Jesam Michael Afriq Arbitrage System CEO

Jesam Michael: Afriq Arbitrage System CEO Ponzi Killer

Jesam Michael is the Afriq Arbitrage System CEO who has taken the online space by storm recently with the introduction of cryptocurrency arbitrage trading using sophisticated robotics never seen before.

He came on the scene and programmed a robotic technology that made cryptocurrency trading run in milliseconds known as the Mother of All Wizards (2.0 now loading) which incorporates HFT, ASI, and Microservers.

As such, with this development, Jesam Michael has been in the headlines across the globe because of the financial freedom he is about to bring to millions of people worldwide.

Who Is Jesam Michael?

Jesam Michael hails from the suburb of Yakkur Local Government Area in Cross River, Nigeria, Africa. He has over 13 years experience in cryptocurrency trading and 18 years as a forex trader.

Jesam Michael is currently based in Abuja and is happily married with beautiful children, all living in Nigeria.

Jesam Michael Afriq Arbitrage System CEO

With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Jesam Michael is an experienced cryptocurrency trader who is passionate about the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Scammers are aware that Jesam Michael’s credibility and well-known status in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain communities can easily expose their fraudulent activities.

Passion for Legit Investment Opportunity

Jesam Michael has made it clear that he will provide investors with a legitimate global trading platform. Scammers are aware that their fraudulent activities will not go unnoticed due to Jesam’s passion for creating opportunities for investors of any color, race, religion, sex, educational level, or financial background.

Jesam Michael and AAS are continually advancing and getting to the next level. His AAS development team is always looking for ways to make the system better and give traders the best trading experience possible.

Afriq Arbitrage System CEO’s Mantra

The Afriq Arbitrage System CEO is synonymous with statements like, “My name is Jesam Michael, J-E-S-A-M MICHAEL,” “a crypto lover, a member of the Blockchain community, a lover of the decentralized system, a hater of ponzi, a hater of the centralized system…”

That is to say, Mr. Michael is causing a tornado in the crypto marketplace in order to legitimize a platform where even the poor can become rich by investing a minimum of $20.

It is clear that he emerged to wipe out Ponzi schemes across boards; those who have made investors in the African continent lose their hard-earned monies on platforms that claimed were real only to leave investors in tears.

In his words, “I didn’t come to trade words with Ponzi masters and mistresses, I have come to turn their tables upside down.” Jesam’s words are always very daring and come with so much power and confidence.

What Investors Know About Jesam Michael

  • He is a man of integrity
  • He keeps to his word no matter the pressure
  • Michael is not a man who is moved by daunting circumstances
  • He made $29,000 [₦‎21,460,000] in just one crypto trading session in Futures on Binance just to prove to people he is not kidding about his experience in the cryptocurrency space
  • He is also an investor in AAS, the platform he built with an investment capital of $500,000 [₦‎370,000,000]
  • He chats with all the investors on the AAS Telegram channel freely
  • He has empowered 200 people from his community [his hometown] in Yakkur LGA with the sum of $1000 each to get started with an investment in Afriq Arbitrage System to help pay their bills
  • It took him 1 year plus to finish designing the Afriq Arbitrage System [AAS] before going live in-house with Beta testers, and then launching globally on 1st January 2023
  • Jesam is very humble and down to earth
  • He believes so much in positivity; that means he is always optimistic no matter what goes wrong
  • He is the first tech expert in the world to ever program a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading system that runs in milliseconds
  • He started out with $1000 he borrowed from a friend to do forex trading only to blow 75% of the money, then later recovered and made $5,000 with the remaining 25%
  • Jesam Michael has received many awards as the Best Forex Trader
  • He has real estate properties across Nigeria, the United States, and in the UK
  • Jesmyko is a multi-millionaire in dollars and a billionaire in Naira
  • He built the system with his personal funds from scratch without borrowing a single dime

Jesam Michael Net Worth

His net worth is pegged or estimated at $5,000,000 based on the assets he owns across the globe and his entire business empire. Apart from cryptocurrency and forex trading, he is also into real estate.

Jesam Michael: A Nightmare To Scammers & Ponzi Masters

Scammers in the cryptocurrency trading and financial sector now face a real threat from Jesam Michael. Scammers cannot compete with the legitimate trading platform that AAS provides to traders worldwide.

Scammers are wary of attempting fraudulent activities because of Jesam Michael’s reputation, credibility, and commitment to providing investors with genuine opportunities.

Scammers are unable to take advantage of any platform flaws thanks to AAS’s stringent security measures and ongoing system enhancements.

Wrap Up

Conclusively, Jesam is in for the long-term, as he normally states that AAS is here to stay, and the real anniversary celebration will happen when Afriq Arbitrage System turns 10 [10 years anniversary].

We stand and believe in the hope to see thousands of people [investors] become millionaires in a few months and years to come. Because there are many glaring proofs that AAS is real 100%

If you have not invested yet, kindly visit this link to go through the process. Also, see this post to gain more insight into how the investment works.

See you at the top!


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