Legit Apps Like Hawkit You Can Earn Serious Money In Nigeria

Legit Apps Like Hawkit

Though Hawkit has proven itself over three years to pay its users consistently, there are also apps like Hawkit you should get acquainted with if you must augment your income.

As such, a few apps like Hawkit also perform similar functions, however, most of them are in the world of their own. And what makes them similar is the presence of tasks.

Therefore, all these apps that are similar to the Hawkit app provide tasks for users to engage in prior to getting paid.

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The rule is you must successfully complete the tasks before being considered qualified to earn a commission.

Apps Like Hawkit

In this case, we will recommend the top 5 apps like Hawkit so you can start making money immediately after you get on board. And this is what this post will be all about!

Top 5 Legit Apps Like Hawkit In Nigeria

#1 TDC Mobile Store

TDC Mobile Store is the first on the list that’s one of the apps like Hawkit because of its explosive earning potential. We have published a detailed article on it, if you wouldn’t mind you could check it out.

At TDC Mobile Store, a wide range of airtime and data top-up options are available for all leading networks.

Customers have the convenience of topping up their phones through multiple channels, including the company’s website, mobile app, or by contacting a customer service representative.

In addition, TDC Mobile Store provides bill payment services encompassing various utilities such as electricity, water, and cable television.

Customers can easily pay their bills online, via the mobile app, or by reaching out to a customer service representative.

Alongside its telecom services, TDC Mobile Store extends its offerings to include access to valuable academic resources. The company’s research hub grants users access to a wide array of high-quality academic projects, seminars, papers, and lecture notes.

Furthermore, the online academic library serves as a comprehensive platform where users can find and access lesson notes and reviews from numerous books utilized in educational institutions throughout Africa.

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This resourceful platform caters to students and scholars across various schools and colleges, facilitating learning and knowledge acquisition.

TDC Mobile Store encompasses several key features that make it a standout platform:

Instant and Automated Top-Up: TDC Mobile Store offers swift and automated top-up options for airtime, data, electricity, and more. This ensures seamless and hassle-free transactions, enabling customers to stay connected without any delays.

Lucrative Multi-Level Money-Making System: The platform provides an opportunity to earn a substantial income through its multi-level money-making system. Customers can benefit from a rewarding referral program or other income-generating avenues available, enhancing their financial prospects.

Robust Infrastructure: TDC Mobile Store boasts a top-notch infrastructure that guarantees a high success rate for transactions. With reliable systems in place, customers can confidently carry out their transactions with efficiency and peace of mind.

Convenience and Affordability: TDC Mobile Store prioritizes convenience and affordability for its users. It offers a user-friendly interface and flexible payment options, ensuring a convenient and accessible experience.

Customers can easily stay connected and settle their bills without any unnecessary complications.

Diverse Services: TDC Mobile Store caters to a wide range of customer needs. It offers a variety of services beyond telecom, including bill payments, ensuring that customers can find solutions that suit their requirements.

This versatility enhances the overall value and appeal of the platform to a diverse customer base.

#2 Chingari

Why waste your time posting, liking, and sharing short videos on TikTok and other social media platforms without earning anything when you can do all of that on the Chingari app and generate substantial daily income?

Chingari, a newly developed social media application similar to TikTok, offers you the opportunity to create and share your videos while earning money in the form of a cryptocurrency called “GARI.”

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Additionally, you’ll receive rewards for engaging with content by liking and sharing videos within the app.

Despite its relative obscurity, Chingari has already garnered over 50 million worldwide downloads, indicating an abundance of videos available for your viewing pleasure and financial gain.

#3 Mode Earn App

If you’re in Nigeria and looking for legitimate apps to make money online by simply listening to music, look no further than the Mode Earn App.

Formerly known as Current Rewards, this app offers you the opportunity to earn extra cash for your everyday activities. This platform is quite different from the apps like Hawkit.

With Mode Earn, you can earn money by engaging in various tasks such as playing games, listening to music, shopping online, and even charging your phone. What’s more, you can even earn money just by unlocking your phone.

For each completed task, you’ll receive points, which can later be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal. The app allows you to withdraw as little as $0.10 (₦50), and you have the potential to earn up to $600 (₦300,000) per year using the Mode Earn App.

#4 Carry 1st Trivia App

The Carry 1st Trivia app is undeniably one of the most popular platforms in Nigeria for making money online. This app has established a strong presence over time, enabling users to earn extra income on a daily basis.

By participating in the Carry 1st Trivia app, you are rewarded for answering questions, typically based on general knowledge. When your response is correct, you earn money.

In addition to the monetary rewards for accurate answers, this app also provides a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge by discovering and learning numerous fascinating facts through the questions.

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For students in Nigeria seeking the best money-making apps, the Carry 1st Trivia app undoubtedly secures the top spot.

#5 Clickworker

Clickworker stands out as one of the top online money-making applications available in Nigeria. With a wide range of earning opportunities, such as survey participation and app installation, this app offers various avenues for generating income.

Additionally, Clickworker provides users with the option to earn money by engaging in micro jobs posted by fellow users. These tasks encompass diverse activities like data entry (typing), website sign-ups, voice and video recording, completion of third-party CPA offers, and more.

When it comes to lucrative money-making apps in Nigeria, Clickworker ranks among the highest-paying options. By dedicating time and effort, users can earn up to $500 or even more each month by performing micro jobs online.

The actual amount earned is dependent on the individual’s level of commitment. Weekly payments are facilitated through the secure PayPal platform.

Wrap Up On Apps Like Hawkit

These are a few legit apps like Hawkit you can leverage to make money online as a Nigerian. Even as a student, you can still make something substantial daily irrespective of your age.

You should also know that apps like Hawkit will not make you rich or financially stable overnight, as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, you will need patience to build through and earn some money.



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