Keys to Make Money from Scratch with Zero Capital

Keys to Make Money from Scratch with Zero Capital

Make Money from Scratch with Zero Capital – “Forget all these things you’re saying, just tell me how to make money right now from scratch without any capital,” said someone to me lately.

Essentially, he seeks to profit as a novice without having to make any financial investments.

Thus, investing his money is no longer a factor to consider.

How then can he create money off the ground without investing any cash?

There aren’t many alternative approaches.

But before we look at those other ways, it is important to note that money aka capital can help you fast track your plan.

Yes, it takes money to make money, but you can also make money without any money.

Now, how do you start making money as a newbie without spending any money?

Sell your Skills

This is the fastest way to start making from scratch right now, no matter where you live.

I remember late 2016, I was in a situation where I needed to make money ASAP.

I had little money to invest in anything, so using money to make money was out of the window.

So, what did I do?

I decided to sell my skills online.

I hopped on to freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

I ransacked these sites for clients willing to pay me just anything for my skills.

I put up a small profolio, applied for almost all project openings in my niche, talked to clients on social media, volunteered for projects I was interested in, etc.

I left no table unturned.

In less than a month, I started to see some progress with Fiverr and Upwork, and my reputation grew from there.

So, what am I saying?

I’ve been there before and I’ve done it. You can make money from scratch with zero capital by selling your skills.

Sell for Others

So, what if you have no skills?

My advice would be to learn a skill. Look towards the areas you currently have interest in, and zoom in from there.

But if you’re in dire need of money and have no time to learn a skill, then you have to find something to sell.

The fastest way to do this is to sell for others.

There are millions of products out there already being sold by thousands of shops and business people.

So, you’ll already be spoilt for choice.

What you need to do is find a product you’re passionate about and that you believe in.

Not just any product.

Look deeply to find a product that you have used and liked. Surely, there must be one out there.

Once you have found the right product, selling it would come naturally. This is because passion is contagious. It wouldn’t be long before you are out there telling everyone you know about how good that product is.

You could even fast track your sales by using social media and classified marketplaces to sell the products.

All you need are some photos of the product, and consent from the owner. If you can strike an affiliate deal with the product owner, then you’re in business.

Referral Marketing

I learned the word “Referral Marketing” from a good friend of mine.

This guy is a marketing guru and makes a hell lot of money doing just what he loves.

Ever since this friend graduated from school, he has never held down a stable job, but he makes more money than many people who toil the 9-to-5.

So, how does this friend make money?

He calls it referral marketing.

I remember one time we met and I saw him with so many business cards, almost 50 of them.

I was curious because I had never seen anyone with so many business cards. So, I asked him what he does with those business cards.

His response was, “these are my products.”

I asked him again, ‘so, you design and print business cards now?’

His response was, “No, why should I?”

‘What then are you now doing with these business cards if you don’t design or print business cards?’ I asked.

Then the story began.

He told me that he does referral marketing for the owners of those business cards.

Apparently, the owners of those business cards offer services, and this friend of mine is contracted to market these services to clients.

For every client he brings, he gets a cut off the fees.

All he does is find a client to pay for those services. Nothing else.

And guess the best of it all?

He gets paid doing what he loves. He absolutely cherishes the art of finding clients so much that he lives, breaths, talks and walks these affiliated services.

Making Money with no Money

The fastest way to make money with no money is to find something to sell.

If you look at it, everything you’ve ever bought was sold to you. In fact, whether you like it or not, millions of products are being sold daily.

Which means that money is always changing hands and profits are made on a daily basis.

To make money without money, you have to throw yourself into the mix. You have to become a part of this ever-running business ecosystem that is powered by sales.

Use everything in your power to become a beneficiary of this financial system.

Knock on doors if required, go out there and talk to people, leverage your social media, network with people who are doing things, find problems and connect them with solutions.

In essence, go wherever the money is.

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