5 Keys to Make Money with Listicle Blogging

Listicle Blogging

Listicle Blogging – You can earn money from list article blogging in a number of ways beyond those offered by standard blogging.

Here are a few methods for getting started.

Summary of main points. Listicles are highly engaging and great for traffic and monetization. By following these tips, you can start earning from listicle blogging.

Here’s an outline for a blog post on making money with listicle blogging:

Rank your List Article

First of all, you want to rank your List article on Google.

Without ranking, you can’t make money, so this is a necessary first step.

If you have a “Top 10” list article or a “Best of Something” list article, you want to make sure you’re ranking on the first page for different variations of your target keyword.

Make Money from Display Ads

The lowest hanging fruit in terms of monetizing your list article is to use display ads.

Banner ads, link ads, and video ads would suffice at the point.

The goal is to quickly start making some money from the traffic flowing into your listicle.

Make Money from Affiliates

The next step is then to squeeze some more juice from your listicle.

You could find affiliate marketing offers that relate to whatever niche, product or industry that relates with your article.

Unless your list article is about “10 most handsome Hollywood actors” then you’ll definitely find some good affiliate offers to monetize your article.

Convert to Videos & Monetize on YouTube

You could easily convert your list article to a countdown video on YouTube and make money.

Countdown videos are easy to produce, and you could hire someone on fiverr to help you make a high quality video with your list article.

This effectively doubles your earnings on just a single piece of content. Now, that’s leverage.

Charge Companies to be Number 1 on Your List

Finally, you can further monetize your list article by charging companies to be on the list.

To do this, you have to publish industry-specific list articles, especially in industries with large competitors.

For example, in Nigeria, you could publish articles such as:

  • Top 20 Loan Companies
  • Top 10 Hedge Funds
  • Top 20 Virtual Dollar Cards
  • Top 10 Investments with Best ROI
  • Top wireless earphones in Nigeria
  • Etc.

Once you get your list article ranking high on Google, you can start charging companies to be on the llis.

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