Jesam Michael Net Worth: AAS CEO’s $5,000,000 Empire

Jesam Michael net worth is estimated at $5,000,000. A young vibrant and intelligent cryptocurrency expert and forex trader who went viral online when he launched Afriq Arbitrage System [AAS].

Jesam Michael Net Worth

Jesam Michael has caused a stir on the internet with a disruptive technology that has never been seen. He single-handedly developed and programmed a robotic system that could trade different cryptocurrency exchanges and secure profit in milliseconds.

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Jesam Michael Net Worth: Profile Overview

Real NameJesam Michael Ubi
State of OriginCross River State
City of ResidenceAbuja
Date of Birth12 April
AgeLate 30’s or Early 40’s
Marital StatusMarried
OccupationForex Trader, Cryptocurrency Trader, Fiat Market Analyst, Crypto Educator, Software Engineer/Developer,
Source of WealthForex and Cryptocurrency Trading, Real Estate, Robotic Arbitrage Trading (AAS)
Country of OriginNigeria
CompanyAfriq Arbitrage System [AAS]
Net Worth$5,000,000

Jesam Michael Net Worth: Biography

Jesam Michael hails from Yakkur Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria. He was born on 12 April. He began his journey into the world of forex and cryptocurrency trading 18 years ago.

Furthermore, Mr. Jesam Michael does not really have much information as concerns his private life. That means we don’t actually know his educational background and other info he hasn’t divulged to the public.

However, we know that his official Facebook Profile speaks volumes about his personality and a snippet into his private lifestyle, where you will see his wife and kids, as well as his mom whom he visited.

Jesam Michael Net Worth: Afriq Arbitrage System [AAS]

One major creation of Mr. Michael that has caused a great disruption in the tech industry is Afriq Arbitrage System [AAS]. With this invention, he has become a big threat to ponzi masters and scammers.

AAS was launched on 1st January 2023 after a lot of scrutiny and testing in the background. This system was developed to combat the reign of scam platforms that have stolen people’s money.

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AAS is designed to perform real live arbitrage trading between the top 21 major cryptocurrency exchanges using sophisticated robotic programming called The Mother of All Wizards 2.0.

The robotic system encompasses HFT, ASI, and Micro-Servers as components of this programmed automation which helps to carry out trading activities from one cryptocurrency exchange to another in milliseconds.

Now, what this programming does is analyze the market and buy crypto assets at a lower price in one exchange like Huobi and sell them at a higher profit in another exchange like Binance.

This is called arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency, and this process of buying low in one exchange and selling in another happens in milliseconds. That means the robotic system can perform 21 trades in 1 minute.

Jesam Michael Net Worth

Jesam Michael’s net worth is estimated at $5,000,000 according to the valuable assets we gathered that he owns. Apart from trading forex and cryptocurrency, he is into real estate and is also an investor.

He recently purchased a 2023 Land Cruiser and newly built duplexes in Lagos. Michael bought the whole compound with buildings where he rented and lived as a tenant. Jesam has an investment portfolio of $500,000 in AAS.

Jesam Michael Net Worth: Philanthropy

Jesam empowered 200 people in his community [hometown] in Yakkur LGA with $1,000 each to get started with the business in AAS. And he is also set to empower another 1000 people soon.

He donated ₦10,000,000 to ten orphanages each, making it ₦50,000,000 recently. Jesam is a generous personality who is very compassionate about the poverty state of people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

That is the major reason he designed the Afriq Arbitrage System to combat poverty and bring financial freedom to the lovely people of Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Jesam Michael Net Worth: Wrap Up

We have been able to establish some facts about the person of Jesam Michael. A crypto lover and member of the blockchain ecosystem.

In this post, we estimated according to his assets that Jesam Michael net worth is $5,000,000, and he is not only a forex and crypto trader, but a programmer, market analyst, and real estate investor.


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