your funds within the PiggyVest platform.

Is Piggyvest Approved by CBN: Conclusion

In summary, PiggyVest emerges as a dependable and protected avenue for both saving and investing funds. Its regulatory compliance with the CBN and membership in the NIBSS, coupled with its attainment of esteemed security certifications, underlines its dedication to safeguarding your financial assets and information.

For those seeking a secure and hassle-free method to manage their finances, PiggyVest stands as a commendable choice.

Just remember to fortify your account with a strong password, exercise caution with online information sharing, and maintain vigilant oversight of your account activity. Your prudent approach ensures the continued security of your assets within the PiggyVest platform.


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