Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth

Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth: Luxury Before Death

Jonathan Hovain Hylton net worth was $10 million prior to his passing in November 2021. He achieved notable success as a hip-hop manager, representing renowned artists like Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Young Lito. He also established his own management firm, known as Hovain Hylton Management.

Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth: Biography

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Hylton was immersed in the hip-hop culture from a young age. His journey commenced with an internship at Def Jam Recordings, gradually transitioning into managing various independent artists.

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Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth

A pivotal moment arrived in 2012 when he co-founded the Famous Firm alongside Randall “Sickamore” Medford. This collaborative effort led to the management of Rich Hil’s career and the creation of the renowned Famous Factory live show series in partnership with XXL Magazine.

Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth: Record Label

In 2015, Hylton decided to forge his own path by launching Hovain Hylton Management, an agency that boasted a roster featuring illustrious talents such as Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Young Lito.

Hylton’s professional scope extended beyond mere management, as he also masterminded branding agreements for his clients, including a prominent collaboration with sportswear giant Adidas.

Private Life

Hovain Hylton and Kimberly Hylton shared a heartwarming marital bond. As evidenced by Kimberly’s social media update on January 2, 2021, the couple commemorated their anniversary on the second day of every month, signifying ten years of harmonious matrimony.

This devoted father took immense pride in his two daughters. Brookie, the elder of the two, recently celebrated her eighth birthday, while the younger daughter is named Claire.

On a parallel entrepreneurial trajectory, Kimberly Hylton established herself as the proprietor of a salon and hair enterprise, showcasing her indomitable spirit in the business realm.

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Tragically, Hylton passed away on November 25, 2021, at the age of 38. The circumstances surrounding his demise were not disclosed. His untimely loss reverberated throughout the hip-hop community, prompting an outpouring of grief and remembrance.

Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth: Wrapping Up

Jonathan Hovain Hylton’s net worth, professional accomplishments, and personal life collectively showcase his unwavering commitment to the industry, underscored by his roles as a devoted husband and caring father.

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